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Like money, you can’t take it with you?


I hope that your state or country has this program?

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I Ohiijeshan Shechaim Walkingfox Storey, have signed up on

Florida’s organ and tissue donor registry and I encourage you to do the same.

It’s quick, easy and FREE. Help save lives by becoming an organ and tissue donor.

Sign up and tell others your decision.

To sign up, or to obtain more information, please visit

A life saved could someday be one of yours?

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A little side note from Richard Haydel


I quote

“Happy New Year Sir…This website is a portal to the organ and tissue donor registries in the different states in the US to assist your readers.

It also offers some additional information for individuals who might not be fully aware as to how such a simple act can be so powerful that it can save multiple lives”.


Can we please at least give stupid a break for the holidays?

People in Florida, I am sure the United States and around the world are getting arrested for falling asleep outside.

This is almost the ultimate in stupidity except, Florida’s government has gone a step below this!

Our police are forced to re arrest those same people because they cannot pay the court costs?


They cannot pay the cost or help sleeping outside because they are homeless and without a job!

STUPID is as STUPID was!


A Dream Denied:

The Criminalization of Homelessness in U.S. Cities

Posted: 11:31 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2013

Arresting homeless people for sleeping outside costs taxpayers


Arresting, jailing homeless has cost Volusia taxpayers millions

Taxpayers spend thousands of dollars to lock up the homeless for sleeping outside, and a day or two later, those same people are back out sleeping on the streets.

Many nights, local homeless shelters fill up very quickly. Ronald Hines, a homeless man living in Orlando, said his crime of sleeping in the wrong place sent him on a downward spiral.

“I got arrested for sleeping on the streets,” he said. “I went to jail, they gave me a court cost. A court cost I could not pay because I wasn’t working.”

Hines was arrested again a short time later for the unpaid fine.

Brad Sefter, an outreach specialist for the Orlando-based Healthcare Center for the Homeless, started a database to track homeless arrests.

“It’s like a hole they can’t stop digging,” he said. “There are 465 on here now, and I just started doing this like six months ago.”

WFTV found out Orlando police and the Orange County Jail don’t track the number of arrests for sleeping outside, so there’s no way to tell how much it’s costing taxpayers.

“It’s easy to see the problem when you’re at the jail and you see the number of people who are in there solely because of the fact that they don’t have house,” said public defender Bob Wesley.

“Anytime you have a court case, you’re going to have judge with a graduate degree, two lawyers there, bailiffs in the courtroom, court reporters — you’ve got to have a court, all to solve the problem,” he said.

A Volusia County judge was able to dig through records there and found homeless arrests are costing that county millions.

Andrae Bailey is in charge of the agency tasked with ending homelessness.

He’d like to see the money spent locking people up for sleeping on the street used to provide more housing.

“There’s only so many days you can stay up when you don’t have a home of your own,” Bailey said.

Hines managed to break his cycle of homelessness. It started with having a place to sleep at the Coalition for the Homeless. He’s now a bell ringer for the Salvation Army.

HAPPY HOLIDAY’s Governor! Sad smile

89 fertilizers companies in Florida alone

Need a reason why government and political leaders are fighting the new stronger ban on fertilizer?

Koch Fertilizer, LLC

Fertilizer lobbyist want to sue Indian river county because of the strong fertilizer ordinance.


There are 89 fertilizers companies in Florida alone.

St. Johns needs to provide better explanation

Found in the Sunday Daily Commercial

under Our Voices

Sunday, December 22, 2013

6:39 AM

Although this letter does have a few holes in it, to this letter I must say.

WELL DUH!!!!!!!!

The letter

please read?

We’d like St. Johns River Water Management District officials to provide a fuller explanation of their decision to recommend approval of a request by Groveland’s Niagara Bottling Company.

District officials are expected to recommend the district’s governing board approve a 20-year permit by the company that would allow Niagara to pump between 484,000 and 910,000 gallons per day.

Company officials say the water would be drawn from the Lower Floridian aquifer, which is separated from the Upper Floridian aquifer.

They assert that drawing from the lower aquifer diminishes the environmental impact.

We’re not taking a stand on district officials’ decision, but against the backdrop of wide-scale water conservation measures we believe the public deserves a broader explanation.

By comparison to some nearby water users, such as municipalities and community developers, Niagara’s water draw is relatively insignificant.

But a closer examination of Niagara’s sheer numbers alone begs the questions:


And why now?

