Did smudging begin with Indians or Witches

Did smudging begin with natives of America or witches

This to me is an extremely important question to be answered with as much care as possible.

Please understand that all questions are very important to the person asking and I do take each one into my heart and do the best that I can to answer.

This question is why my Supreme Being demanded that I do whatever it takes to keep the words of the ancestors alive and at the ready for all to see and challenge.

Kiehtan, we call our Creator wishes answers to all question. https://sachemspeaks.wordpress.com/kiehtan-creator/

This question, for the most part, depends on who you are asking and which god do they worship?

I see from my tracker that there really was no answer, not even at the site that I wrote many years ago.


About Smudging

This is what I know,

Until my grandfather made trips out to some of the western tribes,, because of many request, smudging, as it is now called, was not known to my people at least not with sage and/or sweet grass.

We always used herbs (Tobacco) we call Kinnick, kinnick.

Our tobacco can be used at any of our ceremonies because there is no need for a fire.

From what I have been told by my elders, natives west of the Mississippi river have used them, sage and sweet grass, for as long as anyone in my family circle can remember.

I also personally know from some of my visits to the United Kingdom while in the navy back in the 60’s, that Celtic clans have used smudging for as far back as my sponsors at their ceremonies can remember?

Thank you to the City of Yorktown Heights New York


For your question.

Did smudging begin with Indians or witches?

So to answer this question please let it be said that our traditional elders preferred our herbs over smudging even though sage and sweet grass was incorporated into our herb ceremonies by my grandfather back in the late 40’s.

No fire would be used, in our case traditional Native Americans around the Uncasvillage area, witches were the first to smudge with sage and/or sweet grass, in fact this was our way of telling if we were invited to a traditional and a occult gathering.

Side note, this government has no problem with our prison visits for ceremonies mainly because of our use of herb instead of fire.

Buying/Selling Sacred Blessed Herbs

Mr. Nice Guy has left the building temporarily!


Someone looking to buy Blessed Herbs is almost as hilarious as someone claiming to be a Shamanic Native American willing to sell Blessed Herbs?

I had a visitor on my tracker looking to buy blessed herbs and as usual I looked over most of the websites willing to relieve this person of money.

I cannot blame someone without knowledge confused about our ways, or even if this person is a little lazy.

However, I do have the right to call our phony people just out to make a buck because of this persons lack of understanding!

Real herbs blessed and sold by native American Indians

Welcome to the person from the City of Blairstown New Jersey looking to buy Blessed Herbs.


I am sorry to inform you that it is impossible to buy our truly Sacred Blessed Herb?

You see, nothing is ever blessed until Creator (your God) if you are not native and I am guessing that you are not does the blessing?

You do however have three choices.

You can find a true traditional Native American Spiritual Elder and together you can ask for Creators blessing and why you may need it.

Good luck.

You can just take a walk around your home picking up herb plants, go home get down on your knees and ask Creator to bless your herbs.

You can go to any store buy a hand full of herbs then go home get down on your knees and ask Creator to bless your store bought herbs.

The one and two ways are always free.

The third one cost you the store bought herbs.

If however, you are about to buy herbs from anyone that tells you that they are blessed herbs, I must now warn you.


Walk away because you are about to be duped!



Native American Tobacco

Welcome to the visitor from the city of

Mattoon  Illinois


While traveling around the internet looking for your answers I am sure that you stopped at many websites and blogs? This is a good thing and just what the internet was invented for.

At least one of your stops was a visit to me so, I will answer both of your questions, only remember this, I write from the teaching of my elders and will never tell other tribes how to do their ceremonies.

I also see that your state borders along the Mississippi river and on the east side?

So the land of Woodland Indians.

First before we get into gifting and/or presenting, we need to understand the herb Tobacco, yes, tobacco is an herb.

My people, east of the Mississippi river along the Atlantic coast grow and use this herb tobacco mixed with other herbs for many of our ceremonies.

My people also still use this herb the same way our ancestors used it of centuries, before any chemicals are added.

Why? Because there were no chemicals and also chemicals are not good for you. This is extremely important because as you know from other sites, many tribes differ in their ceremonies, this is also a good thing, but you stopped at this site also.

Please also read my past postings.

Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift. http://mysmudgingblog.blogspot.com/2011/04/tobacco-as-traditional-native-american.html

Your questions

Native American giving tobacco – Native American gift protocol. https://sachemspeaks.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/native-american-gift-protocol/

how to present tobacco to an elder


Tribes in the east have been growing tobacco herb plants for centuries for use in ceremonies.

Tribes in central and the west have been using sage and sweet grass for centuries for use in their ceremonies.

So which way is the correct way to do ceremonies?

Both ways are correct for their tribal ceremonies, I believe?

I also believe that school teachers should always remember the tribe and/or area that they are teaching about before making statements about Native American culture and ceremony wouldn’t you agree?

kinnick ~ kinnick chemical make up?

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Looking for information about Kinnick, Kinnick our Native American Tobacco to a few of my postings.

Native American Tobacco!


Why are cigarettes offered at a Native American funeral?


Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift


If your tobacco has chemicals in it.

It is not Kinnick, Kinnick!

Can one use Kinnick, Kinnick if tobacco is mixed in?

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Looking for information about Native American Kinnick, Kinnick

The question was

can you use kenick for ceremony if tobacco is mixed in

Yes, tobacco without chemicals is a very important part of herbs used in this mixture by my people and yours that makes up what we, the natives call Kinnick, Kinnick.

This said please do not get hung up on any type of herb, tobacco is an herb, that you will be using the only thing to remember about tobacco, herbs, ceremonies and our culture in general is that they are all meant to remind us to get into prayer with our Creator!

None of the about is demanded or required just remember to talk often to Creator, AHO (Amen)!

Herbs are Tobacco, Sweet grass, Sage, Herbs and NOT Cigarettes!


What is Kinnick~Kinnick?

This posting is nothing new, I found two older postings, cleaned them up a little combined them into one and posted it Here.

There are many attempts to explain Sacred Herbs however, why is it so hard to understand?

Tribes may use Bearberries, Tobacco, Sage, Cedar, or Sweet Grass however, the herbs are up to you.

Always remember that there should never be chemicals of any kind found in a Traditional Native American set of herbs called ‘Kinnick~ Kinnick’!

Kinnick~ Kinnick is not an herb, it is many herbs so, the correct answer to me from my elders now ancestors.

Kinnick~Kinnick are Native American particular herbs, collected by tribal clan mothers around that tribe, to be used in future sacred ceremonies of American Native people by the Eastern Woodland New England Traditional American Native people.

This set of herbs are also found in and around your area in woody lands.

Tribal Clan Mothers carefully cared for it for use by the Tribal Clan Grandfathers in ceremonies.

A Native person may sell these herbs, as long as that person makes it perfectly clear to the buyer, that it has not been blessed by Creator and would not be considered sacred!

Remember, only Creator can bless anything!

If someone claims to have blessed your herbs, give them back for an exchange, they have been polluted!

Once this herb Kinnick~Kinnick has gone through the ceremony and is sacred, if passed to another, it must be, by given freely!

If you wish to have your own Kinnick~ Kinnick found by you for your own use (free) just go to your quiet spot and ask Creator, in prayer, to bless you and your herbs, promise to use your herbs in prayer to Creator only!

How everyone can have their own Sacred (blessed) Herbs!

Some of our herbs are used in our ceremonies, some are used for healing.

Thank you John for your question (Welcome Home).

This should get the attention of all of those wannabe people selling so called Sacred herb to the unknowing public!

Hundreds of years ago it was necessary to have a Medicine Man, a Medicine Women, a Chief, a Sachem, Clan Mother, Warriors and so on, each had their own job helping the tribe, communication was by drum, smoke signals runners and so on.

In today’s fast paced world with computers the world is a much smaller place because of the ease of communication.

Today’s medicine people must hide their information because of the thousands of  unscrupulous people that only want to make money off of your lack of knowledge about herbs!

Remember, the only way to know that a Medicine Man is in fact a Medicine Man is to catch him doing his job, a bragger is just that, a bragger, nothing else!

The work of a Medicine person, as with any other member of a tribe around the world was never a secret to be kept from the rest of the people?

Any native man worth his salt will tell you the same thing “behind every worthy man is a worthy women pushing, pulling, nagging, and teaching him along the correct path!

