The myths about our symbols, flag or staff, Part two

While writing about our flag, called the Sachem’s Staff, I must write from my past teaching from our elders, now ancestors.

Like Old Glory, a Sachem’s Staff is sacred to our people, so much so that it is never to be recorded or abused.

A blessing for Sachem.

The last time that I was able to enjoy the powwow trail we were at an Auburn University Student powwow many years ago.

The Head Veteran walked over, stood to be recognized then handed me tobacco, left hand to left hand and asked permission for my staff in the circle.

You all know me, the big bag of wind, I spent so much time explaining the history of my Great Grandfathers staff, while he stood in silence.

He then said “thank you Sachem, please walk my circle with me, we will make the circle worthy of grandfather”.

That was the only hiccup of the day, make a circle worthy of Creator.

The next intermission we, every veteran in his group, walked my great grandfathers staff and my peoples POW~MIA Flag into the circle and set them in the East.

I am so proud of those students and that University and will never forget!

I am a proud citizen of the United States of America.

I am also a proud New England Native American descendent.

My ancestors also have a flag, or should I say, a symbol (Sachems Staff) for our people (Mohiingan) and our tribe.

This symbol was in use long before Old Glory of course because we were around long before the United States of America.

Yes, many other tribes have a Chiefs Staff, some now also have a flag?

For this reason it does not matter to my people where a flag must be at any time, because, our symbol as well as all of our ceremonies, should always be shown to the left.

So, if presented with other symbols from other countries it should never be a problem.

That was until this newer group of gatherings, loosely called powwows.

Everyone of the hundreds of Paw-paus that I have attended, all of the Sachem staff’s go into any Sacred Circle before Grand Entry and set in a place of honor, once set recordings are welcome.

This blog does not care where other tribes wish to place a flag or a staff because this blog is only here to teach you about my people?


I am no expert on other countries or tribes.

However, if you are at our gatherings, this blog now cares. Please respect our ways.

All for the powwows up until the early 1980’s, Sachems and guest Chief staff’s do the same, they go in before Grand Entry, Creator is always invited first and before the people. It is also easier at avoiding any recordings.

From the time soon after my Grandfather sent my cousin, his War Chief out west, we have also allowed flags, as long as they were presented properly to follow the staff’s at the beginning of Grand Entry.

We do not have a rodeo, circus or carnival, we always have a Paw-paus or the old fashion powwows and do so four times a year, so if you come to visit, all are always welcome, enjoy an old fashion Traditional Gathering of the People.

The myths about our symbols, flag or staff?

The myths about the United States Flag

Because this is going to be a long posting I have decided to split it into two, our countries flag and my peoples flag/symbol.

While writing about our countries flag I am talking about only ‘Old Glory‘.

Not a piece of material red, white and blue with anything on it.

London olympics

Flag Code found in Senate government.

Title 4 section 36 of the United States Code provides instructions on how to display the flag.

Please note at this time that there are no laws regulating your display.

An exception, Flag protection act of 1989 for certain acts of desecration to the flag.

Other than that there are no fines and no jail time, just guidelines on how to be able to show your respect to our country’s symbol?

It is called volunteer respect.

At this time I feel that it is important to say,

“I love our country, her flag and that I served both with pride”.

I try to always show my respect for them both.

Federal law relating to display and associated questions 2008.

Found in the United States code in the Flag code section is one of the reason for this posting today.

The flag of our country should be shown to the right of other flags or in front of at a showing.

No flag should be shown flying above this our country flag while in this country, except our navy ship while at sea during a call to church (church pennant).

If another flag, symbol, is shown at the same time, then our countries flag must be shown to the far right of all other flags. It is also extremely important to state at this time that there is only one flag design, all other flags can fly as they wish.

The main problem with our flag comes into play only when someone or a group of people want to make a name for themselves instead of teaching our flag, as just happened in Leesburg Florida not so long ago.

That said, I am also a proud New England native American descendent.

So, please follow along at blog posting #2 The myths about our symbols, flag and staffs?

Gadsden flag, called Tea Party symbol

Remember I am a Proud Veteran

That said, right is still right and wrong is still wrong.

When the Democratic party in Tavares Florida was flying an Obama flag under the United States of America Flag, the veterans and the Republican party had fits until it was remover.


Also remember, as I have explained in an earlier posting, once something is added or subtracted from our countries flag, it is no longer Old Glory.

Veterans as well as anyone cannot have it both ways, you cannot force someone to remove their flag from their flag pole and then fly your flag under our Old Glory and think that no one has the right to complain?


Any Veterans group flying a Tea party flag under Old Glory is in direct conflict with just what they were fighting about in Florida!

Gadsden flag, called Tea Party symbol, removed from New York military armory


Pictures of Old Glory

My answer to the past posting?

When is Right Wrong and Wrong Right?

Once anything is added to a flag of the United States of America, it is no longer a flag of the United States of America.

This is not Old Glory.


This is not Old Glory.


This is Old Glory.


This Is Old Glory.


We should not be getting upset with a fake flag however, always remember that Old Glory is not only a piece of cloth or just a symbol of our country it is a symbol of our lost solders fighting to keep you free to stomp on our flag!

How dear you!