Buying/Selling Sacred Blessed Herbs

Mr. Nice Guy has left the building temporarily!


Someone looking to buy Blessed Herbs is almost as hilarious as someone claiming to be a Shamanic Native American willing to sell Blessed Herbs?

I had a visitor on my tracker looking to buy blessed herbs and as usual I looked over most of the websites willing to relieve this person of money.

I cannot blame someone without knowledge confused about our ways, or even if this person is a little lazy.

However, I do have the right to call our phony people just out to make a buck because of this persons lack of understanding!

Real herbs blessed and sold by native American Indians

Welcome to the person from the City of Blairstown New Jersey looking to buy Blessed Herbs.

I am sorry to inform you that it is impossible to buy our truly Sacred Blessed Herb?

You see, nothing is ever blessed until Creator (your God) if you are not native and I am guessing that you are not does the blessing?

You do however have three choices.

You can find a true traditional Native American Spiritual Elder and together you can ask for Creators blessing and why you may need it.

Good luck.

You can just take a walk around your home picking up herb plants, go home get down on your knees and ask Creator to bless your herbs.

You can go to any store buy a hand full of herbs then go home get down on your knees and ask Creator to bless your store bought herbs.

The one and two ways are always free.

The third one cost you the store bought herbs.

If however, you are about to buy herbs from anyone that tells you that they are blessed herbs, I must now warn you.


Walk away because you are about to be duped!

Time to start freezing Veggies! :-(

Summer Squash is coming hot and heavy, time for freezing, Cucumbers are on their way along with the Zucchini squash.

Tomatoes are green starting to turn just in time for canning.

There is only three of us in the house, Breanna cannot have the kind of veggies I am growing, she gets her own, see

Like I said in earlier postings, it is a new garden now over by the driveway and only 16′ X 16′ which is more than enough for a garden in new ground.


Next year, if needed I can use the other half of the closed in area.

The dead tree in the photo will be staying for as long as the Woodpecker family wishes. The Birdhouse on top has been home to three generations and they do not seem to want to stop now. 🙂

It started to rain again so I only had time for one quick picture.

Your Garden is a Warzone

Your Garden is like your country.

As with any other war, when you know that the enemy is about to attack, if you want to keep your garden from the enemy you must go to war! As with any war it is won before any battle even starts.

When up in New England one could stick a seed in the ground plant marigolds around it and come back later to pick some food!

But remember Mother Nature planted millions of rocks and boulders all over New England! 😦

I now live in the center of bug, wild life, bird alley, central Florida and quickly learned that I had to go to war to have my garden! 😦

Never use chemicals, not needed and will kill you and everything that you love plus all of the good bugs needed to help you win your war!

I started my newer garden some time ago

My new garden is starting to take off, refrigerator full of summer squash plants full of green tomatoes and the rest of the garden climbing up the string and poles. 🙂

Remember gardening can be easy and fun if done right. You must start early and do a little each day? Never over do your garden fun or it will quickly become work!

With my new garden, I have water ready so that each evening just before the sun goes down, if no rain I can water.

My older garden, I could not water, so I saved up plastic gallon bottles from milk, tea, store bought water and so on, punched some extremely small holes about the size of a good sewing machine needle, at the bottom, not in the bottom at the bottom, placed it into the ground up to its neck and next to every plant and keep them full. I have my old 5 hp rotor tiller (yes, over kill) from up north so I started these gardens (in Florida sand) with a good tilling, after that just keep an eye on weeds and grass.

No tiller, no problem, just turn some grass over, shake the dirt loose and use the grass for mulch. Mulching is for another posting! A short cut is to buy the black plastic covering and cover the ground, cutting holes as you plant? 🙂

Now is the time to look back at my earlier posting

Spring Sprang Sprung

You can buy rolls of screening most any store and fence off your garden, a must!

Use the buckets explained in the above posting to keep our attackers from underground at bay.

I hope that this helps you, if not please write?

Spring Sprang Sprung

Or something like that?

Beginning to look like spring is finely taking charge of central Florida.

The littlest guy in the area with the biggest mouth, one of many Endangered Green Tree Frog singing on the front porch.


