Keeper of the Fire After Grand Entry

Assuming that the fire is now started and Grand Entry, Flag song, Veterans honor and so forth are now going on.

Fire Keeper, not to be confused with the Keeper of the Circle unless one person is assigned to do both, now becomes an invisible, for lack of an English word, fire feeder, to me the most important job or job of joy during the gathering, sitting with Kiehtan?

If everything from my last posting is completed correctly and we are talking Paw paus and some earlier powwows, your circle is now ready for the Firekeeper prayers for a blessing from Kiehtan and a visit.

Firekeeper/Keeper of the Circle

Kiehtan has come to visit with the people so the Firekeeper and assistants must keep the fire going for the length of the Paw-paus or powwow.

The first thing we must understand before going any further would be that only Creator can bless anyone or anything, I cannot emphasize this enough times!

Only Creator (Kiehtan) can bless.

Blessings come down to Mother Earth, never up from her or any creations!

If the smudging of the circle is done correctly you should feel a peace of mind and a need to fellowship while in your circle.

Remember the bucket of shame at the east from the last posting?

You were asked, if you wanted, to put all bad thoughts into this bucket and Kiehtan removed them so now stand by for your blessing, if you are a believer?

My three favorite words are “Before first contact.”

Paw-paus fire, as stated in earlier postings is at the west out on the grounds someplace convenient so now smudging can commence without disturbing dancers and attendants.

For many years after this first contact the fire was also in the west because as you may know if you have been to these newer age gatherings, the East is clogged up for far too long while the head veteran is lining up the flags and veterans, dancers are making ready to enter and many others are standing around in the way waiting for their time to be smudged.

This cannot look good to outsider visitors?

Shechaim Ohjieshan