I CALL OUT few people!

The only person that I would CALL OUT before a person calling themselves a Medicine person that stands in a sacred circle giving the prayer at Grand Entry with a long winded prayer to his or her gods, would be someone like this the following!

A self appointed bag of wind telling a lot of words, all half truths!

Dr. Harris J. Bixler ScD commented on A short posting.


Q. What is Carrageenan??

A. Carrageenan is a naturally-occurring seaweed extract. It is widely used in foods and non-foods to improve texture and stability. Common uses include meat and poultry, dairy products, canned pet food, cosmetics and toothpaste.

Just because you call yourself a doctor and you can full up my blogger with a lot of words, does not make you an expert, nor does your long winded statement, on my blogger, make your statements true!
Indigenous people have been getting sick on your chemicals for all of those years you write about!
Each time we eat something that has your safe product in it we get extremely sick, we eat the same foods without your product in it we do not?
Just making my statement on my blogger!

A short posting.

If you are an indigenous person, even if you are not sure, check the label for CARRAGEENAN! Degraded carrageenan that is toxic to human cells.

Just another toxic substance forced into our food!

We had one change in our thanksgiving meal this year, ice cream to top off a pie!

Now Edy’s ice cream has put it into their product, why?

Because it is cheap!

Look at it this way, if you use it and get real sick (spend your morning in the bathroom) you are a native! 😦


Thanks for the info Chef Bob

Stonyfield Farm & Organic Valley Respond to Consumer Concerns About Carrageenan


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