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Number of America’s poor hits record high

By The Associated Press

Published: Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012, 6:30 p.m.

The politicians in our government get richer and richer and their constituents, the ones that voted them into office, in other words their boss, get poorer and poorer and yet we just keep voting them into office?

Did you vote?

“What is it that Forrest Gump always said”?

The number of poor people in America is 3 million higher than the official count, encompassing 1 in 6 residents due to out-of-pocket medical costs and work-related expenses, according to a revised census measure released Wednesday.

“Stupid is as Stupid does!”


It means that an intelligent person who does stupid things is still stupid.

You are what you do.


The City of Son Akershus Norway

Welcome to the City of Son Akershus Norway looking for information about the ‘Circle of life’,_Norway

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Because tripod changed/sold the good website and opened something else I, along with millions of others, no longer have control of the oldest site.

In the mean time a few helping hints might help in your search?

As stated on this old website, we believe that the circle is the oldest symbol of the world. The circle is a reminder of our connections to Mother Earth.

The sun, mood and planets travel in circles.

The circle is the symbol of the heartbeat of all people.

Because of this and a notice that life itself is a circle, dead, to living, back to death.

All of our ceremonies start with the acknowledgement of, the four seasons, summer, fall, winter, spring and so on.

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Look out Northern New York, we have Central Florida

Waterfall at sinkhole preserve Wolf Branch Preserve Florida

Step aside New York because Mt. Dora Florida is on your tail,

Nicaragua Falls, what is that?

We have our own Waterfall in the Mountains of Central Florida!


Niagara Falls

Public invited to view waterfall during visit to Wolf Branch Sink Preserve

Mt. Dora is pretty hilly, turn-off for the sink is just south of the railroad bridge over 441, down the road that took you by both a brand new housing development and ancient orange groves.


Upon entering the property the elevation drops severely and all the water from a 5-mile square area funnels to this spot, a very wet summer where it rained almost every day, gave new life to the creek and the waterfall.


I am seriously in need of some therapy?


Flying high for a better car?

Believe it, you can never tell just where the next great idea for alternative energy will be coming from.
This totally solar airplane is being used to help in finding ways to improve better solar cells and batteries, electric motors, lightweight material and general efficiencies.
They are talking about lighter vehicles like cars, trucks, planes, boats, ships, military vehicles and so on.
Better batteries mean longer driving between charging.
Better electric motors mean quieter, longer lasting motors and better efficiency.
Lighter will also help in over all performance.
Official: Solar plane to help energy use on ground
The Associated Press – By SETH BORENSTEIN – AP Science Writer
The Solar Impulse has been flying cross-country as part of a 13-year privately funded European project.
U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said the plane’s cutting-edge technology will improve energy use in cars and buildings by leading to better solar cells and batteries, electric motors, lightweight material and general efficiencies.
(AP Photo/Matt York, File)

Busy yesterday

Sorry for not getting back to everyone yesterday.

Wednesday is trash day, plus all the excitement with the new bears in town (not really a town, not even a HOLLER) 🙂

It is also pay bills 😦 ,pay taxes, shopping and then we come home 😦

Dish has now farmed out their help line (try to understand the new language plus follow the technical work from a person with English as their 3rd language)? and if you need to replace their receiver for whatever reason? It is a refurbished unit! Hence the reason why we have no TV until maybe after Friday when a service tech shows? We have been having problems with the thing for sometime however, after 9 years of saving old movies we did not wish to give it up, we will need to start all over again. After convincing us that the change out was a simple matter of replacing one wire at a time and BINGO, back on line, NOT!

Retired from 33 1/2 years as a heating/cooling technician that has changed out oil and gas burners, furnaces and boiler from 1/2 GPH to 85 Million GPH with hundreds of rewiring for a living, this company is telling me that I did not connect the correct 5 wired to their receiver?

I even re-connected the old one back while two of their “Experts” were still on the phone and BINGO the old one worked, except for the movies, the reason for the change out in the first place.

P.S. The last “Expert” disconnected the old receiver and their new refurbished ‘hunk of medal’ does not work!

I’ll tell you just what happened with this “new one” when it was at the shop. One of their “shop experts” played with it on the work bench, if they did anything at all, and when the three lights came on, without hooking it up to a TV, he/she  passed along to their next “experts”! Stand by for their “repairman expert” answer tomorrow afternoon? MADE IN MEXICO!

Now to start with my daily work before the birds knock down the doors and windows, I missed talking with my old friend mother black bear again this morning 😦

Then check out your postings 🙂

Grandfathers Prayer Rock is always open for business!


Welcome to New York, New York and Schenectady New York.

First thing.

As always everything on my websites and Blogger postings are free, hope you use them for teaching and give credit back to my ancestors and Creator, shame on you if you do not!

O.K. I can understand why someone in New York would like to have the image of this Uncas School plaque in Uncasvillage, sort of however, why anyone in New York would want the picture of my grandfathers prayer rock?

If you are passing by while traveling Rt# 32 say a prayer or two, the alter is always open.


Schenectady New York

Mohegan Giant Turtle “Grandfather”

This is my Grandfathers

Prayer Alter at Turtle hill

In Uncasvillage,Ct,

with the royal burial grounds

in the background.

New York New York

Grandfathers Prayer Rock is always open for business!

This is not just closure

Bin Laden’s Death Brings ‘Closure’ to Local Firefighters

This is not just closure, it should be treated as comfort.

The navy seals, the greatest fighting machine in the world were in a fire fight with Bin Laden and his henchmen, they faced him asked him to surrender, he would not, wouldn’t it have been a much better (long time plan) to shoot him in both legs to making sure that he did not run and bring him back to New York city to stand trial?

We are called a Christian nation under God!

What does this say about we the human race when we must celebrate death for death?