A Supreme Being is a Fraud

Relax my friends, do not call the men in the White Coats.

I do not need to go to the funny farm, at least not yet?

You may or may not believe in a Supreme Being however, how much better off would you be if only

EVERYONE would just in case, fear that there is one?

Elders, remember a number of years ago now when everyone, or at least 99% of everyone, believed in some sort of a Supreme Being?

You youngsters must go dust off and read old history books?

Every true traditional native person, in fact, every true indigenous person that I have had contact with, believe in a supreme being.

I need to say true traditional because one cannot be so sure about these New Age Indians?

Matthew 24:36

Not any more, today maybe about 40% believe in something and they are constantly corrected by scientist or challenged everyday by some vicious group of people (Mob)?

Revelation 1:3

You do not except my religious book?

I must kill you!

You don’t like your partner?

Kill him/her.

You want what your neighbor has?

Take it.

You need money?

Rob somebody or something.

You do not like your neighboring country?

Go to war with them.

Luke 21:36

We the human race have come a long way?


My people, the first people, some still call savage Indians?

No one or nothing, would ever go hunger!

Most of our neighbors have a dog, not to love and care for, but just as a cheap burglar alarm,

or a way to chase an animal out of the woods so that they can shoot it.

They feed it, only if or when they get around to it or get tired of the crying.

Everyone has a gun.

So, no more going to a neighbor for a quick cup of sugar, you could get shot.

Many of the neighbors hunt day and night, not to feed the family, just to hunt?

Are you still so sure that we are much better off than our elders, now your ancestors?

I can remember going for a swim with thousands of beach goers and see the wind knock a watch, wallet, pocketbook or something off a picnic table and someone, without even looking around to see who is watching, pick it up and place it back onto the table, maybe even finding a way to protect it from the wind.

The swimmer comes back to the table without even knowing what had happen because it was a normal situation.

Revelation 21:1-27

You may or may not believe in a Supreme Being however, how much better off would you be if only

EVERYONE would just in case, fear that there is one?

Genesis 1:1

Native American Alters

Welcome to the visitor to my postings about Native American ceremonies from Salt Lake City Utah


Native American Alters how they are set up for different ceremonies

I have been to a few denominations of religious people, Jewish, Catholic, and many of the protestant churches and have not noticed much change between ceremonies?

Same with my people.

I believe the error might be with the question?

First we did not call our prayer place an alter until sometime after first contact.

In my culture, the Mohiigan people, a prayer place is set up for convince to pray to Kiehtan our Creator, it would have no need to be changed much because all of our ceremonies begin with a request for a blessing from Kiehtan to continue with the ceremony?

The only time that the alter might be changed some is if a different person is praying for the ceremony, for instance, I am a left hander, the next Spiritual teacher might be right handed.

Sachem Unkas prayer place.


My prayer place.


My father and grandfather’s prayer place.


Church alter


Jewish alter


Native American ‘grandfather’ as God

Welcome to the visitor from the City of Bellingham Washington


Looking for information about

Native American ‘grandfather’ as God?

Why do Native Americans call their god grandfather?

Very good question.

Our ancestors relate to age, as with time in our culture, Mother Earth and everything on and around her as wisdom.

A grandmother (Objiasan) is Mother Earth or grandfather (Ohjieshan) is Kiehtan Creator and a male and/or female that has lived the culture and teaching of the ancestors are wise with age.

Since (Kiehtan) Creator created everything including grandmother and grandfather and grandmother and grandfather cannot create Creator, it would therefore make perfect sense to call Creator Grandfather, would it not?


Mother Earth we call Objiasan.

So we call the eldest female in knowledge about our culture and wisdom to apply it in today’s world Objiasan, Head Clan Mother.


Information about traditional teaching

My friends will you please join me in your own way in prayer to your Supreme Being or belief for this visitor and that country?

I receiver this question in my tracker on 10 Nov, Sun, 20:00:00 from the City of Cebu Philippines


I did not get to this tracker until today.

I have been praying about this because for now only our Creator knows if or when my visitor will receive my answers?

At this point in time I do not even know if the question was for native eyes, except my site was the only one clicked on?

Traditional Native American (Indian ) Burial Information.


I am going to answer in faith and leave the rest up to this persons Supreme Being.

Better sites for native American answers on my postings might be of a little more help with your quest for answers my friend?



Home page or About page



Super Typhoon Haiyan


Beliefs in Spiritualism

Welcome to someone from Japan, town unknown two visits?


Looking for information about our belief in Spiritualism.

On an older website

Native American Spiritualism


I have included a site about Shinto, I am not an expert in this.

While looking for some information I was intrigued with so much similarities between beliefs?

Japan Spiritualism


The Way of the Gods

Ancient Japanese elevated this fascination with nature into what was later called Shinto, the Way of the Gods. This belief system that imbued every mountain, every stream, and even impressive trees with a spirit. These deities, known as kami, were considered cheerful and friendly to humans. If kept satisfied, they would watch over human affairs and refrain from causing natural disasters.

