Tobacco bags for requesting your native name

Welcome to my visitor from the City of Lima Ohio

requesting information as to tobacco bags for requesting your native name?

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This is a very old and out of use tripod discontinued site so, I am not sure if you found what you were looking for?

First thing, I believe, that will go a long way in your request for that native name, if you are truly looking for a traditional name by a respected Spiritual Teacher?

Would be a little teaching and understanding about our culture and ceremonies?

As always I must remind you that you are visiting a site and posting about east coast tribes so the information is from our ancestors.

That said, I do know many good proud people of the great Shawnee tribe and know that their ceremonies and culture are close to ours.

First, this bag is called a pouch, this pouch is stuffed with herbs, we use Kinnick, Kinnick and it is used at all of our ceremonies.


A few sites that might be of help to you?

Kinnick, Kinnick


Marriage Ceremony (Prayer)

As my elders, now ancestors always explained before, during and after each ceremony, keeping our ceremonies sacred should not be thought of as keeping a secret.

Keeping our ceremonies sacred between all involved and Creator is to be understood as a stronger bond with your maker and never to be taken lightly as in divorce or separation.

Yes divorce is possible (another ceremony).

This Marriage prayer is intended to mold a couple into one Being, obedient to their Supreme Being and a promise of a lifetime.

Keeping the ceremonies sacred also makes it impossible for wannabe’s using them for profit and/or fame!

A visit to one of my posting by a reader (thank-you my friend for you interest) has prompted me to write more about this ceremony.

Native American Marriage Prayer.

A question from a visitor from the Bronx New York.

Something that I did not catch the first time.

Our ceremonies are never to be confused with ceremonies of the occult as in (Rituals). 😦

As with all of our ceremonies, this is always to be a prayer to and a blessing from our Creator, the only difference (only main difference) would be that our ceremonies are enjoyed as would be by today’s movie makers.

By this I mean, each pray is with the use of humans instead of the written word.

Think of it as being played out for the approval of the Great Spirit and a blessing for all in attendance.

Long before first contact the indigenous peoples of the land used drawings (pictographs & petroglyphs) and/or real live people along with sign language to communicate.

This ceremony should be outside in nature whenever possible however, as with this last Crossing ceremony where circumstances made it impossible to complete at that time, a refresher ceremony can be completed when weather permits or in this, my last case, paraphernalia is made available.

Rain is a purification blessing from Father Sky through Mother Nature and can be, as long as it is comfortable for the couple.

The Prayer

Usually in today’s world, a ceremony is performed the same day as any religious ceremony, we prefer to do so after theirs is completed, if possible.

Eastern Woodland American Native Wedding Ceremony June 9, 2011

Sorry to see that this past posting had such a sad review however.

No, as with each ceremony, a bit by bit explanation is not necessary.

If you really feel the need to know the words?

Get Married, A name, Adopted, Crossing or so on.



As state in the About Page.

Why do we keep talking about this word Gathering?

The word gathering means different things to different tribes and also those tribes now calling themselves a nation?

When we from the New England/New York 🙂 area say gathering you will have to read through that website or posting to see if it is referring to our monthly meetings, a Paw-paus, a powwow or maybe a special ceremony like naming, birth, death, crossing,  adoption and so on.

A gathering is also a call to the members of whatever group about to get a start to one of these meetings or ceremonies to elect chiefs and clan mothers to set rules to the meeting or ceremony in order to help it go as smooth as possible, Always remember Creator is first.

Because of the Comments section “I am”

Once again because of a comment on my word press blog, I get to write another posting, this is always a good thing.

It also gives me a chance to help explain why I avoid Texting and Chat rooms as with the Plague!

My sometimes limited grasp of grammar.

If I get busy around the old homestead and rush with an answer to any question,

I sometime skip words in a hurry to finish, many times without meaning too hurt long time friends.

Because of the comment page, you get to ask questions, point out other facts and join in on some of my postings, also a good thing.

Another comment from a friend, no name without permission, is giving me a renewed reason to hop on the changes on going with the culture and ceremonies that many people spent years teaching a very inquisitive, sometimes interfering little boy and always doing so from love.

Today is

“Ask not what you can do for the people, Ask what can I get from the people”!

Always remember my friends, that it is people like you that keep me in the battle against the majority daily.

Also always remember to thank our ancestors for any ‘knowledge‘ getting out of me and into a blog.

Getting up in age as with every elder, a real limit with the grasp of the English language, no known offspring caring about the culture, time and health, I fear that the ancestors knowledge will pass as is happening far too often with the elders.

So thanks to my many true friends, I try to get what is allowed in writing for all to compare, as we all should, to the thousands of newer ideas about our past, our culture and ceremonies?

