Another first for Lake county Florida

Bet you can’t beat us?

We are known for 11 million dollar short fall from taxes, shipping our jobs overseas, shooting endangered species, shooting police officers, hating lower and middle class people, building and growing meth labs (Clandestine methamphetamine labs), tops in breaking and entering, going through red lights at a higher rate of speed, getting off free for crimes or just plain cutting off GPS equipment and running away, shooting innocent victims, Women abusers, Old people abusers, stagnated politicians, drowning at the beaches do to under currents, let’s see did I leave anything out?

Oh yes, and now we will be having the most gun manufacturing plants in the world.

Come on down to our attractions, if you dare!

County sets sights on luring gun makers here

Our Navy Ships are an Endangered Species


Endangered Mammals have the right to live in their oceans.

Our navy constantly guarantees us that their ships and men are well equipped to stop hurting endangered species while using their newest types of sonar and equipment because they can spot them well in advance of any danger?

On Sunday 12 August 2012 11.20 EDT one of our newest and best navy equipped ships could not spot The biggest moving objects ever built by man in the most active area in the world, a place where one would think that a ship would constantly be on the lookout for any danger?

USS Porter (DDG-78) a guided missile destroyer, commissioned in 1999 and actively serving as of 2012

US Navy ship collides with oil tanker

Three years ago, The USS Hartford, a nuclear-powered submarine based in Groton, Conn., collided in the Strait with the USS New Orleans, a San Diego-based amphibious ship.



Published on Feb 19, 2013

SHE’S BACK!!!!!!!

As you know by now we treasure every creation that Creator sends our way.

We have two sets of Black Bear Families, Birds, Lizards, Alligators, just about every endangered species in Florida and so on.

We love Breanna more than our own life however, today our Land Lord returned for the summer!

Harriett is our live in Gopher Tortoise some just call a turtle, NOT.

Gopher Turtle

She was on this property before we move in year around.

She has been hibernating for so long that we were starting to doubt if she had run away or not.

Her home (Den) is right up at the front fence which is 15′ from the road by law. We, Harriett and this family have been battling with every company in central Florida because it would seem that our fence is a perfect place to park those big trucks, right on Harriett’s home!


Need Wi Fi? Dig up Harriett’s home on the way up and down the street 3 times!

Need to scrape the side of the road? Scrape right over Harriett’s home!

Need to part your truck to talk on your cell phone? Right on Harriett’s home!

Who could blame her if she did leave?

The worse thing was at the beginning of our meeting each other, coming from Connecticut from a life time of turtles, the first thing I did was give her a bath!

Gopher Tortoise Hate Water! 😦

It took me over a year before she forgave me for that one.

Then came the phone company installing Wi Fi down the road, of course it had to go underground and on this side of the street!

After they dug her up out of her home we had to keep her in a large plastic container until the job was completed, she still has not forgiven us for that one.

Thank You Creator because she is back today eating in the front yard!


We do not treat the land with chemicals or replace the grass because that is her food plus Breanna runs around the yard!

A Cinderella with a dark side!

Thank god that we finely woke up and got rid of another long time senator problem!

We got rid of him far too late for this state and the Florida Panther!

Dipping into the pockets of lobbyists is a favorite past time of politicians however, as Freddie Mercury and QUEEN would say “Another one bites the dust“!

Not saying that I see politicians dipping or lobbyists passing out however?

If you think about it, the panther and all of our endangered species really had no chance once this became a state, this state along with most other southern states still does not have equal rights of our women, why should animals and plants matter?

No Place To Call Home

Posted on March 30, 2013 by Gator Woman

Dunk City’s Dark Side

Soon we will be the endangered species.

Florida Panther another endangered species

26 panthers killed this year alone, 17 of which were vehicles on roads and highways driven by careless people.

The best estimate is that there are only around 100 Florida Panthers left.

At this rate they will pass into extinction within a few years and why not we are losing most of our natives to progress in Florida.

I keep trying to think of a way to get the human race to slow down and watch out of these beautiful creation gifts from our Creator then I am rudely brought back to reality, we the humans are killing ourselves just as fast as those endangered and soon we will be the endangered species.

Andrew McElwaine: Panthers on the verge of extinction

Yekaterinburg Sverdlovsk Russian Federation;url=http

Welcome to my posting about our baby Breanna an Airedale,

I do hope that you enjoyed the posting about our Manatees we like to call our Gentle Giants and much as I have enjoyed the You tube on your city in your country!

Not sure if your country has endangered species and if so as many as we in this country, I am very interested in learning?

However, they must be protected at all cost because once gone, they are gone !

Again thank-you for your visit

If You Aren’t Native American, Put Down That Bald Eagle Feather

Our beliefs, the true traditional Eastern Woodland American Native People of New England, believe, as did our ancestors, that no one should be allowed to kill a Bird of Prey!

If you must have a feather or body part, do as the elders did, pray to Creator to send it to you!

If you have earned and deserve to have these very sacred parts, Creator will give permission to the birds to give them to you.

These majestic birds are a national treasure, and deserve to live out their noble lives without fear of being shot from the sky or caught in a snare. Besides being beautiful and rare, federally protected birds provide a valuable service to the eco-system, eating dead animals and controlling populations of small rodents we might consider to be pests. Logging and the widespread use of a pesticide called DDT almost wiped out the Bald Eagle in the mid-20th century, and it took many years on the endangered species list before the population could recover. The two acts mentioned previously were passed to prohibit the killing, selling, trading, or possession of protected birds by anyone in the U.S., but this creates a problem for America’s original citizens.

Read more:

If you did not get an answer guess what you did not earn or deserve?

Please sign this petition

The native first people of Indian country believe that they are charged by Creator to care for and protect our wild life, therefore if a person is buying, selling or trading endangered wildlife and calling themselves a native, this is an oxymoron!

Crazy Crow Traders is a very large powerful company so, most people are afraid to criticize their practices, we are not most people, if you are wrong in the eyes of your creator (God) you are wrong!

AQUINE (Peace to you)

Welcome to the visitor to some of my teaching websites and blog postings looking for answers to their questions about selling endangered wildlife.

Crazy Crow Trading Post is selling Turtle Shells and Rattlesnake Skins.

We are pleased to be able to teach as much as possible about our traditional ancestors.

As you may or may not see while traveling around the internet, some teaching about our people will not compute with what the elders taught as the truth.

Many times often taught by non native people or not from our tribe!

Please remember that if you have questions about our websites and blogs we can answer you at

sachemwalkingfox at