The quintessence of this thing that you worship every second Monday of October!

A quote from your hero, this thing called Christopher Columbus?

Speaking about another peaceful unarmed group of innocent indigenous people known as the Arawaks.

They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance.

They have no iron.

Their spears are made of cane.

They would make fine servants.

With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.

Remember this, they could have been your ancestors being butchered in those  day’s by this animal!

Columbus Day, which is annually on the second Monday of October, remembers Christopher Columbus’ arrival to the Americas on October 12, 1492.

This holiday is controversial because the European settlement in the Americas led to the demise of the history and culture of the indigenous peoples.

Columbus wrote:

“As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some of the natives by force in order that they might learn and might give me information of whatever there is in these parts.”

The information that Columbus wanted most was: Where is the gold?

Paying to Pray?

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The mega insult to indigenous people‘s around the world and just another reason why Sacred Ceremonies should only be acknowledged by true traditional qualified Spiritual Elders!

If you wish to do a sweat, get correctly qualified, you want to go to a sweat, ask an elder.

How and why our people living throughout Indian country allowed non natives to do a sweat, or any other sacred ceremony, is beyond me?

Of course I cannot get over the meek intolerance of native elders allowing all of our ceremonies to be watered down and ‘performed’ as in a sideshow, by others?

A naming ceremony has been the biggest joke on our people for over 15 years now and allowed to continue?

This is the reason why every true traditional ancestor from every tribe throughout Indian country  would never allow recording of ceremonies and sacred regalia, it keeps all phonies at bay while it is  in materialization?

Thank you to my visitor from the city of Manchester New Hampshire

for your question Elizabeth sky wolfe sweat lodge

Will Someone Die in a New Age Sweat Lodge this Week-end?

from a well written posting on

Thursday, June 19, 2008

As you my friends can attest to, I have been complaining since long before receiving my first computer in 1995 about religions holding our ceremonies, this is just another reason why?

A sweat is not only for our people, please come and enjoy a sweat, NO CHARGE!

All you need do is sit and learn about a sweat, why we do a sweat and know to be respectful of our beliefs?

If you are not descended from Sachem ( She-Chaim Unkas) Uncas, you are not a Mohegan?

If you travel around the internet, read some of the newest books about my people, watch television or try to follow someone’s genealogy, it ends up as everybody is related to the first leader of the Mohegan native people, Uncas, Mohegan Sachem.

Sachem Uncas, (son of Owaneco a Pequot), Sachem Owaneco (son of Uncas), Attawanhood (Joshua son of Uncas), John Uncas (son of Uncas), Sachem Cesar Uncas (son of Owaneco), Sachem Isaiah Uncas. Ben Uncas, Ben Uncas 2nd, Ben Uncas 3rd.


Whatever happened to the Pequot’s that followed Chief Poquiam (Unkas) away from Sachem Sassacus, settled on the west side of the Pequot river and followed Chief Poquiam (Unkas) their new Sachem now known as Uncas?

Remember that there was well over one hundred warriors and their women and children.

Once these people excepted Uncas as their leader, he became their Sachem, they became the old long gone original Mohiingan’ s and his people, the tribe that was forced from their old homeland along the great lakes.

As usual with non natives doing the recording, the name changed down through the years and we became known as the Mohegans.

Now we must back up a little further into our past and we will find that the Pequot’s were first called the Pequins ( Dutch name for destroyer), however, we know that they are really a farming peaceful tribe known as the Mohiingan people, forced to leave their home up and over to the west at the Great Lakes that through the years learned from their enemy how to fight for their lives.

Someone needs to explain to these “Decedents” that it is not necessary to be of royal blood to be a Casino Indian?

While we are on the subject, I would like to know who told our people that there were no more Mohegan Sachems after Sachem Ben Uncas the 3rd and what happened to the rest of the Royal blood line?

I know what happened, what I want is for those saying that there are no more to please explain?

A quick word about our New England people.

