Elizabeth Warren

The reason for my past postings on this subject would be because I have been to powwows, gatherings and paw-paus since the 1946 up and down the east coast and even a few trips out west all the way to California and back.

At no time was I, my father, my grandfather, or anyone else, while on our travels interview for someone’s opinion about our true traditional people over on this side of Indian country?

I am not sure why you both showed up on the posting, I am just saying that if anyone wishes to write about any subject shouldn’t they be covering the whole subject before posting their opinion?

How many people interview for this report have full knowledge about all 5,000 American Native Tribes?

I challenge anyone, stating that this Julia Good Fox, professor of American Indian Studies at Haskell Indian Nations University is all knowing?

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To my postings about the new article from Stephanie Siek

Who’s a Native American? It’s complicated


What makes someone “legitimately” Native American?


Who’s a Native American? It’s complicated

Posted: May 14, 2012 2:19 PM by Stephanie Siek (CNN)

Julia Good Fox, professor of American Indian Studies at Haskell Indian Nations University

This is a free country and if Elizabeth Warren‘s claims Native American ancestry, this is of no business to anyone except Senator Elizabeth Warren, we need to be taking care of our own skeletons before we go looking into others closets.


People who live in glass houses should never throw stones?

Let’s put Senator Elizabeth Warren to bed, so to speak, and work together on correcting what is wrong with this country for a change?

“divide and conquer”

Care for another way to assimilate our people?

Right, like we need another way!

O,K. this may sound political, sorry but, it is a critical Native American posting if you will read on?

If you were not brought up in a traditional home and/or on a reservation and you try to trace your ancestors, you are going to hit a wall (that wall is your ancestor)!

Elizabeth Warren as with 50 to 60 thousands others is a Native American only with weak heritage.

Because she ran a good campaign against a bad incumbent she sparked a major disagreement among the other party, native’s and non native people in Massachusetts and around the world.

I am sad to say that many of our brothers and sisters, while forgetting their past history with the euro Americans, joined in on this witch hurt during the Senate campaign last year.

Sen. Warren is not listed among Native Americans now?

By us allowing this to happen we also built a larger bridge for the rest of the thousands of true native people tracing their ancestors, great job guys!

What is this “if you can’t beat them join them”?

Or is it, “will I am a Native American, let the rest fight for themselves”!

I am going with my new friend on WordPress, he said, “divide and conquer”, you are right once again John.


Shame of us!

People need to put their brain into gear before they open their mouth!

Not to be out done by Mitt Romney‘s open mouth and stick your foot into it, once again the Republican party has allowed John McCain in the media.
John, you cannot look at a person and tell if they have 1/32 blood from any indigenous peoples!
Did he know while poking fun that there is about 10 so called Cherokee tribes?
If this old sailor has been is the best weapon that the Massachusetts republican party and U.S. Sen. Scott Brown can come up with to save his job, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is in serious trouble!


Thanks to narrow minded people like our senator McCain, people like Elizabeth Warren have been beat up and put down for years, she never claimed to be a member of any tribe, she just claimed to have some native American blood.
People like Senator McCain need to put their brain in gear before you open your mouth!

A check on Native American History

About this Elizabeth Warren thing ( can no longer prove her ancestors).
Most of the people that are writing their opinions no nothing about history and/or Native Americans.
Did you know for instance, that the Cherokee people like this country, are a melting pot of all different people’s?
Check their history.
I have no plans to go into her ancestors however, hundreds or thousands of indigenous people in this country are no longer able to prove their ancestry and this government has been making sure of that for hundreds of years and as you can now see, doing a very good job at it!
Please follow me through some modern Images of what you call Indians.
When you think Indian this is what you see, right?
Images of Native Americans
Images of Plains Indians
Native Americans in the south west ( Hot sun desert land, many of the people are mixed with Mexicans an even hotter land).
However, when people from Massachusetts (Elizabeth Warren) say Indian this should be what you see.
Images of Wampanoag tribal council
However, many in this tribe are Narragansett from slave camps in Canada.
Images of Indians on the East Coast
Images of Mohegan Indians
Images of Pequot Indians
However, I am real sorry to say that these people are often as co confused as she is, a mix of African Americans and Europeans with their own ancestors blood!
However, many in this tribe are Narragansett from slave camps in Canada.
Images of Penobscot tribal council
However, many in this tribe are Narragansett from slave camps in Canada.
Images of Narragansett tribal council https://www.google.com/search?q=Images+of+Narragansett+tribal+council&hl=en&rlz=1T4ADFA_enUS365US365&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=NSjTT-zvK5Sq8ASQ4o2xAw&ved=0CE8QsAQ&biw=1493&bih=709
Remember the slave train?
These people traveled through New England into Canada and into Slave camps, years later many came back to New England.
Images of Mohegan tribal council
Like the Pequot’s and casinos these people came out of the woodwork!

