I apologize to my WordPress friends

I apologize to my friends about the last posting however, it is getting a little disconcerting seeing all of the extremely bad (wrong) writing about my people all over the internet, then seeing so many stealing this work, without permission, claiming it as their own and putting it on another site

I just lost it.

You all know how long and hard I have been working beating on my little mind trying to remember the past to show my love and respect to my ancestors and of course Creator.

The knowledge is free only one would think that a little ping back so that people know that this work is from that little band of my people before the infringement from the government and casino Indians?

I do not need credit, credit will come while I and an ancestor.

However, the knowledge comes from my elders and they never said write for free because they all knew that this would happen.

I will be in a very long prayer with our Creator, looking for forgiveness  tonight. 😦

Native Americans Must Repent For Ancestor’s Pagan Beliefs?

Cindy Jacobs, Television Prophet


A Christian prophet has a message for anyone with Native American or indigenous heritage:

Repent, or risk an ominous-sounding spirit.


Throughout the bible, I do not care which bible you read, your God has selected many servants (Gods people) to use as a teaching tool. Job is just another

un-willing tool that God is using.

Because Job, although a loving servant of God, is weak, his God is teaching him just who is the protector.

At no time are Jobs ancestors, good or bad, brought into this conversation between God and Job?

So, what is this self proclaimed prophet of her God talking about?

The best way to teach is the use of material around at the time of teaching your pupil, that your pupil will recognize?

This is what God is doing.

This said, it must also be said that Job 41 in not saying that our ancestors worshiping Animal animates although we do believe animals, trees, plants and so on are alive, this is only a conversation between God and some of the creations.



Just as Christianity can be said to be the experience of being part of the living body of Christ, animism can be said to be the experience of being part of the living biosphere (or even the whole “animate” universe). In this sense, something that is “animate” is simply something that is “alive,” and to be an animist is to believe things to be alive that others perceive as “inanimate.”


I have read about this man in Germanys past that spoke with false tongue and had a similar hand salute.


There is an Ominous Evil Spirit in the world only the wrong fingers are pointing in the wrong direction, the fingers needs to make a 180° turn?

Native American Church

Today I stumbled on two interesting sites on the internet.

Thanks to my visitor from the city of

Gardena  California http://www.ci.gardena.ca.us/

Looking for information on “How native American say thank you to the creator”?

Do Native Americans say please and thank you?

YES Agagozasu Thank You (A ga go za su)~ thank you and Nanoutozo Please (nan ou to zo) ~ please

I guess I did not write about this on Word Press?


The two sites.

First was a ‘Native American Church‘, I studied over this for a long time however, I decided not to comment at this time because too many of my postings lately have been downers.

The next site at first I was a little upset because of the name ‘Without Reservation’ because this name reminds me of a book about how to buffalo this government into starting your own Casino! https://sachemspeaks.wordpress.com/2013/01/11/can-one-have-cake-and-eat-it-too/

While digging into this page

‘Ask an Elder’


I find that not only did I enjoy reading this site I was please as to how they were able to keep Creator in every answer asked about Native people and not Christianity but Creator in the Christian life.

Please only read that site after praying and with your heart and mind?


The fear of Spirituality?

I can see from our tracker that it is time again to write about Native American Spirituality from the New England Eastern Woodland true traditional tribes of my grandfather?

First a very good note

This guy has got it, not bad of a non native, or should I say that he believes that he is a non native.

Native Spirituality, From Dean Ohlman on September 14, 2009



This next one tries to impress us by mixing and matching many words none of which we should pay any attention too.

In Therapy

The Varieties of Religious Therapy: Native American Spirituality

Native American Spirituality and Psychotherapy an interview with a Native American healer, physician and psychologist.

Native American spirituality most share a common belief in the supernatural as experienced in connection with animals and the environment, visions, spirits, ancestors, the shaman and communal ceremony. Native American spirituality is not considered a religion by most adherents, but rather an integral part of all behavior and identity. “BULL”


This one was so far off that it dropped off of WordPress.

Native American Religion (Spirituality)

Background What do we mean when we speak of Native American religion? Unlike Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, it has no single founder. Unlike Judaism


This one is the one that I would like to try and sit down with and discuss the difference between native and witchcraft Spirituality and why traditional natives do not readily except the Métis as real first people.

Spending most of your life in a Sweat Lodge does not make you a Native American

A Medicine Man’s Daughter


If you are a follower of the one and only Creator, you should not be having sleepless nights because of Trickster (Coyote), if you know no better and are following Trickster (Coyote) you only need guidance as to why you fear the night.

