Florida’s natural springs in crisis


Remember my neighbors, you are eating meals from and drinking the waters of our state.

Those of you not in the state of Florida, look around at your

Clean Water“?

Our media is finally catching up with the time

Images of farm run off in public domain




Clear, temperate water flows through limestone channels beneath North Central Florida, rising to the surface to form scores of springs that sustained early natives, amazed European explorers and delight us today – but this may only be a memory in a generation or two.


Silver Springs Florida’s natural springs in crisis: Which ones are cleanest, most polluted?

Sentinel Special Report Time running out this session for bill aimed at repairing, protecting Florida’s aquatic gems http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2010-04-11/news/os-floridas-dying-springs-20100411_1_nitrate-alexander-springs-native

Our bubbling natural waters are under attack


Florida Springs A blog dedicated to the 700+ springs located throughout Florida and those rivers that are spring-fed.



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Regional summit tries to take out the trash

Counties see value in cooperation on garbage issue, but political difficulty

Ever get the feeling that while talking to some people you are better off talking to a cockroach?

Officials from across North Central Florida appeared open Thursday to the possibility of greater cooperation on confronting a problem common to most of them, garbage and no place to put it. http://www.ocala.com/article/20091030/articles/910301010

Open your eyes North Central Florida, look around, we have this thing now, called the internet?

Maybe we can just start using our trash for fuel?

O. K.

I understand, who I am talking to, government officials in Florida, you are not good at computers so I have a few to click on just to get you started.


Another subject close to my heart




One of my life long dreams coming true