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I hope that your state or country has this program?

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I Ohiijeshan Shechaim Walkingfox Storey, have signed up on

Florida’s organ and tissue donor registry and I encourage you to do the same.

It’s quick, easy and FREE. Help save lives by becoming an organ and tissue donor.

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A little side note from Richard Haydel


I quote

“Happy New Year Sir…This website is a portal to the organ and tissue donor registries in the different states in the US to assist your readers.

It also offers some additional information for individuals who might not be fully aware as to how such a simple act can be so powerful that it can save multiple lives”.


Did smudging begin with Indians or Witches

Did smudging begin with natives of America or witches

This to me is an extremely important question to be answered with as much care as possible.

Please understand that all questions are very important to the person asking and I do take each one into my heart and do the best that I can to answer.

This question is why my Supreme Being demanded that I do whatever it takes to keep the words of the ancestors alive and at the ready for all to see and challenge.

Kiehtan, we call our Creator wishes answers to all question.

This question, for the most part, depends on who you are asking and which god do they worship?

I see from my tracker that there really was no answer, not even at the site that I wrote many years ago.

About Smudging

This is what I know,

Until my grandfather made trips out to some of the western tribes,, because of many request, smudging, as it is now called, was not known to my people at least not with sage and/or sweet grass.

We always used herbs (Tobacco) we call Kinnick, kinnick.

Our tobacco can be used at any of our ceremonies because there is no need for a fire.

From what I have been told by my elders, natives west of the Mississippi river have used them, sage and sweet grass, for as long as anyone in my family circle can remember.

I also personally know from some of my visits to the United Kingdom while in the navy back in the 60’s, that Celtic clans have used smudging for as far back as my sponsors at their ceremonies can remember?

Thank you to the City of Yorktown Heights New York

For your question.

Did smudging begin with Indians or witches?

So to answer this question please let it be said that our traditional elders preferred our herbs over smudging even though sage and sweet grass was incorporated into our herb ceremonies by my grandfather back in the late 40’s.

No fire would be used, in our case traditional Native Americans around the Uncasvillage area, witches were the first to smudge with sage and/or sweet grass, in fact this was our way of telling if we were invited to a traditional and a occult gathering.

Side note, this government has no problem with our prison visits for ceremonies mainly because of our use of herb instead of fire.

Winnipeg Manitoba Canada (Traditional teachings sage)

Welcome to the visitor from the city of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

To some of my postings while looking for information about traditional teachings sage

Some of our sites found in your search

Smudging the correct way

Thank you and glad to have visitors from our neighbors up north however please remember that you are in Canada and that cultures may be a little different between countries and tribes.

For instance we use Kinnick- Kinnick for all of our ceremonies, although we now often include sage with this mixed herbal mixture?


What gift for native American elder

Welcome to the cities of Plymouth Minnesota

New Port Richey Florida

To my posting about gifting, this time the question is a memorable one asked often about gifting to an elder.

To my blogs


This question I am pleased to say, as with most of my postings and websites, cannot be asked too many times, because the more it is asked the more often it gets out on the internet for all to see and/or challenge.

Also, the question is a good one and the answer is a simple one because simplicity is the name of the game while writing about the truth?

As with all of my writings about our tobacco, I start with this.

First thing to remember about our tobacco, it was, it is, and should always be, herbs (Kinnick Kinnick) not a chemical treated cigarettes!

While offering a cigarette, please remember, it is an insult to a Traditional if that person is a Non Smoker!

A person handing this herb will usually have it wrapped in something for a convenience to the elder, not always but, if it is wrapped, red would be the preferred color of the wrap.



Also, by using your left hand to his/her left hand, shows true respect and knowledge to the elder.

Each time a native person uses a traditional elder way an ancestor sheds a tear of joy.

The Mouse knows

As usual the mouse is right on with this and so far just about the only one in the media brave enough to put it in writing.

Yes, we in this state are draining our Aquifer however, with a lot more than just watering our lawns or over building.

It is getting tiring writing to deaf eyes? 😉

It is also foolish to scream at blind ears? 😉

The pockets speak louder than the mouth? 😉

I enjoy reading my morning paper. 🙂

Central Florida Sinkhole

In this case, two mistakes in a life time is two to many

Wrong-site surgery prompts Halifax Health review

(First, do no harm).

DAYTONA BEACH — Halifax Health is trying to determine how a surgeon cut into the wrong leg during an operation despite numerous safeguards the hospital has in place to guard against such a medical mishap.

Nine years ago a surgeon cut into the wrong part of a person’s finger.

