State of the County address highlights successes

Posted today: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 6:00 am

I wrote a posting about this back in March because I believe that whoever helps train or re-train our county back into types of factories and/or manufacturing, it is a good thing.

Today this school has a $ 1 million start at this program.

This is a very good start.

I, of course am more interested in teaching building alternative energy programs however, a start is a start?

Once again I wish to remind our leaders that yes, it is true that today’s business manufacturers, need skilled welders, skilled Machinists and Fabricators.

We must also be sure to be teaching with our eyes always towards the future.

By this I mean the even newer modern business needs skilled employee’s and modern manufacturers will need skilled welders, skilled Machinists and Fabricators. I bring this up at this time because I remember that, after I found out late in life

( I only had few months left of a ten year period of help)

because the military kept it a secret when I got out that I could get help with my schooling.

So I had only time to apply for and complete a through a mail course in Air conditioning technician because of a new job that I just started late 1970’s after Vietnam.

Point is that this course spent about 1/4 of the time testing on heat and air starting back with the pharaohs of Egypt from 4000 B C. until today.

Being a history buff I enjoyed this part of the program plus it helped me through my testing however, new students may wish to get fresh new teaching from day one?

My past posting if you are interested in reading?

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Building toward a skilled workforce Lake county Florida March 29, 2013

Lake County, Lake Technical Center, the school board and local business leaders looking for help filling manufacturing workforce.

Niagara bottling asked to justify request to double usage?

The president, members of congress, governors, and mayors are hired into office to serve, we the people.

Then why is it the other forms of government charged to serve, we the people, are hired by others without our permission to lord over us, instead of serving, we the people?

Who are our biggest users of water?

Niagara is one of seven bottled water operations permitted in the 18-county St. Johns River Water Management District.

Those seven bottled water companies are allocated a combined total of 2 million gallons a day from the Floridan aquifer, less than three-tenth’s of 1 percent of the water used in the district on a daily basis, according to district officials

We the people want to know what this company (Niagara) does to justify stealing more of our water?

Besides taking our precious water and selling it in other state and embarrassingly, also selling it back to we the people.

This is water that the company is getting for just about free!

Maybe we the people can band together and do the same requested justification, or maybe it would be better to band together and fire your boss St Johns River Water management Town Fathers?

It is time, as a matter of fact, it is way past the time for the St Johns River Water management Town Fathers and who it is that hire them to,


On December 2013 please do the right thing and stop Niagara from stealing any water at all, fold up and go back and steal water from their own state of California!

Your only job, St Johns River Water management Town Fathers, is to protect our water, nothing else, this is why you are well paid to do this job, what are you thinking?

The people are running out of water more and more each year and yet you bully us into conserving while you allow your pet bottle watering companies to take more and more of our water.


Wonder just what it is that they do for you that we the people must also do?

To drink or not to drink that is the question?

Residents ignored as Niagara Bottling asks for more water

October 6, 2013|Lauren Ritchie, COMMENTARY

Drop by drop, Central Florida is turning into the Wild West of water, and Niagara Bottling is staking its claim with a recent request to nearly double the amount of water it sucks from beneath Lake County.

Lake residents lost a bitter fight in 2011 to the California bottlers allowed to pump up to 177 million gallons of water a year from their Groveland operation, put it in little bottles and make a fortune selling a precious natural resource that the rest of us are forced to conserve

Also while we are at it why did it take 12 days before I could read about this in my newspaper and hear anything about it through our news media?

Niagara bottling ask the St Johns River Water Management to double usage, again.


As one can see from the map it is being sucked dry by 5 states and hundreds of bottle water, soda and beer companies plus golf courses by the thousands, to say nothing about the greedy people.

For Mount Dora only, I wonder why?

Posted: 11:23 p.m. Friday, Aug. 23, 2013

Lake County to courtesy bus some students near dangerous intersection

Besides the fact that people in Florida step over or walk around instead of helping our homeless veterans, look what they do to our children!

See this is an example of the reason why I wrote this posting.

Another WW-2 Hero dies a horrible death August 23, 2013

The powers to be in their infinite wisdom canceled free school bussing up to two miles of schools in Lake county Florida just to save a few dollars.

Today those same powers to be canceled that order, but only for Mount Dora, an extremely rich neighborhood with, I understand,  one of their own council members living right in the middle of the county?

The extremely poor where most of the parents must both work to survive, still have to find a way to safely get their children to and from school in a place (Lake County) where drivers speed pass stopped school busses, what will they (drivers) do to the children that still must walk those two miles, some of the time in the dark?

If this upsets you please re-post?

Building toward a skilled workforce Lake county Florida


GREG JONES | Staff Writer

Lake County, Lake Technical Center, the school board and local business leaders looking for help filling manufacturing workforce.

Great article in today’s paper however, it is still missing by miles, the mark on today’s business needs and job growth. Yes, it is true that today’s business manufacturers, need welders, skilled Machinists and Fabricators, more than that, our schools must learn how to teach and place this and their students into the alternative energy age?

Lake Tech, Commissioners are showing their age by not including up to date technology while looking for ways to use two old buildings for teaching modern skilled jobs?

How about a federal grant towards solar, wind and geothermal heat/cooling while using to teach why and how to apply and repairing those buildings? The federal government is always looking to hand monies over to alternative energy projects just like this one? Dr. Diane Culpepper said “Our dream and goal at Lake Tech is to one day open a center for advance manufacturing that would allow us to prepare the skilled workforce that businesses are demanding.”

This county should be talking to those 400 manufacturing businesses leaders in Lake about this centuries new tech jobs that have left and gone to places like Germany, Japan, China and so on and get them into Lake County Florida?

Think Alternative Energy!

If a Reservations is a Nation

Why is Leonard Peltier in our jails?

If our Indian Reservations around Indian Country are, as stated in each treaty of a Reservation, a Nation, as in Nation to Nation, why is this federal government holding him in a federal prison in the state of Florida?

If a battle broke out in Lake county Florida between the Mexican police and the natives of Florida would this government send me to a prison in Mexico City, because two of their intruders, that happen to be their police, were shot by someone from Florida?

It gets far worse, would this state and federal government allow that country to railroad me through their courts only because they want to send someone to jail, with or without true proof?

How would you feel if it did not happen to him or me, it happened to you?

Florida’s veterans need your help

This is what Florida thinks about her veterans, how about you?

Our government needs to know you’re feeling on this subject?

Call, write or phone Governor Rick Scott today.

A disgrace in Lake county Florida


Politicians have been stealing from Social Security for years!

This blog will not have the words Native American, Indian, Museum, Navy or Military in it

however, this blog is about every Native American, Indian, Military person and everyone else in the United States of America!

Politicians steal from Social Security!

Russ Sloan of Lake Sumter Community College.

Said in my daily newspaper today.

Don’t play mind games with Social Security.

For the first time in a very long time that I have seen in the media, Television, Radio, or Newspapers, anyone that is saying what I have been screaming about for years.

Politicians from both parties have been stealing from our social security since 1935.


Now the Republican party in demanding cuts in this the only government program proven to work in spite of our government!

Let’s tell politicians No to cuts, stop the stealing.

Oh, by the way, if they, the politicians, let the budget laps they better be giving up their pay checks also!

If anyone does not agree let me hear from you?