Native American gathering circle meaning

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Because you are in another country (Canada) I am not sure if you understood our reason for Paw-Paus and or why we changed the name?


What is an American native Paw paus?

We have been to powwows in and around your country so explaining a powwow is not necessary?

A Paw Paus is what my people have called our gatherings for at least as far back as any of my teachers could recall their ancestors teach about and I am now 72 years young, or old depending who you are asking?

So as you can see a very long time, the word goes something like this.

Soon after first contact some of our invaders stumbled on one of our past gatherings and enjoyed what they were seeing.

Sachem speaks Powwow or Paw – paus

As far as what is this gathering

I can and will only talk about this very spiritual event from what I have been taught from the 40’s 50’s and 60’s and allowed to talk about!

As told to me by the traditional elders of our New England people, this gathering was held after each of our four season Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer or in their words South, West, North and East.

Fall (south) is the time of year for meetings to get ready to head in to the middle of the land gathering food and supplies and make ready to last out the colder weather that is coming, at the end of this time (fall) there would be a gathering of the people and prayers, dancing and drum for the Creators protection while on our journeys or a mini gathering. The New England people did not carry homes around the land instead they would build homes (round and long houses) in each of the seasons, places they stayed in for that season. In the winter time (west) the people split up into family groups (clans and headed west) because of the food shortages at this winter time. In this winter it would be a time of hardship keeping warm and finding food and firewood so at the end of this winter these clans would hold a gathering to share food, clothing, wood and storytelling. Spring (North) would be the time to start back toward their main homes at the great river, for planting and repairing homes and fishing holes.

At this time I will input the fact that these homes (except for the sachems family) is on a first come first serve bases so if the last owner shows up both families work together an build one or the other a new home!

Summer (east) is the time for a gathering of all the people this gathering ( Paw-paus) would be a great Spiritual event and everyone would bring food and work together repairing and rebuilding the prayer circle of course with a great opening in the East to allow room for Creator and all of the ancestors to enter.

While the people are fellowshipping, telling their story of the past season and learning of members past while gone west and new members arriving while gone and so on the fire keeper and helpers would clean and clear the circle and get the fire ready for the time Creator comes to visit with the people.

The Sachem, with a warrior on each side to help and tend to any needs while dancing around this circle, these warriors would carry the Sachems gifts and staff if necessary to Creator and would be at the head of a line so as to pray to have a friendly gathering before entering the circle.

Sachem would at this time ask the people to please place any bad feelings, gossip, and bad thoughts at the east door, if they wanted them back after the paw-paus just let Creator know otherwise Creator will take them into his fire to burn forever and the people can be cleansed enough to enjoy dancing and drumming with Creator and the ancestors.

Each family (clan) had their own prayer staff with prayer bags and medicine pouches from past family members and animal family members, this staff would usually be carried into the circle through the east by the family’s Clan Mother. Next would be the elder women then elder men, younger women and children, last but by no means least would be all of the warriors keeping a close eye out for any unwanted guests. As you may now start to see this gathering is a little different from a modern day powwow that you may have gone to, this would be because first, remember we are of the matriarch society, but most of all I am writing about a Paw-Paus not a powwow!

They had no need for fancy ropes or railings around this circle each member would place their skins or fur blankets around and all knew that the correct way into Creators church was through the East, even our animal friends (always welcome into our church) seem to know that they are welcome to come dance and fellowship with the people, the ancestors and Creator, if they made a mistake someone, usually the fire keepers helper, would just pick it up and carry on with the gathering. No vendors nothing to sell every family would bring something for meals and the young women would cook, every family would also bring things for trade and give away.

Creator would come into the circle and take over the fire usually for about week.

I have broken no code or promise made to my elders by not going into our spirituality aspects during this gathering so traditional people please understand that we need to at least get something out on the net so non-natives can see that we still do our church.


Native American ‘grandfather’ as God

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Native American ‘grandfather’ as God?