Patriarchy/Matriarch Society?

The original people of this area were all of a Matriarch family, as in filtering, annihilation, assimilation and pollution set in now some are of the Patriarchy and no longer our people.

Archaeologist Dr. Lucianne Lavin’s follow up

On May 2nd 2013 I wrote a posting about Connecticut Native Americans

May 2, 2013

Today July 6th 2013 I received another article By Randall Beach /

RANDALL BEACH: What we don’t know about the first residents of our state could fill a book

Published: Saturday, July 06, 2013

As stated earlier, she ( Dr. Lucianne Lavin) is selling books, she is none native and before deciding to write a book she stated that she knew nothing about my people however, I still say that she did a good article and I would guess good book.

In this posting  I have the opportunity to bring out the women in our past ancestry because she did.

My people and other eastern native people were of a Matriarch society, not true today, women had very important positions in a tribe, indeed a few where Sachem Chiefs.

Dr. Lucianne Lavin stated that

“They’re (most none natives) also were unaware that Native American women could initiate a divorce. (More on that later.)”

So I jumped to the more on that later.

“Native American women were also way, way ahead of our women’s liberation movement.”

“Unlike the white women who settled here, Indian women owned property and had control of the children.”

“And they could divorce,” she added. “They owned the wigwam and almost everything in it. So you just put your husband’s hunting equipment outside the wigwam and you’re divorced!”

I hope that she covered this in a lot more detail in her book because, although divorce as with marriage was easier back then, it was a little harder than just removing his or her property from the round house. Our ancestors had ceremonies for everything including what she called divorce, because the people did nothing without the permission through Sachem from Creator so, it would take a ceremony with the tribe on hand.

Lavin listed the five key words she uses in her book to describe Native Americans: longevity, continuity, complexity, sophistication and adaptability.

I list one Spirituality, because this would include her five things.

I believe that, taking everything that I have included in both of my postings, I still would like a chance to read her book?

Native American allergies

Going to bring this up again because it keeps coming up on my trackers, so it is still a question.

Welcome to the visitor from Piney Flats Tennessee

looking for information about Native American Allergies to my postings like this one Allergies in Indian country.

Yes, indigenous people of Indian country have a missing enzyme not needed until after first contact with Europeans. As stated in past postings, the more European blood the less you need to worry about many allergies. On the other hand the less European blood?

Comanche burial grounds

I have new updates about the grave site from my two friends, they both wish to walk with anyone wishing to walk the land so we have no problem finding the way, both of my new friends are natives so have no fear about the mission. As stated earlier we, my friends and I wish to protect their safety for now from un known harm so please contact this old man for your information, questions and/or statement. When Creators time is right we will all know everything.

The most important thing now is to help protect the sacred grounds and get a qualified leader for a crossing ceremony?

Words from our new friends in Creators name AHO

” The site is located outside of the small, historical town of Cransfills Gap in very rough terrain in Texas rattler territory and other dangerous obstacles on the way!!

There is NO map to the site the only map is embedded in our minds!! We wish and feel the need to be part of the preservation of this historical site. So please once a contact has been established to further investigate, please honor us by keeping us in contact and copied on all correspondence in this subject matter via email at this time. At a later date we will proudly be personally involved, with your blessing. Then provide current contact information.

As this task & burden has honorably chosen us to see that honor and great respect be restored and never forgotten so we will uphold the history of this nations Native people“!

Native American Traditions about Black Bear

Welcome to the visitor from Portland Oregon

Looking for information about

Native American Traditions about Black Bear

You may be interested in an earlier posting

Clans of the original Traditional Mohegan people

Black Bear Clan.

The Bear Clan (Black Bear) is one of our (the Mohegan/Pequot tribes) main clans and has been for some time now.

