Wearing Occult/Native American Symbols

Wearing Occult or Native American Symbols

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Needing information about Occult Symbols


Native American and the Occult


To a few on my postings on the occult and dream catchers

Native American Occult



JE asks: “Would you consider the presence of a Dream Catcher an open door to the occult?

I’ve never been comfortable with their use for children.

Lets take J E’s question

What’s Wrong with Wearing Occult or Native American Symbols?

Wearing a symbol is only wrong if the wearer believes it to be wrong?

If someone else thinks that it is wrong and you do not, repeat after me,

“You don’t like it”?

“Don’t Look“!

As for Native American Symbols, remember that our ancestors had no written word so they used symbols, was this wrong?


So, if you wear them on your body it that wrong?


There is so much poor information on this and so many other websites that it is hard to know where to start.

I will not get into who was the first tribe to receive the Dream Catcher story, this would be like guessing which tribe was the first to enter Indian Country?

I personally never heard of the words Dream Catcher until visits to other tribes west of Uncasvillage.

Word of mouth was handed down to me from the ancestors about the story of our Teardrop.

Our story Teardrop, as with many of our children stories, are for teaching.

The story of the Teardrop






Native American pre marriage ceremonies

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To a couple of my postings about pre wedding customs

Native American Wedding Ceremony (Traditional)


Native American pre marriage ceremonies


First, if I may be so bold, I must make a correction being spread across the internet?

The sites that you are reading are of my people along the East coast of Indian Country.

A Pre Marriage ceremony is not now nor has it ever been a practice of my relations across the Pequot river.

The New Pequot Nation.

As usual what goes on at all of our Sacred Ceremonies will never be written because of the phonies and wannabe’s that steal and misuse for profit.

Goods, other than Kinnick, Kinnick are never be exchanged at a Sacred Ceremony, period!

It is true that my ancestors were first known as the Mohiingans and did use this practice however, it was lost until our ancestor Shechaim Unkas (Sachem Uncas) started it back up again as soon as he and his people crossed the river now known as the Thames.

The Pre Marriage ceremony as with all of our ceremonies originally came from Kiehtan our Creator.

We must remember that a Matriarch Society is built around total respect to our females.

Head Clan Mothers rule all but the Shechaim.

A Patriarch society is built around the interests of man.

The pre marriage meetings for our people is not a requirement for marriage, it is a request from Kiehtan through the spiritual leader.

At this meeting the couple and any member of the soon to be wedding, will learn everything that will take place on that blessed day, the couple and any person directly involved will then know what is expected of them by Kiehtan Creator during the wedding.

The couple will learn where to stand and why, will learn about the regalia and why it is used and all of the sacred blessings from Kiehtan through your ancestors.

That said, please remember, whatever happens during the wedding will not be judged, after all it is a fun, loving, first day for the rest of your lives.

A Matriarch Society

Matriarchal is when women have control of a community.

Matriarchal societies do not mean that the women hold more power than the men. Inheritance and lineage does not equal power.

Matriarchal is the gravitating toward or centering on the mother.

Native American’s were well known to have a matriarchal system.

Most early societies were organized around Matriarchal lines.

Women were the center of society, before agriculture, women generally raised children, cooked, gathered fruits, vegetables, etc.

Men hunted.

In this role, women were the first scientists.

They learned how to cultivate plants, and domesticate animals.

They learned methods of food preservation.

They learned how to build better home.

A Patriarch society

In a system based on patriarchy, not only the social system is male dominated.

As a rule, the government is male dominated as well.

The practical impact of a patriarchal system is that women are frequently considered second-class citizens and often exploited.

In a patriarchy, women are often not allowed to hold positions of power, vote, or own property, male-dominated societies can be found from cultures dating back thousands of years.

Just about all of the tribes up and down the east coast were of a Matriarchal societies.

It is sad to say that in modern time members of tribes of the Patriarch society have been allowed to take control of many older eastern tribes?



Native American Spiritualism

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To one of my websites

Native American Spiritualism


Native American Spiritualism – Presentation Transcript a much over used old website

Looking for my people’s culture in Spiritual beliefs.