Why do Native Americans call their god grandfather?

Very good question.

Our ancestors relate to age, as with time in our culture, Mother Earth and everything on and around her as wisdom.

A grandmother (Objiasan) is Mother Earth or grandfather (Ohjieshan) is Kiehtan Creator and a male and/or female that has lived the culture and teaching of the ancestors are wise with age.

Since (Kiehtan) Creator created everything including grandmother and grandfather and grandmother and grandfather cannot create Creator, it would therefore make perfect sense to call Creator Grandfather, would it not?


Mother Earth we call Objiasan.

So we call the eldest female in knowledge about our culture and wisdom to apply it in today’s world Objiasan, Head Clan Mother.


Clan mother for eastern woodland?

Want another example of what the ancestors were always upset about?

Well I’m going to give it to you anyway.

Even a real good site about American natives throughout Indian country are in need of a little more studying about the original people’s of the New England area?

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What is an Eastern Woodland Sweat?

I do not know why of all my sites about Clan Mother, why Bing sent you to this one?

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Clan Mother/Adoption into a tribe.

While looking around on your Bing search engine I notice another website

American Indian Tribal Directory

About – AIHF

The American Indian Heritage Foundation was established to provide relief services to Indian people nationwide and to build bridges of understanding and friendship between Indian and non-Indian people.

Under the umbrella of the National Heritage Foundation, Princess Pale Moon founded the American Indian Heritage Foundation (AIHF) in 1973.

And this one

Mohiingans/Mohicans/Mohegan’s are from the same area in New York as the Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Tuscarora tribes.

Three types of dwellings, Tipi’s about a thousand years ago to follow the Buffalo, while the Buffalo was still east of the Mississippi river.

Round and Longhouse and since the internet Round is now called Wigwams?

Only the Iroquois people were lead only by a Head Clan Mother and I am not so sure that this is entirely correct from the beginning?

One must always remember that there were thousands of tribes before first contact and only a hand full were of the Iroquois tribe.

Things like this might seem picky to the unknowing however, this is why so many bad things sneak into our culture, because they have not been nipped in the bud from the beginning of the mistakes!

Tribal Regions Map


Medicine man, Clan leader, Clan Mother, Sachem

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Medicine man, Clan leader, Clan Mother and the Shechaim (Sachem)

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“war what did the medicine man clan leader clan mother and sachem do”?

I believe that what you are looking for is some information on

What did the Medicine man, Clan leader, Clan Mother and the Shechaim (Sachem) do during a war?

Remember I can only respond to a question like this with what I know about my people, the indigenous peoples of the New England and surrounding areas.

Native tribes in and around Nevada may have different answers for the same question?

Clan Mother ~ The duties of a clan mother of an Indian tribe?

So our Head Clan Mother would be the correct person to speak to about going to or coming from war/battles.

Head Clan Mother filters out complains to discuss with Shechaim.

Clan Leader ~ (all clan mothers) leader- Head Clan Mother.

Head Clan Mother ~ runs the tribe anytime Shechaim is away.

Medicine man ~ would always be on the front line caring for the wounded from either side, most of the time not harmed for fear of retaliation from Kiehtan (Creator), plus each side knows that a Medicine man is not allowed to pick and choose who to help.

The War Chief, under direct orders is to supply four of the best warriors for a protection of the Medicine man.

Shechaim (Sachem) ~ is the only tribal member allowed to choose war or no war therefore must always be within sight of the frontlines and many time at the frontlines during a battle and the war.

War Chief and all of the warriors keep a keen eye on the movements of their Shechaim at all times.

Hope that this answers your question?

Shechaim Ohjieshan

Smudging before entering the circle

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Looking of information about smudging before entering the circle.

To one of my many websites and blogs about smudging.

As you might feel by now, smudging is almost being written to death.

Smudging the correct way

However, if you have ever been to my trackers you would see that questions keep coming and many answers keep getting it wrong.