The black bear is strong, gentle, wise, feared and loved by Native people throughout the eastern tribes however, my clan has a special reason for choosing to be called the Black Bear Clan. Children’s story

This story has now been added onto by of my head Clan Mother now living in California, for the enjoyment of children and visitors to our gatherings however, it is based on a very real event in my families past, you see this story is about me. This is why I am upset with the treatment of our brothers and sisters, the animals, and mostly the Black Bear!

Two days ago Breanna and a neighboring mother bear finely made friends, her cub just wanted to play. One must be very careful because a bear cub and an Airedale can some time play a little too rough and mother bear and I will need to go in and calm them down.

I am the luckiest person in the world for Creator allowing this to happen, in Florida of all places. Do not try this, we have been trying to become friends for over two years now back when she was just a cub that lost her mother in a car accident across the street from me, I never carry a weapon and always carry some type of berries.

“divide and conquer”

Care for another way to assimilate our people?

Right, like we need another way!

O,K. this may sound political, sorry but, it is a critical Native American posting if you will read on?

If you were not brought up in a traditional home and/or on a reservation and you try to trace your ancestors, you are going to hit a wall (that wall is your ancestor)!

Elizabeth Warren as with 50 to 60 thousands others is a Native American only with weak heritage.

Because she ran a good campaign against a bad incumbent she sparked a major disagreement among the other party, native’s and non native people in Massachusetts and around the world.

I am sad to say that many of our brothers and sisters, while forgetting their past history with the euro Americans, joined in on this witch hurt during the Senate campaign last year.

Sen. Warren is not listed among Native Americans now?

By us allowing this to happen we also built a larger bridge for the rest of the thousands of true native people tracing their ancestors, great job guys!

What is this “if you can’t beat them join them”?

Or is it, “will I am a Native American, let the rest fight for themselves”!

I am going with my new friend on WordPress, he said, “divide and conquer”, you are right once again John.

Shame of us!

“It’s a Puzzlement”!

Treasury Department Spells Out Proposed Rules for Taxing Native Americans

No need to once again go into my feeling on Casino’s, Shaman or Spiritual Leader however, how can a government justify not taxing religious organizations the likes of churches and Synagogue and then tax Native Americans that they call a Nation?


Even though many countries did tax this country at its beginning, this country does not tax other countries however, we do tax another Nations?

Don’t get me wrong, if I must pay taxes so should everyone else?

If a group of people living within this country are called a Nation (Nation to Nation sovereign governments), how can this country tax that nation?

On the other hand, I pray at my church alter at least three times a day sever days a week, why does this country tax my yard?

As the king in the King and I likes to say “It’s a Puzzlement”!

The IRS and Treasury Department met hammer out some guidance” on what is taxable and what is excluded under existing laws.

The biggest problem with the following statement in the article. The ability of tribes to provide for the general welfare of their citizens is truly critical to the self-determination of tribal governments especially important given one out of every four Native people in the U.S. live in poverty.

Every tribe that now has a casino that I know about, has dumped their poor poverty stricken people so as to get that casino!

The Hopi people are Illiterate!

Did that get your attention?
Let me explain before you destroy your computer and never come back to my postings, please?
This might be a way to finely get across to non natives why non native people cannot and may never understand Native Americans and the reason why we want nothing to do with Religion, as they preach it to us!
I am reading a book given to me, through the mail, by a person whom I have respected, and still do, for many years.
I enjoy reading book, most of which are about a religious people.
A group of his evangelist showed up on the Hopi nation, the one that our government forced them onto.
While there they discovered as they said “a sizable stash of Hopi Bibles but realized the treasure was of little use, as the tribe was mostly illiterate.”
The Hopi people are by no means illiterate, they are in fact extremely intelligent people.
Yes, they may not speak or understand your language and most, like me, do not care.
However, they do know there language better than non Hopi do and I would bet that they are better at understanding each other better than most non Hopi people understand each other, understand?
I know this to be true because I have been to their nation!
Europeans need to understand that just because we have a problem speaking your words does not make us, stupid, savage or illiterate!
It you wish to share ( understand your religion) with us, you must first let us share ( understand our religion) with you?