Homeowners are told they can only water on certain days, and public groups are constantly spreading the conservation message.

District officials have said Niagara’s application meets the district’s permitting criteria.

District spokesman Hank Largin acknowledges that the numbers — nearly a million gallons of water per day — can be intimidating.

“I know 910,000 gallons of water per day sounds like a huge amount of water, but it’s not as large of an amount as some businesses that use water to produce a product to sell may be using,”

Largin said.

To Niagara’s credit, the Irvine, Calif., company carefully ensured it complied with every requirement before doing business in Groveland.

Niagara officials also assert that the company’s request is small compared to overall commercial demand.

Niagara is one of seven bottled water operations permitted in the 18-county St. Johns River Water Management District.

This is certainly useful information.

But the public deserves broader and more specific assurances that Niagara’s water use request will not harm the environment.

After all, that’s the message they’re receiving from conservation authorities.

If I may be so bold,

may I add a few things to this great question?

(1)- Who should have the first bids on our water?

Floridians or outsiders?

(2)- We also must remember when talking to or about the St. Johns River Water Management District officials,

each has no brain they are all just stuffed string puppets of this governor.

(3)- What do you think would be the answer if we the people of Florida went to these 7 other states

and demanded the same great deal of water use

and how fast can we run after asking?

This letter writer does have one really big draw back with this statement

” By comparison to some nearby water users, such as municipalities and community developers, Niagara’s water draw is relatively insignificant”.

Apple and oranges once again.

The water drawing greedy companies are from out of state.

The municipalities and community developers are Floridians”!

Florida Tech Earns $865,000 For Indian River Research


This is how you, as a greedy politician get around answering an honest question with an honest answer, in other words fluff the truth with big unnecessary wording.

What is Muck?

  1. Definition of muck (n)
    Bing Dictionary
  2. sticky dirt: soft moist dirt or filth
  3. rubbish: something that is distasteful, disgusting, or of very poor quality
  4. manure: moist manure or compost, especially when used to fertilize land
    Synonyms: manure · dirt · sewage · mess · waste · sludge · mulch · filth · mud · dung

(Too much boating, Too much farming, Too much fertilizing of lawns, Too much run off from over watering, plus the giving away of far too much water from our aquifers, and so on)!

This is how a overpaid politician defines MUCK?

(((((Recently, the health of the lagoon has been threatened by a variety of anthropogenic stressors including muck. Muck, which forms as a result of coastal runoff, is fine-grained, organically-rich sediment that smothers benthic habitats. The increase in muck has accelerated loss of seagrass habitats and has contributed to the eutrophication of coastal ecosystems. Efforts are currently underway to mitigate the muck problem in the Indian River Lagoon; however, as coastal development accelerates more and more ecosystems will become threatened by problems like muck.)))))

Group Will Investigate Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus In Lagoon Sediments.

An algae super bloom hit the lagoon in 2011 and the blooms are continuing to harm the system.

In the past three years, more than 47,000 acres of seagrass— approximately 60 percent of the total seagrass area in the central and northern lagoon—has disappeared because the algae blooms block incoming sunlight.



The algae has been building up for many years, the lack of weather and the over use of our water (boating, farming, fertilizing of lawns, run off from over watering and so on) has given the algae a head start on the sea grass!

As I stated in earlier posting I will do the study for a lot less than $865,000 the now Defunct St. Johns River Water Management wants to pay.

By the way, where is this $865,000 coming from?

Taxpayers of course!


What is the difference between Florida and New Jersey?

Not much, Florida is a lot warmer, New Jersey has real dirt.

Words from Sachem

Both have far too many butchers of our wildlife and it is being done through lies from the people that we hire to help protect our wildlife!

The Division of Fish and Wildlife”!

Why is this Old Parramore area so important to history?


A few runaway slaves built a village there.


Orlando City Mayor Buddy Dyer shortly after my two of my earlier postings

Native Americans/African Americans Stand Together

Native Americans/African Americans Stand Together

Promised the people of Parramore that they would be taken care of.

Was this what he had in mind?

The city promised the people of Parramore a beautiful brick-lined street from the Amway Center to the Citrus Bowl, but it doesn’t appear that that’s going to happen.

A city spokesperson said city received less federal grant money than it asked for, making the bricks financially unfeasible.

Channel 9’s Lori Brown found out that the plans were drawn up in 2007, two years after the grant was awarded.