We must not forget that smudging, as beautiful and important as it might be, is still just another form of prayer to our Supreme Being, Kiehtan (Creator) for something?

We have been in your town many time with my Uncle Russ (Chief Rolling Thunder) on the way to his reservation.

One of many of our visits.

I spent time in town while on our way to Clan Mother Nettie Smith’s Crossing Ceremony some years ago now.

Orono is a town in Penobscot County, Maine, United States.

It was first settled in 1774 and named in honor of Chief Joseph Orono of the Penobscot Nation.

It is home to The University of Maine.

Smudging the correct way

Again, remember prayers as with this smudging, are our way to get us in a place where we try to blank out the world for a talk with our Supreme Being, no matter what God we might be on our knees before?

The original powwows before first contact (Paw-paus) the fire was always off to the west side away from distractions with room to do our smudging, in those days smudging was with Kinnick – Kinnick Herbs, our tobacco.




Crossing Ceremony Wright/Phillips/Weintraut

The Crossing Ceremonies all went OK given the fact that my old ceremonial briefcase was among the stolen. Because of the wisdom of our Supreme Being, I was stopped from taking any of our ancestors sacred articles. Because, the loved ones family would not have known about our Mohegan ancestor Alice Storey’s trip on horseback with children too West Virginia many years ago and that we are related. All that was lost was two Owl feathers, some paperwork and an old smudge bowl. The paperwork to help them understand the ceremony can be replaced at a later date. Now at least they have a Clan Mother and two Chiefs. All and all it was good to see her family and we are a much stronger couple coming through this. Creator is good. AHO

The duties of a clan mother of a Native American tribe?

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The answer to your question is complicated as is. There are still over a thousand tribes throughout Indian country. For example, by using a tribe in your area of Maine in the old days 1980’s backwards then those tribes, like many of the New England tribes were of the Matriarch society, meaning with women leaders.

Form what is now shown on the internet this is not being taught in many areas around New England?

So with this in mind let’s assume that you are asking about a true traditional tribe around the New England area of the Matriarch society?

As with chiefs and warriors (young boys) each tribe could have many clan mothers, it would be up to the Head Clan Mother. One Head Clan Mother per tribe, she would assign women, her clan mothers, jobs for watching over the tribe, each one would have women in training under them as in a clan mother helping to collect herbs for meals and/or medicine. Another would be in charge of the garden with women in training helping and so on. A head Clan Mother in a traditional New England tribe would be the person making tribal decisions and only answering to the  Shechaim  Sachem.

As her clan mothers grow in knowledge she (head clan mother) would place that female in charge of her clan answering back to the Head Clan Mother, as in for instance, Bear, Wolf, Dear, Fox clan and so on.

Matriarch tribe refers to a group of people that treat a female as at least an equal to a male.

What is the role of a head matriarch in indigenous tribes?

The Matriarch in our Indigenous tribe ( the Eastern Woodland American Native people) is the oldest female (oldest in knowledge of the culture, ceremonies and the tribe)

Oldest in this instance refers to knowledge about the tribe and not automatically because of the number of years.

Native American Military ceremony.

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Looking for information about Ceremonies on Native American Military.

Yes, our people did have battles, still do.

Native Americans have been going to and coming home from wars (battles) long before there was a United States of America, before first contact there was a ceremony by my people. A ceremony to Receive a blessing upon leaving the village, first asking Creator to make sure that they should be going to a war. While also asking Creators blessing on both sides of the conflict to see if or when peace would once again be possible?

The head tribal mother (Clan Mother) would assemble all of the women and children, form two lines for each warrior to pass through.

As the warrior passed they would throw herbs (Kinnick-Kinnick) into the air over the warriors while in prayer to Creator for a safe return.

