Follow up on Anonymous Gatekeeper

The old ways keep on getting diluted by time, so bad that this younger generation no longer knows the whys, how’s, and reasons as to their use in today’s world?

As you ,my friends, know I have a short fuse when it comes to my ancestors, elders, culture and ceremonies and sometimes write with that fuse instead of my heart.

Of course when I do this Creator pushes me hard until I rewrite from the heart so here goes.

Most of the old fogies deep in the culture around my area grew up dancing in a Paw~paus circle as explained in many earlier postings.

There were no Gates, Ropes, Chains or a Fence around this circle just blankets of many materials.

No need, because everyone from age one to one hundred and fifty one, knew to enter from the rising sun and all creation was always invited into this circle of friendship.

I will say this once because it needs to be said for understanding our ways.

The word gate never existed in our culture until the invention of the internet and its spread around the world.

I love the internet, one can do so many good things with it however, with good things a few bad things follow along uninvited.

This was never , is not and will never be an arena and the rising sun will never have a gate blocking the way of your enjoyment and your dance with our drum, dancers, people and most of all our Creator.

Mr. Miss or Mrs., Anonymous you could, I suppose, be a gatekeeper for your Supreme Being but if you are standing at our entrance you are a loving greeter, because only our Supreme Being can close or open this entrance.

That people needs to be cleared up and yes, you are all always welcome into our Paw~paus, you can even bring your gatekeepers.

Why do Native Americans call their god the grandfather

Very good question.

Our ancestors relate to age, as with time in our culture, Mother Earth and everything on and around her as wisdom.

A grandmother or grandfather that has lived the culture and teaching of the ancestors are wise with age.

Since Creator created everything including grandmother and grandfather and grandmother and grandfather cannot create Creator, it would therefore make perfect sense to call Creator Grandfather, would it not?

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The city Ashburn Virginia,_Virginia


Why do Native Americans call their god the grandfather

Grandfather (Ojeesan, Ohe-he-shun) a name for God. 8/4/11


One has no need to make things complicated when things are simple?

Simple Native American Naming Ceremony?

Welcome to the visitor from the City of Dublin  in Ireland

Looking for information as to how to perform simple native American Naming Ceremony


There is no simple ceremony in my tribe.

All of our ceremonies are about culture from the ancestors who never took a short cut so neither should we?

Because you are from the land of some of our ancestors and because I enjoy teaching, as long as it does not go into sacred rights, I will explain about a little of the how and why?

Naming start with someone contacting a qualified elder with the respect taught by the tribe for help contacting Creator with the request.

The name is always given in a special circle with the four sacred corners for help with the  blessings from Creator.

Sacred Four Corners

Sacred Naming Ceremony Protocol.

Native American naming ceremony

Teachings of my grandmother?

Welcome to the visitor from the City of San Luis Obispo California

Looking for information about

Native Americans teachings of my grandmother.’

Reminding you as I always try to do, that you and your question are on the west coast of Indian country.

My people are on the east coast of Indian country?

With this in mind I will be pleased to answer your question with my knowledge of our culture an ceremonies as long as you understand that the distance between us could very well mean a difference in culture and ceremonies, as in the use of the word Grandmother?

Whenever you hear the word Grandmother spoken or written by a true traditional native American around the New York/New England area, it is spoken/written in reference to a female elder that has acquired the knowledge of the ancestors, culture and ceremonies of her tribe.

Usually this would also mean that she is also a Clan Mother, she might even be the Head Clan Mother.

She is now a member in good standing of the royal family.

Remember that this is not just speaking about age of this person.

Native American Evil Spirits

First thing I wish to remind everyone of my followers is, “the only dumb question is the one that you think about and/or want answered to but you are afraid to ask, so you do not ask.”

I want to keep reminding you of this because I want you to ask questions.

I guess that I can answer a question, plus prove my point about Spirits and people needing to know.

We were just talking about why I keep repeating myself with answers to questions.

Guess what came into my tracker 28 Jul, Sun, 02:16?

Native American Evil Spirits?

Welcome to the person from Evansville Indiana,_Indiana

looking for information about Native American Evil Spirits.