The name Kami is close to Kiehtan, we also believe the Kiehtan, although one supreme being is in everything Mother Nature (Shinto).

If humans keep abusing Mother Earth she often retaliates with earthquakes, hurricanes, Typhoons, tornados and so forth. However, Kiehtan (Kami) cares very much for creation?

Kenya and the Circle of Life

Welcome to the City of Nairobi, Nairobi Kenya


To one of my postings about the Circle of Life at


You may find even more information about this our beliefs at

Native American symbol for Sacred Circle of Life


I can only speak as a traditionalist elder and from teaching from my elders from the New England area.

Our circle of life started long ago while (Creator) and (Father Sky) were on one of their walks around, what we now call the universe, which was already a circle of life in of its self.

Native American involvement in crm in the four corners

Welcome to the visitor from the City of Missoula Montana


Looking for information about

Native American involvement in Cultural Resource Management in the four corners?

Not sure if you found what you were looking for however, you ended up on these postings for an answer?

THE FOUR SACRED CORNERS. (Shehukte Kina Konacya).



So, let’s see if we can help?

Again, I must start out with the, you are in Montana we are over on the east coast, so some of our culture may differ from native culture in your state.

I am sure that many answers from this government only refers to their opinion of reservation Indian’s?

We in the east refer to all indigenous peoples in our culture.

Our Four Sacred Corners is referring to four Clan Mothers well trained in the culture for many of our ceremonies, including archaeology, land/or historical sites?

Yes, we do have a Sacred Ceremony just for these and many more reasons.

Cultural Resource Management



How to give thanks with tobacco the native American way

Welcome to my visitor from the City of Onamia Minnesota,

Land of the Ojibwe people.


To one of my postings about gifting.

Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift.


As always I wish to remind my visitors that for instance your question came from Minnesota and my people are in the northeast.

So answers may differ between tribes?

The site that you landed on is basic for our area, you might also wish to visit

Gifting by an American Native to an American Native.



Native American gift protocol.


Native American Traditional Gift Giving? https://sachemspeaks.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/native-american-traditional-gift-giving/

Any more questions drop me a line?





Native Americans/African Americans Stand Together


Mayor Buddy Dyer and City of Orlando Are putting the last nails in the coffin of the last Slave town in Orlando Florida and maybe the whole state, legally welled to the 88 slaves by their last masters, signed and witnessed by an army officer, Emos F Little Capt. 161st (August 1, 1865).

I believe that this is so pressed for time, so important and a long posting that

I must write in two postings in order to not lose your interest, for this I apologize.

Part #1

9 Investigates as City of Orlando continues to buy up land in Parramore http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/9-investigates-city-orlando-continues-buy-land-par/nbdjz/

The main reason why I wrote the names Native Americans first is because we the Native Americans were in the state first and the first to have our cities and villages crushed by the aggressor and first to be forced out!

There is not much that can be done now for the first people however, at this time, it is still not too late to band together and stop the assimilation by this newest aggressor?

Old Parramore:

A Real Florida Ghost Town


This was a center for Native American life the now-destroyed Alday Pond Indian Mounds appear to have dated from the time when the Poverty Point culture thrived in Louisiana.

Poverty Point was an important civilization that grew even before the invention of poverty and its influences spread in all directions from a main site in northeastern Louisiana the culture that spread as far as Florida more than 3,000 years ago.

The people of the mounds were followed by others.

This is just an example of who the mound might have looked like, as stated above, the original mound was destroyed!


Shell middens and mounds dating from the Weeden Island period (A.D. 400 – A.D. 900) still exist in the Parramore area, as do sites from the Mississippian or Fort Walton time period (A.D. 900 – A.D. 1500).

The woods and ponds were claimed as a hunting ground by the Chacato,

Chisca (Yuchi) and Apalachicoli (Lower Creek) nations and also served as a barrier

dividing these groups.


A monument erected by former students stands before the ruins of Central School Today, very little remains of the once thriving town. The stores and mills and turpentine stills are all gone. Only a few buildings still survive, among them an old one-room school on Cox Road. A monument has been

erected at the site of Central School on Circle Hill Road and people gather each year at Oak Grove Baptist Church for an annual homecoming, celebrating the memory of Parramore and its former residents.

Good for the goose is good for the gander


Making emergency contraception available to Native American women http://michiganradio.org/post/making-emergency-contraception-available-native-american-women

I agree that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander! http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/What’s+Good+for+the+Goose

However, we cannot stop there, we must push a law already on the books and not just for the state of Michigan and ‘for sure’ not just for the selfish, so called recognized native people, but for all women native of not, recognized native or not!

12 recognized Native American tribes in Michigan, can you just imagine how many native women in just this state alone that must go without only because this government and their counter part indians are shunning them?


You have Sachems Word on this AHO