Native naming Ceremonies

This past month (December) there was a change at the top of my Native American teaching blog questions.

Questions about native American naming was by far the most asked about question.

Are you wondering why?

Because of a life time of powwows, paw-was, and gatherings (from 6 to 71 years) I believe the answer lies in the fact that Indian country is now inundated with far too many phony Medicine men and women looking for ways to part you from your money!

A true Traditional Native American Elder charged with the burden of receiving names from Creator to a new follower, must never charge for doing Creators business, NEVER!

If there is a charge, you are facing a phony!


Anna Ohio

Welcome to the visitor from Oheo

Shawnee word Oheo for the state of Ohio ( Married to a Shawnee)

Looking for information about Christian/Smudging

Is smudging Christian

As you may have seem from the

Pflugerville Texas 4/5/12

Is smudging Christian

Thank you for your question, this is a first.

As you may know from my past websites and posting, I write only about my people however,

I have been around Indian country and believe that this is an agreement through out.

Smudging is not a religion, smudging is a prayer to Creator.

Many religions pray, many religions smudge however, I have never been to a Native American religion, do not believe that there is such a thing.

Now after saying all of that, many of us are Christians!

Many of us use the name Father Sky for the son of Creator however, what’s in a name?

If you are using smudging to help you in your prayers to and from

Grandfather ( Creator ) Creator does not care how you are contacting!

Correct way to smudging

Ottawa Ontario Canada

Correct way to smudging

The only thing important to remember when dealing with our Tribal culture and ceremonies is, every ceremony in our culture must be as a prayer.

Please keep this in mind while teaching, learning and doing ceremonies, you can do nothing without the spirit of Creator working through you.

Smudging, as with anything in life, is only a way to get yourself into a prayer mood.

Praying is for Creator to come bless the reason for your smudging.

If anyone is smudging so that they can clean or clear anything or anyone, Run from that smoke as fast as you can, it is not tribal it is from the Occult!

What is a Traditionalist?

An answer to this question

So, what is this traditional person and/or why should that even matter in today’s fast pace world?

A traditionalist is anyone still with the love, teaching (learning) and understanding of our ancestors, their culture and ceremonies, while keeping their promise to their elders (now ancestors) have learned how to keep applying this knowledge in today’s world.

It is possible to remember the culture and why they were so important in the old days, while enjoying the progress of this age, in prayer and ceremonies enjoy the culture of your ancestors.

Keep your i-pads, your music, cars and internet while remembering how to invite Creator (God) into you dance, drum and prayer.

It is not only possible but enjoyable to be married in a church while also being married by a Traditional Spiritual Leader.

It is a dear, loving moment to bury your loved one with religion and also with your tribal family with a Traditional Spiritual Leader and so on.

Don’t havr one, hook up with one, only please be very careful with your choice!

Ask an elder!


How to open a Native American pipe?

Today’s question is.

How to open a Native American pipe?

While wondering why anyone other than the pipe keeper
would want to open a pipe, one could take a sharp knife and dig really hard.

If the question would have been, how to awaken a
Native American pipe, the answer could be that there are over a thousand ways
to awaken a pipe however, the first step with all of these ways would always be
to connect with a Pipe Keeper, plan on a lot of schooling.

If you are excepted by Creator while learning this
craft, you will be invited to an Awakening!

Native American God.

Another good question of the day!

Grandfather a name for God to Native Americans?

People of the world (Mother Earth) have many names for their supreme being. Personally my favorite is the one found in the Jewish, Torah, ( I AM)!

Many of the true American Natives, Native Americans, call our Supreme being Grandfather, a name we know is Creator because this Supreme being created everything. This Creator outsiders call God, Jehovah, Allah and so on, however, some countries have or need more than one Supreme Being?

I happen to believe that Evolution is a big joke on humanity!

My blog, my opinion.

Native American ceremony to fight evil spirits?

you have a pouch that you know Creator has blessed, believe that it has been
blessed so no evil can enter into you, as long as you keep believing!

you do not have a pouch, buy one, have someone make it for you or even better
make your own.

This is a good site for a beginner however, use your own imagination while crafting.

Buy the skin, Sachems is from Moose skin however, do not go out and kill for
any reason especially for a little pouch.

The internet ( with the blessings of Creator) will help in this project.

Then contact your nearest Spiritual leader, eye to eye, phone, or on the internet
for what comes next.

Respect our Elders.

The first thing to remember, after you read the papers, listen to the radio, go to the movies or watch Television is the total disregard for life and limb by our youth in this day and age!

However, the biggest thing by far is the contempt and abuse they show for our elders, in fact, they have learned that the easy (coward) way to make money is to attack our elders.

One great big reason started long ago when first this generation stopped respecting our elders!

Growing up on my little reservation (village) everyone older then you was your elder, charged with caring for you.

Laws must to be changed to teach our young that crime does not pay!

Native Americans to honor elders at celebration

The Elders dance at Hecker Pass in Santa Clara County on the 26th Celebration.

What a great idea, Respect our elders?

Let us remember all of our elders, native and non natives, this and every weekend for the rest of the year.

Remember, if not for elders we would not be here.

If not for the teaching of our elders, we would still be hiding in trees from our predator.

If not for our elders, we would have no texting!

How to gift a Spiritual leader?

Native American Spirituality.

“Spirituality is not religion to American Natives.

Religion is not a Native concept, it is a non Native word,

with implications of things that often end badly, like

Holy wars, in the name of individual God’s and so on.

Native people do not ask what religion another Native is,

because they already know the answer.

To Native people, spirituality is about the Creator, period.”

Gifting a spiritual leader.

A spiritual leader is just another worker for Creator, one would gift them as you would any traditional Native person.

The traditional way to give is a gift of tobacco (Kicnic-kicnic), as the request is made to gift that person.

Remember, the left side of a person is the closest to the heart so, when you are sure that that person knows that you are approaching and with the gift in your left hand, reach out to that persons left hand, with your eyes looking at their heart, hand the gift, hand to hand.

A traditional leader uses a lot of this tobacco so, you can be sure that it will be greatly appreciated.

Spirituality in prisons.

Native American Spirituality involves prayer to Creator.

Our Spirituality (church) revolves around a circle, this circle has a fire someplace at the gathering, sweat lodge, Alter, or other.

Fire allows us to keep our mind and heart on Creator.

Prisons cannot nor should they allow fire.

Therefore, if a Native American, for whatever the reason, finds themselves incarcerated, they need to compromise.

The prisons, knowing that they have Native Americans should in all fairness also be willing to compromise.

After spending many hours counseling inmates soon to be released, it is clear that most have at least one room for prayer.

Native Americans know that the first thing gifted to their ancestors was herbs (Kinnick-Kinnick).

So, we should be willing to hold prayer, sweat lodge, or any Spiritual gathering in a room using this sacred herb.

If no spiritual leader is available fresh herbs offered will be heard by our Creator.

The only point we all must keep in mind is, not the equipment used for prayer to know Creators love, it is the prayer that opens the line of communication and this love.