At the return from battle, a lookout ( always had the elder men take turns at lookout stationed at the four corners outside of the village ready for battle, because the enemy could and many times did circle back on the tribe). This elder would send signals back to the village at the return of our warriors, the male elders warriors would assemble at the East (the opening of the village) to greet each warrior at the entrance of the village and if necessary help the wounded, while the head tribal women ( Clan Mother) once again assembled the women and children forming the two lines ready with the herbs and prayers.

After 1924, and being recognized as human and a citizens of this country, Native Americans have bravely served this land with true honor and deserve that recognition.

Sachem Tallfox ( my grandfather) a proud WW-2 Veteran,

Sachem Zeak wounded at the sub base helping restock one of our submarine just before serving himself on a submarine (his lifelong dream) and could not serve.

Sachem Walkingfox a proud Vietnam Veteran. (NAVY).

Clans of the original Traditional Mohegan people

I know of five clans of our tribe, I am sure that there were many more?

The Mohegan people that ended up in the New England area where known as the Wolf people however, did you know that because of many years that his enemy’s were trying to kill him ( Sachem Uncas) that he was known as the Fox?

As you may or may not know, a clan (Gens) is only started by the female of a traditional Matriarch tribe, usually the Head Clan Mother.

Martha Uncas started the First of our clans with the Gen (Wolf Clan).

Uncas in his humorous in your face to his enemy’s, asked his wife to start the sub clan (Fox Clan) just as a statement to the enemy!

She also was the one that started the (Turkey Clan) because the younger warriors were the ones sent out hunting this food for the people.

Folk law passed down by the elders tell of Squarw Sachem and a (Deer Clan) because of her love for this animal.

After the little encounter with Mother Black Bear, Sachem Tallfox and his clan mothers started the (Black Bear Clan).

There is no telling just how many clans there are in the tribe because of the lost works after the 1980’s however, it is known that as each women married, the head Clan Mother of that time could allow her to start her own clan with chief, sub chiefs and warriors.

How everyone can have their own Sacred (blessed) Herbs!

Some of our herbs are used in our ceremonies, some are used for healing.

Thank you John for your question (Welcome Home).

This should get the attention of all of those wannabe people selling so called Sacred herb to the unknowing public!

Hundreds of years ago it was necessary to have a Medicine Man, a Medicine Women, a Chief, a Sachem, Clan Mother, Warriors and so on, each had their own job helping the tribe, communication was by drum, smoke signals runners and so on.

In today’s fast paced world with computers the world is a much smaller place because of the ease of communication.

Today’s medicine people must hide their information because of the thousands of  unscrupulous people that only want to make money off of your lack of knowledge about herbs!

Remember, the only way to know that a Medicine Man is in fact a Medicine Man is to catch him doing his job, a bragger is just that, a bragger, nothing else!

The work of a Medicine person, as with any other member of a tribe around the world was never a secret to be kept from the rest of the people?

Any native man worth his salt will tell you the same thing “behind every worthy man is a worthy women pushing, pulling, nagging, and teaching him along the correct path!

In other words, a Medicine Man receives his medicine from a Medicine Women, the Medicine Women goes out to find the herb, collects the correct herbs, mixes them correctly and gives them to the Medicine Man, both of them in a ceremony ask Creator for the blessing of the herbs, so to be correctly taught, go to your Medicine Women first!

While it is always a good thing to read books on herbs and all that has been learned about them, trust only your people to teach the ancestors ways.

While on the subject of herbs, Seaweed ( as was discussed in an earlier posting) has been a staple in the mix of herbs all up and down the east coast however, we never mix poisons into a mix as being done by Euro Americans today!

After you collect or buy herbs that you wish to use in your ceremony and only if you have a pure heart, in other words you are not one of those thousands of wannabe’s out to get your hands into the public’s pockets, all you need to do is find a quiet place out of sight of the public and ask Creator to bless your herbs so that you can use them in your ceremonies!

It is OK to sell herbs, one can NEVER sell Sacred, Blessed, Herbs, just too make more money from the public, Creator is watching!

It is always good to sell and teach herbs to help in healing!