First thing we should clear up is a fact that Native Americans do not have a monopoly on spirits? I just wrote a posting about Spirits

Ghosts, Goblins and Spirits July 27, 2013

If you traveled to these postings, you should have seem my answers? However, if not please keep asking until you understand?

Ghosts, Goblins and Spirits!

Sorry my friends but this is going to be a very long posting.
Before we get started on today’s teaching I wish to remind you that
I am not an expert in anything.
However, I have a secret.
After over 70 years of stumbling, bumbling and learning mostly the hard way,
I have now been taking the easy road, so to speak.
Welcome to two more cities to my websites and blog
looking for the truth about ghost and spirits.
Once again I am getting far too many questions
about Spirits, Why?
Mostly because now there are so many people
with little or no knowledge about our Spirituality
and are out teaching, many with another alternative,
too take your money!
There are two main ways to do anything,
the right way and the wrong way.
How to tell if you are doing things
the right or the wrong way?
Well Is it working?
95% of the people answers to these questions have
effectively taken Creator out of the equation!
Think about it for awhile, which spirit will thrive by the removal of
the Supreme Being from any equation?
First things first,
if you believe that you have a spirit or spirits around you,
believe that praying for help
your Creator can handle any spirit, good or bad.
Now you know my secret.
No matter what your question or your answer,
it is ALWAYS to include prayer for Creators answer
(never a charge), simple right?
City Martinsburg West Virginia


How to purge evil spirits native American
8/2/11 Native American ceremony to fight evil spirits?
10/25/11 Does smudging get rid of good spirits also?
City Hanover New Hampshire
Native American things to get rid of spirits
August 2, 2011 Native American ceremony to fight evil spirits?
October 6, 2011 How to counsel about a spirit communication?
September 18, 2012 They should never be alone
Some of the far too many quotes
out on the internet
telling you how to get rid of Ghost
“(One way the Native Americans used is a Sage ceremony.
Sage is burned in smudging ceremonies to drive out bad spirits,
if they don’t, turn to the exorcist, who will be able to remove the ghosts.
Be aware that things could get kind of freaky in a matter of seconds,
as ghosts often don’t realize that they are ghosts).
What Crystals Can Help With Getting Rid of Negative Spirits?
None, if you don’t have an open heart and mind.
Most Crystals carry bad spirits!
The easiest way to get rid of a ghost is to simply ask it to leave.
Use a firm voice?
Sometimes you may have to ask what does the spirit want from you?
Help to no longer be a ghost (Spirit)!
Spirits once they come into your life they are very difficult if not impossible to get rid of.
Having them attached to you can only mean one thing!
The best way to get rid of ghosts is to ignore them.
The best way to get Sweet grass is to buy it at Native American retail outlets?
What is a Native American retail outlet? Must be a new Strip Mall?
1.Bundle of dried white sage, 2.Bundle of dried cedar, 3.A braid of Sweet grass, 4.Stone or Earthen bowl, 5.Small amount of sand, 6.A large feather, 7.An open mind and heart, this helps the healing to come through in a clear way ?
I guess that you must buy this at a retail store?
(The only thing that you really do need is the open mind and heart.)”
” One must be cleansed of any bad feelings, negative thoughts, bad spirits or negative energy, cleansed both physically and spiritually.
Native people use herbs to accomplish this.
One ceremony to burn certain herbs, “smudging.” the three plants most frequently used in smudging are sage, cedar, and sweet grass.
” Sorry, wrong again, all you really need is Creator, everything else is a form of prayer that helps you block out everything except your prayer and why you are praying.

All ceremonies, tribal or private, must be entered into with a good heart so that we can pray, sing, and walk in a sacred manner, and be helped by the spirits to enter the sacred realm.

Native American Allergies/Chemicals

Welcome to the City of Westerville  Ohio

I have posted about this many time however it keeps coming back as a question so I’ll keep answering.

Native American Allergies should also include chemicals. I knew all of my life that I was allergic to penicillin because as a nosy boy I was in the doctor’s office getting stitched for something.

lately I found out that I am also allergic to Coumadin.

After these past operations I have been going through we can put the gas used to put you under for an operation on the list plus whatever chemical used to bring you back if they are in a hurry to get your bed.

I am OK with the gas part to go under as long as the doctors and nurses know that it takes a native a lot longer to come back after using it.

