What is an Eastern Woodland Sweat?

Remember the words Eastern Woodland!
A proper lodge in our area is a round or long house, depending on the size of your clan (Tribe).
It must be made from tree parts, the tree, limbs, and bark not blue plastic.
In times gone by our ancestor used animal fur, dear and moose skins, please do not kill animals just to hold sweats!
A modern lodge looks good on the outside if you can use bark, clay and hay, do not forget the vent at the top.
The following is on my sachemuncas website.
I have never written about a Sweat Ceremony before because I was taught that our Sacred Ceremonies are just that, Sacred!
There is a certain book about sweats that was written by a non Native from New England which is pretty vague and really not about my People.
The book is honest and up front, I believe, and did explain a lot, in general.
The author states that he got permission from all of the People written about in his book and does not go into anything sacred?
But, what is missing in all of this, is the Traditional way that my People and many other New England people did their sweats.
After reading this book and with much prayer and permission from Creator, I am writing about my memories of the Traditional Sweats of my people.
Please keep in mind that up until the late 90’s my People were a small, close knit tribe and outsiders paid little attention to our village.
There have been very few Traditional Sweats in New England since my grandfather, the Sachem, passed.
Now, Indian country is inundated with many casino Indians and they all want to get on board the money train.
At our sweats, there was an alter, a pond, and a lodge and they all overlooked the Pequot River.
At least once every moon (13 moons) we would have sweats to clean our minds and bodies from bad spirits.
Before first light on the day of the sweat, our Sachem (my grandfather) and the elders would work on the alter getting it ready for sunset.
The alter, which was about 20 feet from the lodge opening, was scrubbed clean and then prayers were offered asking permission from Creator to have this sweat, the pathway and lodge was cleared and cleaned by the clan mother’s.
The fire pit was cleaned, cleared and prepared by the fire keeper and his assistants.
This fire pit (along the side of the path) was a hole in the ground with large boulders, so that as the fire gets white hot the ashes will fall away from the sweat rocks.
The sweat rocks are placed onto the fire and removed just before the ceremony and placed into the lodge pit without allowing ashes into the lodge.
There are a number of types of sweats done by my people, but, for now, I will only talk about a men’s sweat.
Because the sweat lodge is some distance from the village, there is no privacy problem.
At the set time of the ceremony, men one by one, kneel at the altar to ask forgiveness and permission to sweat, which is extremely important.
You should not leave the alter until you are sure that you have a clear mind and clean spirit, Creator will know.
Next, everything is placed on the alter, keeping only comfortable clothing to be decent while walking the path to and from the lodge.
The Sachem or leader is first, followed by the elders and the rest of the warriors and guests.
Next, the fire keeper brings in the hot rocks and closes the hatch, which always faces the Traditional direction.
The sweat can last for hours, up until whenever.
At the end of the sweat, one by one, depending on the time of year, everyone came out, went into the pond or Pequot River and finally, into the Longhouse for a hot shower and a warm pot luck meal.

Left hand ceremonies are sacred ceremonies

left hand native Americans
It should not be a surprise as to how our ancestors knew that the heart is closer to our left side then to the right side, after all they needed to feed the family.
So, through the years our ceremonies reflected this knowledge by sacred parts to the ceremony were from left to right.
Left hander Native Americans were not necessarily left handed ,our ceremonies were by the use of the left hand.
After moving into the city to help my mother care for my ailing grandmother I was sent to 5th grade class in this school.
The first day while writing answers to a question on the blackboard the teacher came up behind me and wacked me with a yard stick because I was writing with my left hand!
Needless to say my reaction sent me to another school!
Indigenous people are taught from birth to use their left hand out of love and respect to Creator!
The correct way to gift an American Native is from your left hand to their left hand.
If the gift is words, then from your mouth with your left hand to your heart then to the left shoulder of that person.
If the gift is too big, then your left hand to your heart, straight out pointing at the gift or gifts.
We believe that everything on Mother Earth is a free gift from Creator to all creatures, so if it is a free gift from Creator to all creatures, then it was predestined to be given away.
If Creator wishes you to have it, then it will be coming back.

Correct way to smudging

Ottawa Ontario Canada


Correct way to smudging

The only thing important to remember when dealing with our Tribal culture and ceremonies is, every ceremony in our culture must be as a prayer.

Please keep this in mind while teaching, learning and doing ceremonies, you can do nothing without the spirit of Creator working through you.

Smudging, as with anything in life, is only a way to get yourself into a prayer mood.

Praying is for Creator to come bless the reason for your smudging.

If anyone is smudging so that they can clean or clear anything or anyone, Run from that smoke as fast as you can, it is not tribal it is from the Occult!

What is prayer?

What is prayer?

A question asked to my  blog today
looking for a prayer to say at a ceremony.

prayers for ceremonies Tombstone Arizona
United States.


A prayer for any ceremony around the world
is always a good thing, a prayer said at a Native American ceremony if you are
not a Spiritual leader is very simple however, the best thing ever at any

First clear you mind of thinking fancy, in
fact clean your mind period, open your heart and just talk with your creator,
Creator is always by your side and will be glad to hear from you!

In your own words.

Dishes for native American naming ceremony.

Today’s question of the day.

Dishes for native American naming ceremony.

To make it a shorter blog let me start with,
all of the ceremonies by my people, the Eastern Woodland, American Natives
usually serve something like coffee and desert at any practice meetings and at
the beginning of all our ceremonies.