The Snow Birds have packed up and gone back up north however, the native birds are still showing their beauty while bathing, nesting and feeding.



Bushes are once again saying Hi!


The Strawberries, Summer Squash and Better Boy Tomato’s have buds on them and everything else is following along just fine, except for this year’s Watermelon plants?


The Vegetable garden is not the prettiest thing in the world however, this is my adaption from a square foot garden, with more than enough food for this family and also this is Florida, the battle ground zero fight with critters not heard or seen in any other part of the Country is ongoing 24/7! The area is full of things that slither, crawl, walk or fly just waiting for their chance at a free meal. I have nothing against sharing, unfortunately the critters do not feel the same way and do not share! Besides it in the backyard out of sight. Over the years I have learned to allow them to share in the compost bin and have been inventing systems to at least slow them down a little bit in the garden. This year playing around with some herbs, Parsley, Rosemary and Basil for starters.


I start the planting in my shed back in January, February and March, keeps a retired person busy. For large plants (Tomato, Egg plant) a large butter bucket, for medium plants (Melons, Beans, peas), Greek Yogurt buckets and plants with short root systems or ones I  want to spread (Strawberries)Sour Cream buckets. Each bucket has a good size hole cut out of the bottom, replace that with a piece of paper towel to be able to fill the bucket with good potting soil, by the time the roots grow to the paper towel, watering would have allowed the roots to continue down through and into the sandy soil (this is Florida). Remember to place a plate of some kind under the bucket until planting into the garden, DUH! 🙂

With this method, weeding the garden becomes a much easier task throughout the year. The bucket helps to start the growth of the plant and keep out many slithering and Crawling Creacher, the fence slows down the walking and flying invaders.

Also the fence becomes a growing cane for vine plants such as Tomato’s, Cucumber, Gourds, Summer and Winter squash, all of the melon plants, Peas and some bean plants. Don’t forget the Marigolds to help keep some pest out.

This year I have included a Hummingbird feeder, this attracts most of the pollinators.

It would be an easier battle to win if I used chemicals however, who would then eat the food? Not us!



If you want to make a Birdfeeder like mine and think that you do not have the time, I just made a shorter version two days ago that is working just fine at our sunroom window, I only have one so far, until we empty another water jug. Less fighting with more feeders.

A hook on the painted (paint your own color just remember that red or yellow and hummingbirds think that it is their feeder) upside down bucket, then drill a hole in the cap to the clear water jug for a wire or string. Cut out the label on just one side big enough for the birds to eat comfortably remembering to leave room for the seeds not to fall out, my clear water bottle has a label on only one side which works great because the back side is clear for watching from the window into the feeder while birds eat.

Drill a hole in the middle of the bottom of the water jug for a wire or string to a smaller upside down bucket painted.

Hang it just like the other one opening facing out so that a squirrel cannot jump in from the window side.


If the squirrel tries to jump up from the ground the bottom bucket stops him, if he tries to step down from the roof the top bucket moves and he falls off.

Update on that new birdfeeder, from 01/19/2013.

I thought that I would make it easier for bigger birds to land on something while eat the seeds, the green landing platform outside of the opening to the seeds.

No tail jumped on that in no time and turned it into his/her own feeder so I remover it that same day. That was back on Sunday the 20th.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Bird Feeder

The Tea party speak with fork tongue!

 Tea party members tackle a new issue: manatees.
“We cannot elevate nature above people,” the Citrus County Tea Party Patriots, in an interview. “That’s against the Bible and the Bill of Rights.”
The Bill of Rights
The Bible.
the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.
Everybody knows what the tea party members oppose. High taxes. Big government. Obama’s health care plan. High-speed rail.
Now, for at least some local tea party members, there’s one more to add: manatee protection.
Anyone that had history in school, at least U.S. History, remembers the Boston tea party.
On 12/16/1773, men dressed as Indians ( Native Americans) boarded three ships anchored in Boston Harbor.
These people did not like the government in power at the time so they took it out on the food.
Today 07/14/2011 tea party do not like the ruling government so they are taking it out on the Manatees?
The Tea party speak with fork tongue!