The Myth of Native American Blood


First please except my deepest apology  for what you are about to read.

I am so upset with people from outside of New England and/or non native’s, teaching us poor dumb natives how to be a Native American!

This is the reason why, since getting out of the service, no boss could get me to go to college!

Schooling yes, college never!

One even would have paid for the first four years, if I stayed with his company!

College Professors!

Of all things, Professor Tallbear is a female and an “Indian”?

Women have been maligned since the beginning of time and Native Americans ,like dirt since first contact so, to read one of our own speaking so much half truths is unacceptable!

There are so many half truths we should work with only the truth?

High Cheek Bones ( in many people they are no longer dominant because of  European mixing with our blood).

“The tyranny of the one-drop rule poses a specific problem” ( is a government imposed way of assimilating the Native American, including our people thinking like this professor).

Elizabeth Warren doesn’t not look Cherokee by Cherokee Nation standards at all,” ( Cherokee people gave into the government long ago and excepted their fate just to survive the hard times they took the cowards way out).

“The majority of white people in Oklahoma say, I’m Cherokee” Well DUH ( Just where do you think the trail of tears ended up)?

On what was at that time a dry, cold piece of dirt not wanted by the government, is it any wonder why so many are in-fact Cherokee?

“If you ever want to know if someone’s black or not, go ask their white neighbor.” ( TRUTH) however, she needs to step away from that casino long enough to look around at all of the New England Native Americans that were assimilated by Viking long before first contact, Oh right, the 1% rule again!


Then on her way back to the collage stop in on my brothers & sisters the Shawnee nation, take pictures and then write another report! Like that will happen, when cows fly.

No, I am not now, nor will I ever be recognized by a government or casino Indian 1% rule.


Please, no more Lakota or Dakota coming to the East Coast to tell us how to be a Native American, we did OK before your people arrived thank-you.

“When you are Native American and your last name is Tallbear”


Yes, I do have an opinion about US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and her blood line however, you must ask her.

You see, I took my opinions directly to her.

Checking his record one can see why Senator Brown must find fault with the competition however, outsiders should remain outsiders!

“My name is Walkingfox and I am a Native American”!

Walkingfox ( a white person‘s name because, a Traditional Native American can never reveal their Creator given prayer name).

About this Warren Indian Thing!

I for one am so tired of this Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren Indian Thing!

Well here goes one more time!

Warren had a Cherokee great-great-great grandmother, which would make her 1/32 Indian?

What is this 1/32 blood quote and who invented it?

I for one have never heard a Traditional American native quote blood line!

This is all from a pack of non Indians, Indian country invaders with just another way of elimination of our people!

The main reason why this so concerns me is that in my past I may have 1/64  Irish blood quote (Blood Line).


Oh no say it isn’t so!

What is a real American Indigenous person?

Read on.

Who’s an American Indian? Warren case stirs query


Remember that non indigenous people in Indian country have an enzyme not needed by the original natives so, we tend to have bent pinkies, toes and sometimes even our back and are allergic to most things not native to this country, so please read on.

American Native Health Issues


There are 566 federally recognized Native American tribes, each with its own rules for membership, according to the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, or BIA.

Who made up this BIA?

What about the 566 non federally recognized REAL Traditional Tribes?


So what did this wannabe senator to Massachusetts do that was so wrong?

Her elders told her that she has native blood.

So to respect her ancestors she was saying that she has native American blood in her past.

No, she is not a 24/7 Native American, she was more than likely only a 1/23 Native American, not because she has anything against our people but maybe because no one showed her how to be a Native American.

She, like so many other people in this country, did not try to get into a casino?

We can truly believe that she did not say this to get into this governments politician race because as you can see, that would be A BIG BLACK MARK AGAINST HER!

So, why did she say this?

Why not back off and just ask?

“Thank you for your service.”

Special coins given to thank Native
American veterans?


What a great idea, I wonder if this should
spread throughout this country?

military appreciation ceremony at the Onondaga Nation lacrosse arena Saturday
demonstrated how powerful a thank-you can be.

Native American military veterans and 125 families of deceased native Americans
were handed the coins inscribed with the words, “Thank you for your service.”