Why is this Old Parramore area so important to history?

This is only one for a few villages left of the real Crackers (first people) of central Florida and may be the last in the state.

Back when non Africans were stealing Africans and shipping them as slaves around the world, it is recorded in this area’s history that a few runaways escaped and actually lived to form a village in what is now Jackson County near the little town of Two Egg Florida.


An old one room school house

Posted by Dale Cox at 9:06 PM Saturday, October 11, 2008

Florida, Jackson county, parramore

City of Orlando stealing historic bricks from the Paramour neighborhood!

Plans for a brick road drawn up two years after grant money was awarded road from Amway center to the citric bowl

The city promised the people of Parramore a beautiful brick-lined street from the Amway Center to the Citrus Bowl, but it doesn’t appear that that’s going to happen.

City tearing out historic bricks from Parramore


Historic Bricks of Church Street October 25th 2007

"Whales should not have to suffer or die for military practice"

 “military practice (or better put, Tag you’re it),

like football, baseball, Soccer, car racing and so on, is only a game,

no one or nothing should be allowed to be hurt or killed because of any game”!


“Whales should not have to suffer or die for military practice”

Pierce Brosnan

As we have been saying for far too many years, “military practice (or better put, Tag you’re it)


like football, baseball, Soccer, car racing and so on, is only a game, no one or nothing should be allowed to be hurt or killed because of any game”!

Thank you Mr. Pierce Brosnan for your tireless dedication to our endangered Species on Mother Earth.


You are not only one of the better actors, film producer and environmentalist you are a proud Irishman!

Donna (walking with the alligators) and I have been begging for power at shaking some sense into the powers to be in my navy

and your never ending contribution might just help?


The U.S. Navy has new plans for testing and training exercises with sonar and explosives — and those plans spell disaster for whales.

If the Navy proceeds, more than 1,000 whales and other marine mammals could be killed over the next five years. There will be 5,000 cases of serious injury such as permanent hearing loss or lung damage, as well as tens of millions of incidents in which marine mammals are harassed or harmed.

I have no reason to doubt these alarming numbers. They come from the Navy itself.

Pierce Brosnan Petition

Navy admits killing our Marine Mammals is wrong

Help Stop the Navy’s Attack on Whales!

The Navy is prepared to kill more than 1,000 whales and other marine mammals during the next five years of testing and training with dangerous sonar and explosives.

Tell Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to direct the Navy to adopt common-sense safeguards right away that will protect marine mammals during routine training without sacrificing our national security!

P T Cruiser club Florida

Welcome visitor from the City

of Watertown New York

To our little information site about P T Cruisers

Lake county PT Cruisers



Looking for information about P T cruiser club in Florida.

I will tell Donna

that you stopped by for a visit, do you have questions?

We no longer have a club as clubs go for a few personal reasons,

this is one of many sites out on the internet

trying to help if and when possible?

Hope that you found what you were looking for?

If not her address is on the site,

or if I can help


State of the County address highlights successes

Posted today: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 6:00 am

I wrote a posting about this back in March because I believe that whoever helps train or re-train our county back into types of factories and/or manufacturing, it is a good thing.

Today this school has a $ 1 million start at this program.

This is a very good start.

I, of course am more interested in teaching building alternative energy programs however, a start is a start?

Once again I wish to remind our leaders that yes, it is true that today’s business manufacturers, need skilled welders, skilled Machinists and Fabricators.

We must also be sure to be teaching with our eyes always towards the future.

By this I mean the even newer modern business needs skilled employee’s and modern manufacturers will need skilled welders, skilled Machinists and Fabricators. I bring this up at this time because I remember that, after I found out late in life

( I only had few months left of a ten year period of help)

because the military kept it a secret when I got out that I could get help with my schooling.

So I had only time to apply for and complete a through a mail course in Air conditioning technician because of a new job that I just started late 1970’s after Vietnam.

Point is that this course spent about 1/4 of the time testing on heat and air starting back with the pharaohs of Egypt from 4000 B C. until today.

Being a history buff I enjoyed this part of the program plus it helped me through my testing however, new students may wish to get fresh new teaching from day one?

My past posting if you are interested in reading?

Surprise, many of my friends did read and click like.

Building toward a skilled workforce Lake county Florida March 29, 2013

Lake County, Lake Technical Center, the school board and local business leaders looking for help filling manufacturing workforce.