Sometime it may seem to a new reader, maybe even to some older readers, that I am a bit of a stickler with some wordings.

However, as many of my friends have noticed, one change at a time and soon?

Annihilation through Assimilation!

Knowing well that Creator will always continue with the proper respect to ancestors of all humans, I still enjoy my time with you on my websites and blog.

In all of my many travels around Indian country I have never met a true traditional elder that believes that the so many new changes in our culture and ceremonies is good for our people?

The next time that you are at a gathering of our people please ask, “What is a president, councilor, chairmen, arena, arena director, gatekeeper, paid dancers, paying to come enjoy a gathering, trampling all over another tribes culture or ceremonies, instant ‘Indian names‘ ‘instant adoption’ into a true traditional tribe doing in our culture and ceremonies? ”

So many other changes that would never have been tolerated by your ancestor and you who do this know that I speak the truth.

The most damaging thing of all to our ways is seldom spoken about?

“Why is the occult now running so many of our gatherings, culture and ceremonies?”


An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which incongruous or seemingly contradictory terms appear side by side.

So, why do so now, when the truth today is even more critical than ever to get out for all to see and understand?

Believe it or not it has never been nor should it be now only about the money.

It is, was and should always be about enjoying time with friends and your Supreme Being!

Thank you my friends for allowing me to vent so often.

Who knows, maybe someday you will take up the torch to be carried with pride from the ancestors?


Mohegan Peace Pipe.

Welcome to the visitor from Houston Texas

Looking for information about our

Mohegan Peace Pipe?

Sorry we do not have one.

However, we have always had a (Friendship Pipe Ceremony)?

You may be asking. “So what is the difference”?

Good question.

First a Peace pipe from what I have been reading, was or maybe still is, used by the Plains Indians. I believe that back in olden times it was used at the beginning of all of those Western Indian treaties that the Euro Americans and Plains Indians made. The ones that the government demanded that the Indians keep until the end of time. However, the government broke just as soon as it got what it wanted from the Indians?

A Friendship pipe is what the traditional American first people up and down the east coast use for any ceremony with new and old friends. If after a meal friends wished to enjoy a traditional prayer, it is usually started with the pipe.

After meetings a friendly pipe might be enjoyed for all wishing to join in.

Many times after a battle, if both sides come to an agreement they would settle on a spot and smoke that pipe, sometimes the head clan mothers, if they wished, would serve a snack.

Our Friendship ceremonies were many times also enjoyed by our females, something I understand was never done out west?

Some of those western tribal people that come over to “teach our people about the correct ways of their ancestors”, would walk away from our pipe ceremonies if women joined in.

Finding this out we would always invite a female or two into the prayer circle if a westerner showed.

Our people also have a (Sacred Pipe).

This pipe would be used in ceremonies like Births, Adoptions, Weddings, Grandmother, Grandfather, Funerals and the four seasons as we moved around from place to place.

Always remember that when a Traditional Elder from an Eastern Woodland Tribe speaks of Smoking the pipe, it is never with chemical tobacco, it is always with herbs called Kinnick, Kinnick.

No one has ever become addicted to Kinnick, Kinnick!

How everyone can have their own Sacred (blessed) Herbs!

Some of our herbs are used in our ceremonies, some are used for healing.

Thank you John for your question (Welcome Home).

This should get the attention of all of those wannabe people selling so called Sacred herb to the unknowing public!

Hundreds of years ago it was necessary to have a Medicine Man, a Medicine Women, a Chief, a Sachem, Clan Mother, Warriors and so on, each had their own job helping the tribe, communication was by drum, smoke signals runners and so on.

In today’s fast paced world with computers the world is a much smaller place because of the ease of communication.

Today’s medicine people must hide their information because of the thousands of  unscrupulous people that only want to make money off of your lack of knowledge about herbs!

Remember, the only way to know that a Medicine Man is in fact a Medicine Man is to catch him doing his job, a bragger is just that, a bragger, nothing else!

The work of a Medicine person, as with any other member of a tribe around the world was never a secret to be kept from the rest of the people?

Any native man worth his salt will tell you the same thing “behind every worthy man is a worthy women pushing, pulling, nagging, and teaching him along the correct path!

In other words, a Medicine Man receives his medicine from a Medicine Women, the Medicine Women goes out to find the herb, collects the correct herbs, mixes them correctly and gives them to the Medicine Man, both of them in a ceremony ask Creator for the blessing of the herbs, so to be correctly taught, go to your Medicine Women first!

While it is always a good thing to read books on herbs and all that has been learned about them, trust only your people to teach the ancestors ways.

While on the subject of herbs, Seaweed ( as was discussed in an earlier posting) has been a staple in the mix of herbs all up and down the east coast however, we never mix poisons into a mix as being done by Euro Americans today!