In other words, a Medicine Man receives his medicine from a Medicine Women, the Medicine Women goes out to find the herb, collects the correct herbs, mixes them correctly and gives them to the Medicine Man, both of them in a ceremony ask Creator for the blessing of the herbs, so to be correctly taught, go to your Medicine Women first!

While it is always a good thing to read books on herbs and all that has been learned about them, trust only your people to teach the ancestors ways.

While on the subject of herbs, Seaweed ( as was discussed in an earlier posting) has been a staple in the mix of herbs all up and down the east coast however, we never mix poisons into a mix as being done by Euro Americans today!

After you collect or buy herbs that you wish to use in your ceremony and only if you have a pure heart, in other words you are not one of those thousands of wannabe’s out to get your hands into the public’s pockets, all you need to do is find a quiet place out of sight of the public and ask Creator to bless your herbs so that you can use them in your ceremonies!

It is OK to sell herbs, one can NEVER sell Sacred, Blessed, Herbs, just too make more money from the public, Creator is watching!

It is always good to sell and teach herbs to help in healing!

Thank you Chef for you question

I welcome all question and Thank you for this one.
Before we get to the answer, I remind everyone that the only thing that I am an expert at is, remembering the things that were drilled into my head by my ancestor!
One must also remember that even now after First Contact, Rat Poison, and Small Pox (another posting coming soon) there are still over five thousand tribes around Indian Country, some recognized by this government some are not!
This question is about Smudging .
Smudging by Elaine Lunham


Grandmother Tribal Elder Virginia Graverette Pigeon is a great teacher, I would be please to get to know her, she follows her ancestors knowledge, culture and ceremonies. Her people are in central country, mine are in eastern country.
As with the many tribes, there are many ways of remembering our culture and ceremonies, as she teaches, there is no wrong way to smudge, and as my ancestors like to say, “Smudging is another way to Pray”!
Her statement right at the beginning
“Some people follow the Traditional Way and some follow the Christian Way and that one way respects the aspects of both ways. Both know one God“.
I am one of those believers in both ways!
Smoked the Pipe of Peace, our people call it a Friendship Pipe.
Remember that as with my people, tobacco was and still is grown in and around our land however, it was never treated with chemicals we mix it as one of the Herbs called Kinnick, Kinnick!
The four sacred herbs, tobacco, sweet grass, sage, and cedar.
We did not know about sage or sweet grass until my grandfather (Sachem Tallfox) made one of his many trips out west in the 1930’s.
We now include, with permission, each along with our Kinnick, Kinnick.
Sachem discussed our Kinnick, Kinnick and their herbs with their elder, both agreed the use of all of them would be acceptable in prayers.
Smudge the room
The smudges around the room depends with the tribes own beliefs. For example, the original traditional people like the Creek, Pequot‘s, Mohegan‘s up and down the east coast, dance and walk counted clock way, the occult up and down the east coast dance and walk clock ways, it all depends on the group of people however, the East is where everything in Indian country always starts. We make sure that everything being smudged is taught as a prayer, everything smudged is blessed by Creator.

Hope that you understand and except my answer?

where can you buy blessed sweet grass

Rowley Regis Sandwell United Kingdom


Looking for information about
where can you buy blessed sweet grass
You can buy sacred herbs, not blessed, at many places and yes some people ship however, once blessed it will always be free!
If it is not free it was never blessed by any traditional spiritual native!

My site
Herbs are Tobacco, Sweet grass, Sage, Herbs and Cigarettes!


Yes, Blessed Sacred herb such sweet grass can be shipped for free except shipping and handling.

Native American Funeral okay to give sage and tobacco?

Is it okay to give sage and tobacco at a Native American Funeral?

Pinson Tennessee


Another great question of the day.

At a Native American Funeral is it okay to give sage and tobacco?

On some of our blog postings you find the answer to your question for my people, the Eastern Woodland American First People Natives of New England.

I must keep saying this because our ways are not always the same for all tribes!

Tobacco, without chemicals, and sage are just a few of the herbs included in our Kinnick~ Kinnick that grow in our area so, the answer to your question is YES!

Please remember that a Spiritual Leader uses lots of this herb and would be extremely grateful of your gift.

If this is a Traditional Funeral, many people use the herbs (Kinnick~ Kinnick) because in today’s world, fire is not always an option!