However, if they insist on rushing thing, remember who has to clean up the mess after that chemical.

Bottom line is remember to talk to your doctor about the missing enzyme.

A native American is a native American no matter what part of Indian country you are from.

Pyruvate carboxylase (type A)


Crystallographic structure of pyruvate carboxylase from

Rhizobium etli: biotin carboxylase domain (blue); allosteric linking domain (green);

biotin binding domain (red); and carboxyl transferase domain (orange


The doctors now know about our missing enzyme, at least many do so speak up.

UF delivers promise of personalized medicine to heart patients

Allergies in Indian country

Never had a Peace Pipe in New England?

Another time to answer many questions about our ceremonies.

Our sacred prayers at ceremonies.

Still wondering about our pipe ceremonies?

We have two tribal pipes, one for friendship and one for our sacred ceremonies.

The first one (friendship) was in every roundhouse used to show friendship to anyone coming to visit.

Friendship Pipe 007

The second one (Sacred Pipe) is always in the roundhouse of the leader of the people and used by the pipe keeper for sacred ceremonies only.

There were no peace pipes in the tribes of the New England area until after the invasion of the western Indians from the other side of the Mississippi River.

If you remember your school history, there was no need for a peace pipe in our time with Europeans, because no non native had plans for peace!

This was many years before the West Coast Indians ever saw a European.

We had a Friendship Pipe used something like the west coast tribes peace pipe, if or when they used their pipe for friendly visits.

However, we also have a Sacred Pipe, for us, it is just what is implied “SACRED”! One must be a native, one must also go through years of training by an elder from your tribe that has gone through the training before you can care for this pipe!

This pipe does not belong to any creation, this pipe belongs to Creator!

One can light up a Friendship pipe and pass it around at gatherings as a sign of friendship as long as that person knows how to pass it around.

Sacred Pipe, one will NEVER awaken this pipe pass it around and/or give it away to anyone and for sure NEVER to a non native or an untrained member! NEVER!

A Spiritual Leader in any Eastern Woodland New England Tribe is not someone that has been elected to office by an Indian president or counsel member or someone that wakes up one day and decides to become a spiritual leader. An elder leader MUST be created by Creator through a very long life time journey, this is not a game of show and tell or a pat on the back, this is a work in progress, watched over day and night by the teacher (Creator)!

This pipe will never be on display to outsiders and a true traditional spiritual elder would not be involved in ceremonies around non native visitors. This is why you will not learn true traditional sacred prayers, because you have no need to learn our sacred prayers?

If this truth is hard nose I apologize to you however, far too many “akuwham” (trickster/coyote) are invading our culture since the changing of laws by the Euro Americans since the early 1990’s

What is a wannabe Indian?

Welcome to the visitor from the City Waterdown  Ontario Canada,,_Ontario

to one of my postings about,

How come today, mixed-raceNative Americans‘ look ‘Irish‘ or ‘German‘ or ‘European‘??

If you have even a drop of native blood and are reading about this question from most of the people on the internet not all just the (EXPERTS), you can tell them to start with this answer, “they are WANNABES”!

For the many people that are answering the question “What is a wannabe Indian

Get up brush yourself off comb your hair then look into a mirror and point forward!

To the people that honestly want to know, “ a wannabe is anyone not holding to the culture, ceremonies, ancestors, and Creators ways. No matter what the color, race, religion, or beliefs. PERIOD!”

Why can’t one ever be adopted at a powwow?

First, if you are adopted or you adopt in a non native situation as you will see from the following article, at any time you could end up in court with a very real possibility of no longer being adopted or you could lose the person that you adopted.

If you have been to a powwow or gatherings in this age of casino Indians and someone adopted you, gave you an Indian name or in any way you were told that you were now able to join a ceremony or our culture, you have been duped!

You are still a non native!


It is not permitted for me to open up our Sacred Ceremonies to discussion, it must be suffice to say if this happened to you, you still do not have the blood, you cannot join any true traditional tribal group of people, most of all you cannot get into any casino money!

Anyone that still needs to know why my people have only one way to be adopted and why it takes so long to be adopted?

Three words for you to think about!

Baby Veronica’s Case?

Just one of thousands.

How many times have you ever heard about a True Traditional American Native Tribal Adoption going sour?