leading a native American pipe ceremony

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Native American pipe ceremony, Traditional



Friendship Pipe 006

I am not sure who it is that wants to lead a pipe however, until a teacher knows this the sacred parts are always blank?

Also, and this is just as important, California is as far as one can go west without getting your feet wet, my tribe, the Mohiigan/Pequot/Mohegan/ People are as far east as one can go without getting your feet wet, so I am sure that the culture and ceremonies are in some ways different?

Some very good new old news

Allen Dennis Troy I am with you 100%.

If you ever get around to a part two, please research the new deadly disease that we the natives also have no immunity from?

It is called annihilation by dissociation.

If one would not drop land claims this government found someone that would and dropped you!

This pretty much ended the true traditionalist

that would not give up the

(Mother Earth our mother).

Years before the Pilgrims came to our shores the Spanish conquistador and French trappers walked the land and the annihilation began. Lets us not forget that we, the natives of the land have a missing enzyme (not needed until first contact) so any germs carried by the new comes would have been fatal to our ancestors.


https://sachemspeaks.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/allergies-in-indian-country/ https://sachemspeaks.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/native-american-allergies/ https://sachemspeaks.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/missing-enzyme-gene-in-native-americans/

Allen Dennis Troy report

(Speak Out: The first ‘illegal immigrants

by our readers

Dec 16, 2013

When the first Europeans arrived in the present United States in the early 16th century, what can only be called “The American Holocaust” began. Historians estimate that 20 million to 30 million Native Americans lived in the present U.S. at that time. Almost at once, these numbers declined rapidly.

Europeans brought with them deadly diseases, such as smallpox, to which Indians had no immunity. By the time of the creation of the United States in the 1780s, the policy of the government was to eliminate or confine all American Indians. Throughout the 19th century, whites waged war against the Indians, while “hunters” from the eastern U.S. massacred millions of buffalo as they shot from train windows passing through buffalo herds. The Indians became what the western author Zane Grey called “The Vanishing American.” This tragedy was endorsed, condoned, and encouraged by the U.S. government.

All this comes to mind when “news” networks and talk radio vent their venom and spleen about today’s “illegal immigrants,” usually meaning Mexicans who have crossed into the United States searching for jobs and better living conditions for their families. What no one seems to understand is that virtually none of these people would come north if Republican-owned giant agribusinesses and other firms were not hiring them. The simplest way to curtail “illegal” immigration, it seems, is to levy huge fines on American businesses that hire them.

American businesses are hiring these people because they are hard workers who will toil for low wages. Far from “taking jobs away from American workers,” as some claim, these immigrants are doing jobs that white and black Americans will not do, and certainly will not do for the wages paid to Hispanics.

The next time you feel like complaining about “illegal immigrants,” remember that, unless you are a Native American, we are all “illegal immigrants” who stole the Indians’ land and slaughtered millions of them.)


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Misunderstanding Spirituality



City Oklahoma City https://maps.google.com/maps?ll=35.4822222222,-97.535&spn=0.1,0.1&q=35.4822222222,-97.535+(Oklahoma+City)&t=h

I only wish to bring this up because, ever though it is a long winded site, this person does the right thing, something in this day and age of wannabes, must be commended, because they give credit while quoting and writing the website, refreshing to this old mans eyes, AHO

Triangle inside a circle

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Looking for information about a triangle inside of a circle?

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I was going to pass this question and keep checking my trackers however, you asked for a

Native American symbol of a triangle inside of our circle?

I am only familiar with western native tribes such as the ones in your state from a second hand source however, this source is familiar with those tribes and I have been to a few, so I believe that they, as with our tribes over on the east coast, would never place anything like an occult, Christian or Muslim sign into their or our circles, if they do then it is no longer a Native American Circle, but a Muslim, Christian or Occult Circle!

With this in mind one must conclude that you were at one of their gathering?

If it is a traditional native American gathering at a true native circle it is always about Creator?

Congress of American Indians meeting in Oklahoma

SOME, Native American tribal members from across the country are going to Tulsa Oklahoma next week for their 70th annual National Congress of the American Indian convention.

An estimated 3,000 to 4,000 people are expected to turn out for the six-day event to discuss revitalizing languages, combating violence against women, protecting sacred sites and other topics.

This is a very good thing for our people.


I was just wondering, “How many more thousands of brothers and sisters would show up for the 71th convention if the tribes being stepped on, abused and ignored by the government that violated them and the people now going to this meeting that have turned their backs on these true needy first people would be invited?

By golly by the 72 annual National Congress of the American Indian convention we could have a 5 million Indian march on Washington to protect everyone’s rights as humans in distress?


“Native American pupils at Carlisle Indian School, c. 1900.”



Tokyo, Tokyo Japan Fox Walk

Native American Fox Walk

Fox walk or Sneak Up?


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Looking for information about Native American Fox walk.

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Native American Spiritualism



I am not sure just what is was that you were looking for because you ended up on one of my Spirituality sites, so to make sure that we get to your question, I have three answers for you to choose from?

First, I personally have never heard of the words Fox Walk?

So I checked my trackers and it would seem that others believe that you are looking for a game that they are calling fox walk?

This is a welcome reminder of my youth and a good way to show some of the many ways that the public is welcome into a circle.

So, let’s get started with my answer as taught to me by my elders as I was growing up?

(1)- Spirituality

I have many posting about this like this one.

American Native Spirituality


(2)- Original Sneak up

The reason why I believe that this is what you were looking for and the main reason why the ill-equipped natives around the New England area were able to hold their own against the well equipped Europeans, is this game played while I was growing up in Uncasvillage.

Our ancestors learned at an earlier age to pay close attention to the birds, plants and animals for a safer life and a better way to feed the people.

