Native American gathering circle meaning

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Looking for information about native American gathering circle meaning?

Because you are in another country (Canada) I am not sure if you understood our reason for Paw-Paus and or why we changed the name?


What is an American native Paw paus?

We have been to powwows in and around your country so explaining a powwow is not necessary?

A Paw Paus is what my people have called our gatherings for at least as far back as any of my teachers could recall their ancestors teach about and I am now 72 years young, or old depending who you are asking?

So as you can see a very long time, the word goes something like this.

Soon after first contact some of our invaders stumbled on one of our past gatherings and enjoyed what they were seeing.

Sachem speaks Powwow or Paw – paus

As far as what is this gathering

I can and will only talk about this very spiritual event from what I have been taught from the 40’s 50’s and 60’s and allowed to talk about!

As told to me by the traditional elders of our New England people, this gathering was held after each of our four season Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer or in their words South, West, North and East.

Fall (south) is the time of year for meetings to get ready to head in to the middle of the land gathering food and supplies and make ready to last out the colder weather that is coming, at the end of this time (fall) there would be a gathering of the people and prayers, dancing and drum for the Creators protection while on our journeys or a mini gathering. The New England people did not carry homes around the land instead they would build homes (round and long houses) in each of the seasons, places they stayed in for that season. In the winter time (west) the people split up into family groups (clans and headed west) because of the food shortages at this winter time. In this winter it would be a time of hardship keeping warm and finding food and firewood so at the end of this winter these clans would hold a gathering to share food, clothing, wood and storytelling. Spring (North) would be the time to start back toward their main homes at the great river, for planting and repairing homes and fishing holes.

At this time I will input the fact that these homes (except for the sachems family) is on a first come first serve bases so if the last owner shows up both families work together an build one or the other a new home!

Summer (east) is the time for a gathering of all the people this gathering ( Paw-paus) would be a great Spiritual event and everyone would bring food and work together repairing and rebuilding the prayer circle of course with a great opening in the East to allow room for Creator and all of the ancestors to enter.

While the people are fellowshipping, telling their story of the past season and learning of members past while gone west and new members arriving while gone and so on the fire keeper and helpers would clean and clear the circle and get the fire ready for the time Creator comes to visit with the people.

The Sachem, with a warrior on each side to help and tend to any needs while dancing around this circle, these warriors would carry the Sachems gifts and staff if necessary to Creator and would be at the head of a line so as to pray to have a friendly gathering before entering the circle.

Sachem would at this time ask the people to please place any bad feelings, gossip, and bad thoughts at the east door, if they wanted them back after the paw-paus just let Creator know otherwise Creator will take them into his fire to burn forever and the people can be cleansed enough to enjoy dancing and drumming with Creator and the ancestors.

Each family (clan) had their own prayer staff with prayer bags and medicine pouches from past family members and animal family members, this staff would usually be carried into the circle through the east by the family’s Clan Mother. Next would be the elder women then elder men, younger women and children, last but by no means least would be all of the warriors keeping a close eye out for any unwanted guests. As you may now start to see this gathering is a little different from a modern day powwow that you may have gone to, this would be because first, remember we are of the matriarch society, but most of all I am writing about a Paw-Paus not a powwow!

They had no need for fancy ropes or railings around this circle each member would place their skins or fur blankets around and all knew that the correct way into Creators church was through the East, even our animal friends (always welcome into our church) seem to know that they are welcome to come dance and fellowship with the people, the ancestors and Creator, if they made a mistake someone, usually the fire keepers helper, would just pick it up and carry on with the gathering. No vendors nothing to sell every family would bring something for meals and the young women would cook, every family would also bring things for trade and give away.

Creator would come into the circle and take over the fire usually for about week.

I have broken no code or promise made to my elders by not going into our spirituality aspects during this gathering so traditional people please understand that we need to at least get something out on the net so non-natives can see that we still do our church.


Powwow verses Paw-paus -1-0-1?

Part two of two parts

It is time again to create some more enemies?

A blog in two parts, this one is about the New Age Powwow’s sometimes called Intertribal?

I guess that so many of our traditional elders complaining in the past forced them to add a name to their gatherings?

You may either just get mad at me and move on or you may now start to understand why so many elders throughout our area get so traumatized by this new age movement?

Remember, this is only about Eastern Woodland American Native gatherings around the New England area and up and down the east coast.

Allow me to explain.

To understand we must keep going back to the first powwows and the reason for them?

Mr. Powwow, I say this to help drive in an important point, is an Evil Spirit sent to us from the Trickster, the ultimate Evil Spirit.

The extremely rude invaders ( acting like this Mr. powwow) from overseas demanded the right to join our Sacred Ceremonies, so our ancestor fluffed the ceremonies, made them pretty but hollow and allowed them in.