Lawmakers complain


I know that this might come as a shock to the five congressmen, led by Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va, because they are not always up on news of this century however,

the fact is that the Iranian government hates Christianity and Christian countries around the world, they hate the United States of America second only to Israel. This jerk went into Iran to “save the people”!

So maybe he can now save himself?

I believe that if these five congressmen wish for someone to go to the enemy to free this fool, stop your crying to the media and they should jump on a plane?

Christian Smudging Ceremony

Welcome to Anchorage Alaska


Looking for information about Smudging and Christianity

Christian Smudging Ceremony

To one of my postings on this subject



Is smudging Christian



This question as with the question about our tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick) will never be put to bed, so to speak, because so many people without the knowledge keep answering with a guess wrong answer!

Smudging, as with tobacco and most of our ceremonies, is nothing more than a prayer, don’t get me wrong, prayer is a talk with our Creator and there is nothing better or more important than a talk with Creator.

Stop adding to this because you think!

You think that Creators words are not enough?

Just read the verse and replace the word sword with gun

If it was your plan to push your right to own a weapon of mass destruction you are in need of a better verse.


What did Jesus say about Gun Control?

Posted on January 18, 2013 by James

No commentary is needed: just read the verse and replace the word sword with gun. I do not like getting into the gun debate but i must post the word!

Luke 22:35-36 King James Version (KJV)  35 And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye anything? And they said, Nothing.  36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

My Answer

You do understand that people like me that are pushing gun control have never, did never and will never state not to own a gun? Gun control is just what it is, try a reasonable type of control over who owns a gun and why it is not a wise thing for some not to be able to get a hand on one with the potential of mass destruction? It is also to quickly find a way to help those that a fear of their having this weapon, so that they can, if they wish, someday own one?

We, as with what Jesus was teaching, wish for your right to protect yourself however, Jesus did realize that some while protecting themselves may end up also mowing down a few hundred innocent people while doing so?

We are talking about weapons of mass destruction in the wrong hands, Jesus was talking about protecting yourself and your property? If no one has a weapon of mass destruction one would have less murders in the country, wouldn’t God also approver of this?

Debating peacefully is a good thing helping for a better understanding NO?

Is there something more dangerous or hurtful than a weapon?

I am going to try to explain this as respectfully is possible because, I am not sure that this is being done on purpose?

Yes, there is one thing a lot more hurtful to a true traditional native American Spiritual group of people. Regardless of what some in this country might think, we do not believe that a love for Creator in a religion however, if or when an outsider gets hurt by a particular religious group, such as the Jehovah Witnesses, it is not polite to bash any and every thing that you believe to be a religion! That said, this is a free country and you do have the freedom to bash anyone or thing that you wish on your websites and blogs, please do not like or friend be while you are doing so, because it is of no interest to my way of thinking, I wish to also enjoy our countries freedom and my beliefs?

Please remember, I did not do the offending?

Thank you for your understanding.

Hell is not the place for me!


As a Native American that happens to be a follower of Creator (Father Sky). A history buff and remembering that the land that we are talking about is Mother Earth. Not our land or their land it all is a creation and it all belongs to Creator. I remind you that  the first contact was from poor sick white people (Puritans, Puritans are not Christians) they came in peace carrying no guns while holding bibles, we gave them a little place to live. Their sick made us sick and many of our people did die. The natives have this missing enzyme so could not fight their Sickness and disease. Next came the white savages, they did the killing.

The Christians that we would meet in heaven had no hand in our death by the gun. However, the so called Christians you will meet if you do go to hell are all of the ones that did the killing with and without the guns. AHO?

Welcome to the visitor from Independence Missouri



To one of my posting looking for

Pictures of Native Americans Praying to Creator


Why do Native Americans pray to the creator?

Thank you for your question.

We pray for many reasons just as most non natives do however, what I believe to be sort of a difference would be that our prayers are always in the form of talking, communication, or discussions as you might while talking to your Grandfather?

All of the time knowing that Creator created, is always listening and loves all creation.

Everyone of our ceremonies, powwows, gatherings and even our Grand Entry are a prayer.

I believe that if you ask any person of the Jewish faith you will receive about the say answer?

If you are praying to receive something it would be wise to make sure that it is something Creator has already promised?

If one is asking a question, have patience, you will get your answer in Creators time.