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The reason for my past postings on this subject would be because I have been to powwows, gatherings and paw-paus since the 1946 up and down the east coast and even a few trips out west all the way to California and back.

At no time was I, my father, my grandfather, or anyone else, while on our travels interview for someone’s opinion about our true traditional people over on this side of Indian country?

I am not sure why you both showed up on the posting, I am just saying that if anyone wishes to write about any subject shouldn’t they be covering the whole subject before posting their opinion?

How many people interview for this report have full knowledge about all 5,000 American Native Tribes?

I challenge anyone, stating that this Julia Good Fox, professor of American Indian Studies at Haskell Indian Nations University is all knowing?

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To my postings about the new article from Stephanie Siek

Who’s a Native American? It’s complicated


What makes someone “legitimately” Native American?


Who’s a Native American? It’s complicated

Posted: May 14, 2012 2:19 PM by Stephanie Siek (CNN)

Julia Good Fox, professor of American Indian Studies at Haskell Indian Nations University

This is a free country and if Elizabeth Warren‘s claims Native American ancestry, this is of no business to anyone except Senator Elizabeth Warren, we need to be taking care of our own skeletons before we go looking into others closets.


People who live in glass houses should never throw stones?

Let’s put Senator Elizabeth Warren to bed, so to speak, and work together on correcting what is wrong with this country for a change?