Seeing just how boring that they were, the invaders stopped coming around, mission accomplished.

Our powwows,.

I say our, because true traditional eastern woodland natives still closely follow the ancestors paw-paus!

O.K. back to an intertribal powwow.

The first time I walked head first into a new age arena powwow was the first powwow put on by the Mohegan Casino, sorry but this is true!

Grand Entry started with a group of cowboys wearing plains Indian headdress riding around this arena shooting rifles in the air inside this large tent?

I should have said first and last time I made this visit.

I guess that they felt that it was necessary making all this fuss in order to wake up Kiehtan (Creator)?

First we must take away the Sacred Fire in the west and place it in the middle of an arena, no more circle, that is if they even have a fire now?

So now we must have an Arena Director.

This new age powwow in also no longer from a Tribal Matriarch Society.

This is a Patriarchy Society?

By this I mean that the line up to Grand Entry is totally mixed up and changed around.

First we must have the grass mowed down by Plains Indian Grass Dancers?

Looks a little strange when some times the powwow is held in a school basketball court?

The Head Veteran is now just around there for looks because we are using this director and/or a gatekeeper, not sure what his job is?

Men, elder men, are moved to the front of the line to hold flags and something that looks like a Plains Indian Chiefs War Club or Staff?

Please do not get me wrong because there is nothing bad about a Plains Indian’s Gathering in central America, been there enjoyed that.

Next in the line veterans, then elder women, warriors and then younger females, no longer such a thing as a Sachem, Head Clan Mother or much of anything else resembling an eastern woodland native group of people, most are dressed in Canadian or Plains Indian costumes.

Remember, while all of this lining up we have someone called a medicine man and/or medicine woman trying to smoke clean the place and the people?

Getting into their arena will be another posting this is getting long enough?

Winnipeg Manitoba Canada (Traditional teachings sage)

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Some of our sites found in your search

Smudging the correct way

Thank you and glad to have visitors from our neighbors up north however please remember that you are in Canada and that cultures may be a little different between countries and tribes.

For instance we use Kinnick- Kinnick for all of our ceremonies, although we now often include sage with this mixed herbal mixture?


Firekeeper/Keeper of the Circle

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Smudging the correct way.



Smudging has just been covered the other day,

Smudging before entering the circle September 28, 2013

Fire Keeper has not.

Fire Keeper is the reason why I have been holding onto this for a little while and praying about it before answering.

I do that a lot.

We must once again understand that my teachers were from around New York, New England and parts south. While it is true that my father Shechaim (Sachems) Zeak and my grandfather Shechaim (Sachems) Tallfox had many visitor to our meetings, I have no knowledge of the Canadian natives Fire Keepers, never has the opportunity to witness?

Also, since I am writing on a blog being read by people from all over Indian country and the world, I feel that it is necessary to point out that fact .

I have also been to thousands of gatherings around Indian country and have noticed that most gatherings do not have a fire, some have a fire almost as an afterthought and a few have a fire along the lines of our Paw-paus gatherings.

It is this the last that I chose to write about.

My people take a fire in or around a circle very personal.

You see, we believe that a correctly placed fire at the correct time is a symbol that Kiehtan (Creator) has agreed to a visit with our gathering.

The original powwows before first contact (Paw-paus) the fire was always off to the west side away from distractions with room to do our smudging/prayers, in those days smudging was with Kinnick – Kinnick Herbs, this is our tobacco.

Our powwows, not counting today’s intertribal, the fire is placed into the center of our circle.

Long before any gathering begins the cleaning and clearing must be done.

After the circle is cleaned and cleared correctly it is time to smudge.

Taking the remains of the last fire and mixing it with Kinnick, Kinnick we start the spirit smudging, light the fire in the center of the circle.

light the mix from the fire in the circle, extremely important, let the fire in the circle go out on its own.

Smudge starting at the east at the fire, smudge around and back to the east, take two steps toward the east opening and smudge around the fire once again back to the east each time getting closer to the east opening and out through your opening.

This way all spirits good and bad will be forced out the opening of your circle.

Good spirits will return with Kiehtan.

Your circle is now ready for the Firekeeper prayers for a blessing from Kiehtan and a visit.

After the fire is started (another posting) the Firekeeper and assistants must keep the fire going for the length of the Paw-paus or powwow.


Prairieville Louisiana

Eastern woodlands ceremonies and beliefs

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Looking for information on eastern woodlands ceremonies and beliefs.

Not sure what your interest is about my people however, hope that you were able to find everything that you were looking for?

If not contact us with further questions.

Your native groups are a little below our people and might have different ceremonies within the culture?

The Eastern Woodland Indians inhabited a wide area in the eastern part of the United States that extended eastward from the Mississippi River, through the Great Lakes region, to the Atlantic Ocean.