As you may have discovered, this old site has been corrupted by time and over use and I no longer have control of the site to correct and repair however, good news, I do have some newer and better maintained sites for your convenience if you wish more in-put?

http://www.sachem-uncas.com/spirituality.html http://mysmudgingblog.blogspot.com/p/teaching.html https://sachemspeaks.wordpress.com/category/spirituality/


As always

Glad to have your visit and am willing to answer any questions you might have?

I like it when you write comments, I love it when you have question.

Hope that this is of some help to you?

If not just write?






Triangle inside a circle

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Looking for information about a triangle inside of a circle?

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I was going to pass this question and keep checking my trackers however, you asked for a

Native American symbol of a triangle inside of our circle?

I am only familiar with western native tribes such as the ones in your state from a second hand source however, this source is familiar with those tribes and I have been to a few, so I believe that they, as with our tribes over on the east coast, would never place anything like an occult, Christian or Muslim sign into their or our circles, if they do then it is no longer a Native American Circle, but a Muslim, Christian or Occult Circle!

With this in mind one must conclude that you were at one of their gathering?

If it is a traditional native American gathering at a true native circle it is always about Creator?

Congress of American Indians meeting in Oklahoma

SOME, Native American tribal members from across the country are going to Tulsa Oklahoma next week for their 70th annual National Congress of the American Indian convention.

An estimated 3,000 to 4,000 people are expected to turn out for the six-day event to discuss revitalizing languages, combating violence against women, protecting sacred sites and other topics.

This is a very good thing for our people.


I was just wondering, “How many more thousands of brothers and sisters would show up for the 71th convention if the tribes being stepped on, abused and ignored by the government that violated them and the people now going to this meeting that have turned their backs on these true needy first people would be invited?

By golly by the 72 annual National Congress of the American Indian convention we could have a 5 million Indian march on Washington to protect everyone’s rights as humans in distress?


“Native American pupils at Carlisle Indian School, c. 1900.”



Tokyo, Tokyo Japan Fox Walk

Native American Fox Walk

Fox walk or Sneak Up?


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Looking for information about Native American Fox walk.

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Native American Spiritualism



I am not sure just what is was that you were looking for because you ended up on one of my Spirituality sites, so to make sure that we get to your question, I have three answers for you to choose from?

First, I personally have never heard of the words Fox Walk?

So I checked my trackers and it would seem that others believe that you are looking for a game that they are calling fox walk?

This is a welcome reminder of my youth and a good way to show some of the many ways that the public is welcome into a circle.

So, let’s get started with my answer as taught to me by my elders as I was growing up?

(1)- Spirituality

I have many posting about this like this one.

American Native Spirituality


(2)- Original Sneak up

The reason why I believe that this is what you were looking for and the main reason why the ill-equipped natives around the New England area were able to hold their own against the well equipped Europeans, is this game played while I was growing up in Uncasvillage.

Our ancestors learned at an earlier age to pay close attention to the birds, plants and animals for a safer life and a better way to feed the people.

If you could just sit on a stump and watch a fox, I have many times, it is willing to take all the time needed to hunt it’s food.

It will sneak up from down wind through bushes and trees one foot at a time moving each leg extremely slowly placing toe, heal toe, heal until it is close enough to pounce on its prey.

The prey has many ways to stop the fox, like turning and pointing at the fox, or grabbing onto the fox until the teacher declares the fox as the new prey.

This game is useless unless player outside because one needs to hear the fox coming?

A new player to the game stands in complete silence, blind folded in the center of a circle of others, also in complete silence, a teacher points to anyone or a number of others around the circle to act like a wild animal (such as a fox) and sneak up to pounce on his or her prey, because this was in training for life in the wild.

Also played later on if all have played the game many times, this time each fox not able to sneak up on the prey, becomes the next prey.

This game teaches many things needed to be able to successfully hunt for food and/or go to war.

(3)- Sneak up enjoyed at our Paw paus (powwow)

This is a dance in the circle almost the same as the old sneak up, also a fun dance.

The drum or drums drum a dance of their choice and at the direction of the head drummer, change to a war drum as many time as they wish and all dancers must get into a dance that they choose as if on a hunt or at war and sneak up on their prey of enemy.

This is completely under the control of the head drummer or MC depending on the tribe putting on the gathering.

A fun dance for young and old.

This is the oldest dance in our culture.

