Rallier tells Obama to ‘put the Quran down’

Rallier tells Obama to ‘put the Quran down ‘Larry Elliot Klayman, Attorney, Activist,  Republican, Jewish, Christian

A crowd of conservatives (conservatives is short of Tea Party Republicans holding yellow flags again)Crying face

held a so called million veteran march, looked like a 50 person Tea Party walk through to me.


This group of people might have things just a little twisted again, congress is the ones trying to take away the veterans money and paying retirees (Social Security) pennies while they get to swim in a indoor heated pool, receive a paycheck, take vacations and this so called holiday, our president is fighting back on the side of the veteran, retirees and the poor/middle class?

The only television company that called a spade a spade is the only one that actually did their homework and had the tenacity to tell the complete story, was CNN News.

All of the rest, at least in Florida, showed their true party colors once again!

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CNN’s Ashley Killough and Shannon Travis and Brian Rokus

Updated 3:37 p.m. ET, 10/13/2013

Washington (CNN) – Angered by the closure of national landmarks due to the partial government shutdown, a crowd of conservatives removed barricades Sunday at the World War II Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial as they rallied against President Barack Obama and Democrats for their role in the ongoing stalemate.

High-profile speakers with close ties to the tea party appeared at the event, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.


2009 Tea Party revolt of 2009

Larry Elliot Klayman, Attorney, Activist,  Republican, Jewish, Christian, need I say more?


‘put the Quran down’

He’s lying on a Korean mountainside


Jesse Brown, the first African-American Navy aviator, crash-landed in what is now North Korea in December 1950.


This is an about time follow up of a much earlier posting, better late than never.

My prayer is for success in finding a hero and getting him home to his family before it is too late?

Veteran returns to North Korea for first black Navy aviator

U.S. hero pays respects in North Korea

By Paula Hancocks, CNN updated 11:07 PM EDT, Sun July 21, 2013

Jesse Brown, the first African-American Navy aviator, crash-landed in what is now North Korea in December 1950.

U.S. Navy Thomas Hudner who received the Medal of Honor for crash-landing his plane and trying to save Jesse Brown, his wingman, who went down behind enemy lines during the Korean War.

Two years after he made history by becoming the Navy’s first black pilot, Ensign Jesse Brown lay trapped in his downed fighter plane in subfreezing North Korea, his leg broken and bleeding.

His wingman crash-landed to try to save him, and even burned his hands trying to put out the flames.

He could not!

Lt. j.g. Thomas Hudner


Elizabeth Warren

The reason for my past postings on this subject would be because I have been to powwows, gatherings and paw-paus since the 1946 up and down the east coast and even a few trips out west all the way to California and back.

At no time was I, my father, my grandfather, or anyone else, while on our travels interview for someone’s opinion about our true traditional people over on this side of Indian country?

I am not sure why you both showed up on the posting, I am just saying that if anyone wishes to write about any subject shouldn’t they be covering the whole subject before posting their opinion?

How many people interview for this report have full knowledge about all 5,000 American Native Tribes?

I challenge anyone, stating that this Julia Good Fox, professor of American Indian Studies at Haskell Indian Nations University is all knowing?

Welcome to both visitors from Facebook from Helena Montana




Redondo Beach California



To my postings about the new article from Stephanie Siek

Who’s a Native American? It’s complicated


What makes someone “legitimately” Native American?


Who’s a Native American? It’s complicated

Posted: May 14, 2012 2:19 PM by Stephanie Siek (CNN)

Julia Good Fox, professor of American Indian Studies at Haskell Indian Nations University

This is a free country and if Elizabeth Warren‘s claims Native American ancestry, this is of no business to anyone except Senator Elizabeth Warren, we need to be taking care of our own skeletons before we go looking into others closets.


People who live in glass houses should never throw stones?

Let’s put Senator Elizabeth Warren to bed, so to speak, and work together on correcting what is wrong with this country for a change?