The inhabitants in this region were forest dwellers living in a vastly wooded area that extended, not only from Lake Superior to the Atlantic Ocean, but south from Canada into the southern states of Kentucky and Virginia.

Why just New England

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Asking why do I just talk about New England when teaching about our ancestors?

I stand corrected.

Thank you for your great question.

You are correct when you pointed out that New York and parts of North East Canada should be included in my teaching.

Sometimes the most obvious questions are overlooked by a teacher and it takes an inquiring mind to get to that question/answer.

My only defense would be, while growing up around tribal monthly meetings, each time a speaker included New York into a speech about New England, an elder from our neighboring state took great pride in stating that New York is not a part of New England.

To a child growing up around so many terrific teachers (elders) from so many different parts of our past from our ancestors, it made very little sense not including them all?

However. not knowing that it was just a friendly game of teasing among friends and family while at those meetings I did not question at the time.

It is a ‘respect your elders thing that I do need to get over’, sorry.

It is hard to believe sometimes that our ancestors traveled and did so often.

Traveling the powwow trail one will meet members of the Mohiigan (Pequot/Mohegan) tribe of mixed bloods cast out by this government from Northeast Canada to the tip of Florida and out to the Mississippi river.

Our last visit to the Keys watching the sunset inches from the end of Florida, we met a few of those brothers playing cards and enjoying life in the sunshine state.

In the great state New York and for sure your Long Island, there are many decedents from the ancestors (Mohiigan) tribe.

I often state ‘New England’ because once you leave our area tribal ceremonies do change.

In the New England/New York/Canada area, I have been too many ceremonies that faithfully following our ancestors traditions, my new friend.

Look out Northern New York, we have Central Florida

Waterfall at sinkhole preserve Wolf Branch Preserve Florida

Step aside New York because Mt. Dora Florida is on your tail,

Nicaragua Falls, what is that?

We have our own Waterfall in the Mountains of Central Florida!


Niagara Falls

Public invited to view waterfall during visit to Wolf Branch Sink Preserve

Mt. Dora is pretty hilly, turn-off for the sink is just south of the railroad bridge over 441, down the road that took you by both a brand new housing development and ancient orange groves.


Upon entering the property the elevation drops severely and all the water from a 5-mile square area funnels to this spot, a very wet summer where it rained almost every day, gave new life to the creek and the waterfall.


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Radioactive groundwater at Fukushima

The inability to contain vast quantities of radioactive water.

Guess where it is going or should we say coming to?

Radioactive groundwater at Fukushima nears Pacific By Mari Yamaguchi, Published: August 23

TOKYO — Deep beneath Fukushima’s crippled nuclear power station, a massive underground reservoir of contaminated water that began spilling from the plant’s reactors after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami has been creeping toward the Pacific.”


“Holy Fukushima – Is Your Drinking Water Safe From Japanese Radiation? July 29, 2013

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Disturbing model simulations by German scientists showing the long term dispersal of Caesium-137 radiation being released into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima.”

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This would be funny if it wasn’t for being so terrifying.

If I use a chart to show you the danger that our government and the oil companies are trying to hide from you, would you be willing to read more?


Or hopefully some photos will do the trick?

Crude on the tracks: Oil spills from trains skyrocket


Do we need a chart to see what the oil companies are doing to us because we are still in the dark about as to why we should be stopping this madness?

News Summary: Trains to carry crude despite danger

The rail tankers involved in the derailment are known as DOT-111 and have a history of puncturing during accidents, the lead Transportation Safety Board investigator told The Associated Press in a telephone interview late Monday.

TSB investigator Donald Ross said Canada‘s TSB has gone on record saying that it would like to see improvements on these tankers, though he acknowledged it’s too early to say whether a different or modified tanker would have avoided this weekend’s tragedy.

The Associated Press Published: Friday, Jul. 19, 2013 – 12:33 pm OIL ABOARD: U.S. and Canadian drillers are producing oil faster than new pipelines can be built. As a result, trains have become an unexpected yet vital way to move this bounty of energy. This year, more trains carrying crude will chug across North America than ever before — nearly 1,400 carloads a day. In 2009, there were just 31 carloads a day. SAFETY QUESTIONED: Earlier this month, 50 people were killed in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, near the Maine border, when a runaway train carrying 72 carloads of crude derailed and sparked an explosion. TRAINS WILL KEEP CHUGGING: Experts say tank cars that carry crude could be made stronger, but rail is an increasingly safe mode of transportation. Also, oil isn’t as hazardous as many other substances shipped by train. Pipelines can be hard to permit and build, and refiners like the flexibility and speed that rail offers — along with access to domestic crude, which is often cheaper than imported oil.