After you collect or buy herbs that you wish to use in your ceremony and only if you have a pure heart, in other words you are not one of those thousands of wannabe’s out to get your hands into the public’s pockets, all you need to do is find a quiet place out of sight of the public and ask Creator to bless your herbs so that you can use them in your ceremonies!

It is OK to sell herbs, one can NEVER sell Sacred, Blessed, Herbs, just too make more money from the public, Creator is watching!

It is always good to sell and teach herbs to help in healing!

Ceremony to become a native man?

Welcome to Columbus Ohio

While looking for information about a name of the ceremony Native Americans did to become a man?
Indian country had well over Five thousand tribes before first contact and each had their culture and ceremonies, many ceremonies were basically the same because all were a form of prayer to and from Creator.
Remembering that (Religion in Indian country) was Fear (Love and Obey) Creator!
Some tribes send their young man into the wilderness for a period of time to learn about Mother Nature before becoming a man.
As a Native American of the east coast, I look at this question as the old Hollywood black and white films with an Italian dressed as an Indian Medicine man dancing around with a teenage boy that just came back from battle as some kind of a hero?
I use an Italian simple because film directors back then used dark skinned Italians in movies as Indians?
They could not find a Native American?
In my Native American Tribes we use real Traditional American Natives!
Gwaitoko (boy to man ceremony)
As boring as this answer is going to be the truth is that as soon as a boy in the culture in our tribe turns thirteen, a Four Corner ceremony in a sacred circle and they are excepted to be a man.

By the way, if you are seeing a Medicine man other than by accident, he is not a Native American Medicine man from an East coast tribe, this goes against Creators blessings! Ceremony to become a native man?

Pipe Ceremony?

Once again while going through my Visitor Tracker, I find that some 75% of the visitors are still asking about our Pipe ceremony, so a little updating may be necessary?

Our pipe?

As with many of our ceremonies, the pipe is a ceremony based on prayer too, and blessing from Creator.

Tribes around Mother Earth go about this basically the same way while using material found around their own area. Reasonable because of travel restrictions!

The central and western parts of Indian country use a type of stone found around their area.

The East coast, my people used a few things however, the easiest was wood because at that time trees were everywhere.

Anyone can make and use a pipe however, and this must be repeated, HOWEVER, only a pipe built, offered to Creator, excepted in the ceremony and blessed by Creator can be used in our ceremonies!

Our Native American pipe ceremony

My fathers, fathers, father, a war chief, receiver a pipe from his father.

The spiritual leader took this pipe to Creator in our ceremony and it has been past down since as our friendship pipe.

Back then after defeating your enemy you as the War Chief receive a pipe. After this ceremony you must seek out your defeated enemy and smoke the pipe of friendship!

After this Friendship ceremony you become brothers!


Native American Gate keeper?

This question has been coming up many times?
The words Gate keeper is an occult religious word used in Shamanism ceremonies.

There was, is and will never be a Gatekeeper in a true traditional “Eastern Woodland” Native American Ceremony.
These religious organizations worship another god, most have more than one god!
If this is what you are interested in then there are many websites and bloggers willing to help you in your quest.
However, if you are interested in an answer about a true traditional Eastern Woodland American Native ceremony, like our Gatherings, Paw-paus and Sacred Powwows, our people never use the words gate keeper!
This would be an insult to Creator!
The person at the East, the only place to enter and exit out gatherings, is a Spiritual leader or one of his or her students, there only to help you understand our ceremonies!

You may have noticed while traveling around the internet, many people teaching about our ceremonies will not correctly match up with what the elders taught as the truth.

Many times the teaching is by non native people or someone not from our area.
Occult (Shamanism Occult Religion) was allowed to make its way into our culture after first contact, some of their teachings came along with them!
In our Sacred Ceremony known today as a Circle, entering was always from the east, the sun rises from the east making it easy to see what was going on within this circle.
Before first contact all Sacred Ceremonies were at this east so, this became sacred also.
You may have notices that sometimes even I used this satanic explanation because it seemed to be an easy way to explain, I was wrong!
This must stop.


Native American Mohegan Elders

So What Is A Traditional Native American Elder?

Native American Mohegan Elders

A Traditional American Native Elder, in the New England area at least, is someone who has reached the young age of 70.

That would be me, now!

However, this person must be well versed in the ways of the people, be an understanding leader at every ceremony and cultural event, and as an American Native, have been involved most of their life, with keeping the tribe together and on the path to the Creator.

This Elder is then shown respect by being called Grandfather, or Grandmother by the members of the people.

Just because a person is now old, this does not make that person an Elder.

If one has not completed the ceremony, then they are not an American Native Elder.

We take all of our culture and our ceremonies very seriously.