The regalia should represent the animals that the Creator put on the earth.

The movements tell of warrior actions-hunting, stalking the game, battling an enemy.

This is as close as I can find to our original dance 17th Annual Summer Shawnee Woodland Powwow – Sneak-up Dance


Presentation Transcript

Native American Spiritualism – Presentation Transcript

I  added another page to the top of my blog because of an old student hypothesis written many years ago about one of my earliest writings from 1993.

I believe that even though it was written around twenty years ago, it is still a useful teaching tool.

A students prospective about my people, form my old website from S N E T free builder.

It is very long, hence the reason for a new page instead of just a blog.

I had to do a little cleaning and correcting because for some reason the work is becoming corrupted and I can no longer get into the site to correct.

The SNET site is no more because they only use dial up connect?

What I am now interested in teaching is.

(1)- The hard work and time spent by this student and you may notice that since his/her writing many of the really great reference links no longer exist and are now lost forever , I am wondering why?

Could it be that some modern Indians do not want us to remember our true native American past, or maybe some other reason?

(2) This student did a lot of good studying however, after all of these years, even today thinking has not changed all that much in the minds of the non knowing, non natives?

(3)- Since this writing and the following statement there has been an explosion of Herbal Healing Healers flowing unannounced into our culture.

“As students of Western Clinical Hebraism this section of learning about the Native American Culture should have a profound impact on how we learn to heal, mind-body-spirit.”

All true traditional herbal users do not stand over their people blessing, screaming and dumping herbs over the body, herbs use was taught to us from Creator through Mother Earth and her creation students (plants & animals) only.

I do not wish to get into to my feeling about this God is Red book however, the writer writes, (According to Vine Deloria Jr. in his book God Is Red native beliefs and rituals became intermixed with Christian elements.

This is referred to as “religious syncretism—a creative combination of the elements of different religious traditions yielding an entirely new religious system capable of commanding broad popular loyalties”)

The word rituals should let you know which group the books author is speaking about however, I would like to point out that it is the non natives and non knowing natives that changed their belief and tried to include some of our beliefs into their way of thinking, of course they took only what they liked and omitted the rest.

Please read for yourself?


Native American Spiritual Leader rituals

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Looking for information about native American spiritual leader rituals.

To my teaching sites.


A Traditional Natives opinions on anything effecting Native and non Native Americans around Mother Earth!



A Native American Traditional Teaching Blog.


The reason why it took five pages of not finding what you were looking for to get to one of my sites and still not finding what you are looking for would be the word rituals.

Try removing the word and search or add something like ceremony, culture or teaching instead and try again?

You could just search ritual however, adding it to a Native American site is very confusing, even for your search engine because this word is always associated with the occult and of course we are not an occult?

I am not trying to be funny, I am as always, just trying to help.

Does this information help you with your search?

If not please feel free to write because I am still not sure of just what it is that you are looking for?

Traditional Native American Family

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Looking for

What is a Traditional Native American Family?

There is no such thing.

We can have a traditional dance, powwow, paw-paus, ceremony, dress, and so on, however each tribe throughout Indian county has their own type of traditional culture .

So they have their own ‘traditional families’?

If I were to make a guess and only a guess because your state is now a milting pot in Indian country,

I would guess that you should be looking into my brothers and sisters of the great Shawnee people?


Been there done that, great people!


What gift for native American elder

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To my posting about gifting, this time the question is a memorable one asked often about gifting to an elder.

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This question I am pleased to say, as with most of my postings and websites, cannot be asked too many times, because the more it is asked the more often it gets out on the internet for all to see and/or challenge.

Also, the question is a good one and the answer is a simple one because simplicity is the name of the game while writing about the truth?

As with all of my writings about our tobacco, I start with this.

First thing to remember about our tobacco, it was, it is, and should always be, herbs (Kinnick Kinnick) not a chemical treated cigarettes!

While offering a cigarette, please remember, it is an insult to a Traditional if that person is a Non Smoker!

A person handing this herb will usually have it wrapped in something for a convenience to the elder, not always but, if it is wrapped, red would be the preferred color of the wrap.



Also, by using your left hand to his/her left hand, shows true respect and knowledge to the elder.

Each time a native person uses a traditional elder way an ancestor sheds a tear of joy.