Most of the time the tribal clan mothers will
have a pot luck meal after the ceremony for a social friendship gathering,
check with a Clan Mother or the Spiritual leader, because sometime a tribe will
just have it catered.

Although this cost some money, it will relieve
a lot of pressure on everyone.

A Traditional Native American Pot Luck.

This is a great way to go if you are having
your ceremony someplace that has a kitchen, We would always have a member in
the Knights of Columbus, Grange hall, Church, Polish, Elks, or Moose club,
anything along that line.

Because our tribe carried on a tradition
started in the 40’s by my grandfather, try to hold a meeting a month as close
as possible to different elders, making it easy for each to make a meeting, so
we needed to find many good, clean, friendly, cost efficient places.

Matriarch ( Clan Mother)

How many clan mothers are in a tribe?

How many clan mothers can an Indian tribe

I must assume that the person asking may
want to know about American natives (Native Americans).

In a Matriarch society like the
Algonquin speaking people, the head

Matriarch ( Clan Mother) can have as many
clan mothers as she wishes.

Second question.

Is the Native American flute used in

“Yes” However, the best way to
answer this question would be from three of my native brothers answering the
question from their websites, stop by stay awhile and enjoy some real
Traditional Native American music!

Joseph FireCrow


Bill Miller




There are many more native brothers and sisters playing for your
enjoyment, we are just starting with the 3 good friends from my past travels!

Native American ceremony to fight evil spirits?

you have a pouch that you know Creator has blessed, believe that it has been
blessed so no evil can enter into you, as long as you keep believing!


you do not have a pouch, buy one, have someone make it for you or even better
make your own.

This is a good site for a beginner however, use your own imagination while crafting.

Buy the skin, Sachems is from Moose skin however, do not go out and kill for
any reason especially for a little pouch.


The internet ( with the blessings of Creator) will help in this project.

Then contact your nearest Spiritual leader, eye to eye, phone, or on the internet
for what comes next.

Native American 13 moon Warrior.

Blog question of the day.

Can a male go through the 13 moon ceremony?

The simple answer would be Yes, I guess?

Knowing by this question this person has no idea what is involved, this is the best answer to that question.

Being over 70 years now and confessing never heard of a boy or a man going through a Tribal Clan Mother 13 Moon Ceremony.

However, in this era of male/female discrimination, anything may be possible?

Now all one needs do is find a Spiritual Leader willing to over look this male/female fact and spend all of this time with this person necessary to complete the ceremony?

Better Ceremonies.

Vine Deloria Jr’s quote of the day- “Indians can become whites because the requirements are not very vigorous, but can whites really become Indians”?



After reading this article this should be my thought of the day.


In my culture, the Native American culture, a sweat lodge ceremony, the vision quest, a medicine women, the naming ceremony, a medicine man, the burial ceremony, and so on, are extremely sacred and should never be paraded around by anyone native or not.


“Native Americans can and lately do become white, because the requirements are very simple.


However, can a white really become a Native American”?


Sacred Naming Protocol.

My first encounter with people that worship another god.

The Eastern Woodland Sacred Creator Blessed Paw~paus.

At a naming ceremony or any other Traditional Eastern Woodland Ceremony for that matter, a Spiritual leader will ask the couple if they wish a Sacred Paw~paus Creator included ceremony?

If, after explaining what that entails the couple say yes, from that point on preparations are being made for this type of a ceremony.

It no longer matters where or when it takes place, it is a Sacred ceremony that will be blessed by Creator!

When it comes time for the couple to pick their four corners ( four tribal clan mothers) and all other members of the gathering, the Spiritual leader will once again remind and explain to all that this is a Sacred Eastern Woodland Paw~paus ceremony.

Because of this it does not matter how a Witch, Warlock, Sorcerer, powwow, or any tribe performs a ceremony, this is a Paw~paus, if you have a problem please help the couple find your replacement.

If after the ceremony starts one 0r more of the corners walks away, they then show their true beliefs in their (God).

First and the most important thing would be to make sure that you are an American native, or correctly adopted, to find this out contact a Traditional  an elder.

The traditional way to make a request to receive your American Native name is to give a gift of herbs (Kinnick, Kinnick) as the request is made to the person you are requesting the name from ( Spiritual leader).

You and your family may also wish to plan a meal to celebrate after the ceremony is completed.

If  others are receiving their names, the covered dishes should be shared.

Present a gift of herbs from your left hand to the left hand of the individual you are wishing to receive a name from, this is called, heart to heart.

This person should be a person you respect and should be someone who is an American Native elder from the nation that you are requesting a name.

Personally ask if you may make a request of this person, either in person, by phone or e-mail or other.

Receive this individual’s consent to allow you to make a request.

at this time you may wish to honor a male and a female with this herb and request that they stand with you as sponsors at the ceremony.

These should be individuals that are familiar with that American Native Tribe and this sacred ceremony.

A naming ceremony should but not always be held in a prayer circle.

A Sacred Paw~paus is always held  in a Sacred circle with a fire, both of which must be properly prepared. (Honor the prayer circle with appropriate attire and attitudes.

Regalia should be worn if available, if not proper dress.

Give thanks to the Creator and all the sponsors.  One should NEVER have to pay for any American Native gift; If you do ,the gift will be void, and so will the ceremony!

Remember, our Creator gave the gifts freely and so should we, a gift like herbs or something native is permitted, and any gift can be permitted as long as it is freely given!