Arvel Bird Native American.

Arvel Bird Native American Flute/Celtic Violin.

Tornadoes survivor.

If you wish to see and hear one of my recognized true Traditional American Native Brothers, still out in the real world around Mother Earth, you must make plans to see him in person. Both Arvel and his wife Kim lived through a recent tornado. Kim was buried under some brick at her home. Arvel was traveling on I-75 at the time of the storm and was able to quickly exit the interstate and narrowly escape the storm. Arvel and Kim plan to offer a community wide gathering at the tornado site to encourage healing. This Native ritual will take place later on in the summer.

Cave Creek Restaurant.

Saguaro harvesters carry on ancient tradition in Cave Creek, Arizona?

A Restaurant in Cave Creek serves Southwestern and Native American specialties, “the Native Americans lived off the vast desert landscape, like the Native Americans when we harvest, we never take too much or strip a plant bare we must leave some for Mother Earth and all the animals”.

Native American Traditional Gift Giving?

Gift giving the American native way.

Unfortunately for me, many of the blog questions have been coming from Canada so, please be mindful of the fact that even though it is true that many of my people traveled, not knowing what a boarded was, this blog answers questions from the knowledge of my elders now ancestors.

There are many ways for you to ask your question.

Question of the day.

Does one have to give a gift at a traditional native wedding?


Every gift on Mother Earth is given by Creator freely, therefore, every gift must be given freely, no matter what the ceremony.

That said, Creator never said that you cannot give a gift your way.

Most Spiritual leaders frown on money gifts as an after though, Kinnick~ Kinnick (Herbs) would be the preferred way to gift.

You may gift or not gift whatever you wish to gift, your gift is the correct gift to give.

Take back your Mother.

Did you know that none of the politicians back in the 1970’s in the New England states were Native Americans?

Some of the politicians in New England wish to see our people get some rights long overdue, some politicians just wanted to find a way to end our court battles or just did not care however, as usual, most of the politicians had other interest!

If a betting person I’d be willing to bet that this is how it went throughout Indian country.

Be that as it may, we now have America and the world believing that only people with a government passport ( a little plastic card) are allowed to be called Indian!

Indigenous people of Indian country, did you know that for every casino Indian there are at least 50 real American natives, Black, Red, Yellow, Brown and even some that look White.

If some of your ancestors were in this country before first contact, it should not matter as to how or why the casino Indians sold out, you are still an American Native and it is way past the time for you to stand up and be counted!

If you belong to a tribe, unite them.

If you do not but know that you have native blood, no matter how much, join one.

If you are not sure ask someone.

Get involved with helping to get all Indigenous people on our land ( Mother Earth) together as one people under Creator.

We need a few billion American natives marching on all of our capitals and we need this now.

Take back your ancestors and your Mother!

Pow~Wow Etiquette Vocabulary and Titles:

Our answers to your questions

come from our ancestors
Our dancers dance with our

West of the Mississippi call this their


It needs to be clear up front, this is a Dance circle, an Arena is for a Circus! However, many new gatherings do turn out to be a joke, circus, and/or carnival!

This area is blessed by Creator before the dance and must remain pure throughout the Ceremony.

There is a single entrance to the circle always facing East, you should not enter the area unless invited, and this is the only entrance that should be used to enter.

This invisible boundary should not be broken at anytime by any one.

Regalia – attire worn by dancers– NOT a costume.

The development of a dancer’s regalia is a very personal process. Often items have taken years to create or may be gifts and have deep meaning.

Master of Ceremonies MC) officiates over Ceremony proceedings.

Guide to the events – pay attention to his announcements.

The Drum – Is the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

The drum acts as an agent to bring harmony and balance to participants and to spectators. The drum acts as an intercessor to the spiritual realm, Ancestors/Creator.

Grand Entry – opening processional of officials and dancers.

Head Veteran/Gatekeeper.

This person runs the circle to the rules of the tribal nation and Creator as set up before the start of this gathering!

Head Man Dancer – lead dancer. He ( Native man) will begin and guide the other dancers through the dance.

Head Woman Dancer – lead dancer. She ( Native women) will begin and guide the other dancers through the dance.

Intertribal Dance – social dance; Open to visitors to come join the dancers in celebration.

Bring your own seating, chairs and benches around the arena are reserved for dancers, seats with blankets or other personal items are taken.

Items left at seats are not to be touched. This is a gathering of family there should be no need to guard belongings from each other.

Dress appropriately. This is as a church please dress accordingly halter tops and short shorts are not appropriate for this celebration.

Pictures may be taken with the permission of the dancers. However, never during dedication dances as in the Grant entry, Honor songs, Veterans Songs, Flag Songs, and Prayers.

These special songs will be announced by the MC.

NO drugs or alcohol permitted at any time for any reason. exception, medicine with prescription bottle.

Supervise your children so that all may enjoy the event without distraction.

Animals some gatherings do not allow them and so should not be brought to the event please ask beforehand.

Do not litter! Respect our ways.

Do not touch a dancer’s regalia. These items are made with great care and are often gifts to the dancers from friends and family. They have deep significance and should be respected.

If something falls, leave it. Inform the individual that they have dropped something, and they will go through the proper procedures to retrieve it.

If invited to dance, please do. If not invited do not go.

It is disrespectful to decline, do not worry about not knowing how the person who invited you will teach you.

Listen to the MC always for guidance. He or she will let you know when you need to stand and when you may sit after honor songs.

They will also announce intertribal dances and other invitations for our guests to participate.