I have had a number of operations.

Shoulder surgery, Cataract surgery both eyes, Cornea surgery left eye and three operations dealing with my defibrillator.

From the time I walked into the hospital on the day of the surgery, each move they made getting me ready, I had to give my social, name, age and reason for the surgery, at times I was starting to get a little annoyed, now I know why they ask so often.

While in the operating room I was asked the same questions a number of times.

I also noticed that the table for equipment used during the operation was on the same side as the needed surgery.

Smart move and easier for the doctors, also everyone in the room checked my wrist bands.

Just before the doctors started, the head nurse asked those same questions once again and the room went so quiet you could hear a pin drop on the other side of the room until I finished answering. I called the head nurse over this time before the surgery to thank her and the team for being so completely thorough, her reply was “Thank you for serving!”

I guess that they do not do all of this at the Halifax hospital?


Most of my friends will not understand this posting, some people may wish to comment on this posting and that is OK with me however, I just do not get it?
How can anyone take a pill like Codeine 30/Acetaminophen and become addicted to it?
I do understand that after some operations one may need help with pain, because I did.
I am also sure that there might be stronger medicine then this one, thinking the Doctor House showings.
This one did the trick for me for the first day and then only in the morning for the next three days.
I found out long ago that a simple dab of any sports cream will do fine for most pain.
Not only was I extremely sick to my stomach.
I do not like losing any of this already very little mind because of drugs.
The first day while still in the hospital and the next day while resting in the motel I did not try to regain control over what my mind and brain were thinking or what my body wanted to do.
After the third day, because I only needed that one in the morning,  I worked hard at trying to get my mind to have my brain know what it was planning to do and then get my brain to understand enough to talk my body into going along with the plan, this was often a hit or miss attempted.
I could get my mind to join me in a move however, by the time we, my mind and I, were able to convince my brain to go along, I forgot the plan.
The following week was a follow up and when it was time to check out, she did the office, Breanna and I finished packing the car.
My next job was to move the car around to the front to the office.
I sat in the driver seat, put the key in the ignition to My Car.
The windows were still fogged up from a night of rain so of course the wipers needed to be turned on.
While sitting in My Car in the driver’s seat, it took everything that I could muster to remember how to get those darn thing on?
The trip around the building felt life it would take forever.
My question is.
How on earth can anyone talk, walk or let alone drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
I guess that I just found out first hand why so many cars are ending up stuck into so many buildings.
No! I did not drive home.
If I had we would still be on the road or who knows?
Thank God that my better half was doing the driving and thinking?

Help mentally ill stay out of jail

Tavares Forensic team helps mentally ill stay out of jail

Posted: Monday, June 10, 2013 9:00 am

Greg Jones Staff Writer

This is a thank you for posting this extremely important article in my newspaper (Daily Commercial) and then putting it on line.

I have been writing about this subject ever since this country started closing the hospitals back in the early 1990’s.

This is just the last two

Déjà vu!

Open backup facilities for the mentally ill

“Two years ago, the Lake County Department of Conservation and Compliance Probation Service Division, partnering with LifeStream Behavioral Center, created the Forensic Community Services Team (FCST) to help those with mental health issues stay out of trouble.”

“The rate of serious mental illness is two to six times higher among those in jail compared with those on the outside, FCST statistics show. The majority of those with mental health issues in jail are there only for minor, non-violent crimes.”

So what have we, this government, been doing all of these years since the 1990’s? A talking too, a prescription for medicating and a fist full of money. What have these poor troubled patience been doing all of these years since the 1990’s? They used up the medication, sell it, or just throw it away and then look for a quick way to get their fix. Which of course ends them back in jail, good job America?

Kinnick – Kinnick

Welcome to the visitor from the town of Hillsborough North Carolina

What is Kinnick, Kinnick?

Looking for information about our herbs called Kinnick – Kinnick.

Because I have covered this so many times and I did see that you were on one of my many postings, I was going to pass and go to the next question. However, while checking other answers that you were reading, this I must not do without a brief answer. Yes real tobacco grown as a plant is an herb and is included into this Kinnick – Kinnick, remember our tobacco as with all of our herbs is NEVER treated with chemicals and when we speak of smoking our pipes, it is always in a ceremony, not smoked like as in a cigarette or cigar? Most participants in our ceremonies will puff enough smoke a number of times to blow a prayer up towards Creator, down to Mother Earth and so on. Some of the participants will tap the pipe with their left hand and pass it on, a few very brave members might even inhale? I do not recommend this un necessary abuse on your body!