If you could just sit on a stump and watch a fox, I have many times, it is willing to take all the time needed to hunt it’s food.

It will sneak up from down wind through bushes and trees one foot at a time moving each leg extremely slowly placing toe, heal toe, heal until it is close enough to pounce on its prey.

The prey has many ways to stop the fox, like turning and pointing at the fox, or grabbing onto the fox until the teacher declares the fox as the new prey.

This game is useless unless player outside because one needs to hear the fox coming?

A new player to the game stands in complete silence, blind folded in the center of a circle of others, also in complete silence, a teacher points to anyone or a number of others around the circle to act like a wild animal (such as a fox) and sneak up to pounce on his or her prey, because this was in training for life in the wild.

Also played later on if all have played the game many times, this time each fox not able to sneak up on the prey, becomes the next prey.

This game teaches many things needed to be able to successfully hunt for food and/or go to war.

(3)- Sneak up enjoyed at our Paw paus (powwow)

This is a dance in the circle almost the same as the old sneak up, also a fun dance.

The drum or drums drum a dance of their choice and at the direction of the head drummer, change to a war drum as many time as they wish and all dancers must get into a dance that they choose as if on a hunt or at war and sneak up on their prey of enemy.

This is completely under the control of the head drummer or MC depending on the tribe putting on the gathering.

A fun dance for young and old.

This is the oldest dance in our culture.

The regalia should represent the animals that the Creator put on the earth.

The movements tell of warrior actions-hunting, stalking the game, battling an enemy.

This is as close as I can find to our original dance 17th Annual Summer Shawnee Woodland Powwow – Sneak-up Dance


Native American Spiritual Leader rituals

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Looking for information about native American spiritual leader rituals.

To my teaching sites.


A Traditional Natives opinions on anything effecting Native and non Native Americans around Mother Earth!



A Native American Traditional Teaching Blog.


The reason why it took five pages of not finding what you were looking for to get to one of my sites and still not finding what you are looking for would be the word rituals.

Try removing the word and search or add something like ceremony, culture or teaching instead and try again?

You could just search ritual however, adding it to a Native American site is very confusing, even for your search engine because this word is always associated with the occult and of course we are not an occult?

I am not trying to be funny, I am as always, just trying to help.

Does this information help you with your search?

If not please feel free to write because I am still not sure of just what it is that you are looking for?

Traditional Native American Family

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Looking for

What is a Traditional Native American Family?

There is no such thing.

We can have a traditional dance, powwow, paw-paus, ceremony, dress, and so on, however each tribe throughout Indian county has their own type of traditional culture .

So they have their own ‘traditional families’?

If I were to make a guess and only a guess because your state is now a milting pot in Indian country,

I would guess that you should be looking into my brothers and sisters of the great Shawnee people?


Been there done that, great people!


Natives Circle of life

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Circle of life Native American Belief

Two more sites both still active if you are looking for more information?



The circle of life is a no brainer from the beginning of time.

All one had to do was watch nature?

Everything started and everything ended.


What is this thing called PAW~PAUS?

Why can’t this thing be found all over the internet?

It must be one of those secret sacred ceremonies Sachem keeps talking about?


It is not a secret sacred ceremony.

It is however, a ceremony and very much alive today.

It is a vessel (ceremony) used four times a year, sometime even more often, by the ancestors into which many of our Sacred Ceremonies are enjoyed.

The only reason why one, until after this posting, cannot find information about this ceremony is simple.

No phony, wannabe, impersonator has been able to steal enough information in order to fool the masses, plus you cannot make money off of it.


It is only polite to ask before taking information from someone’s  website or blog?

Ask my WordPress friends, we all enjoy re blogging and someday even I might get it right?

Back before first contact before the Europeans made it necessary for the people to change the gatherings, the first people around the East Coast held our gathering call a Paw-paus.

Our gatherings are what today’s powwows started out looking like believe it or not, only with no Sacred Ceremonies in them without a special invitation.

Sorry to say that not much in today’s powwow’s look anything like a Paw-paus.


No fence marking off the circle, no charge ever to entry the grounds.

No Arena Director because it has no arena, no keeper of a gate. It has a circle, cleaned and cleared always with the intent of an invitation to Creator for a blessing and a dance or two.

Food venders were always welcome as long as they provided their own power and could prove that the food was tasty and safe to the consumers, yes, they do charge.

All venders knew before traveling that this is a gathering of the people and that anyone wishing to could provide a dish and if they wish a small gift for the share blanket.

No one sold things unless they could prove that it was made by hand and by our people from around Indian country.

Even if this vender was with or without a government plastic card.

The Paw-paus was usually held on someone from the tribe’s land or permission from a sponsor to use their land, so many did have a donation bucket, drop into or if need be take from?

As stated above, many time all of our Sacred Ceremonies, even a Crossing once in a while, were held in a Paw-Paus.

Soon after first contact, because the Europeans were starting to get extremely pushy at wanting into this very spiritual event.

Sachem’s of the New England tribes came together to find a fast safe way out of this situation.

Long before this first contact our ancestors knew of an evil Shaman warlock that practice Shamanism.

This Shaman warlock name was known to the people as powwow and was an extremely evil wicked spirit.

The Sachem’s of these true American native people placed the problem where they knew that they would get an answer.

In the hands of their clan mothers.

After many debates about the problem the clan mothers came up with, why not use the name powwow and a great explanation as to why it should be used.

It would seem that our invaders from across the waters acted very much like this Sharman powwow.

So why not start having an event like our paw-paus and invite them all?

The problem day that was unforeseen by our ancestor is now many of these powwows are infested with shamans, witches and warlocks, some even running it!

This would be a very good reason to explain why no American native advertises when and where we are holding our Paw-paus and why it is still so hard to get information.