Woman Regalia

I was not going to write about this one because the person did not leave a way to see just where the question came from it just said Unknown.

However, the question is a good one because it, once again points out my problem while writing about my people, the Eastern Woodland Tribes over on the East Coast of Indian Country.

If I do not keep up with correcting answers to important questions, who will?

If I do not keep up with correcting answers to important questions, the rest of our culture will soon be lost, we have already lost far too much as it is.

The question was Eastern Woodland Native American woman regalia?

Which to me means that this person is looking for information about our Regalia, more to the point our women.

I had to go through nine statements in their search engine about Indian clothing before I could point out the correct answer and even then Plains Indian cloth and non native cloth also showed up.

Is it any wonder why our non native friends are confused?

We did not wear Warriors Bonnet let alone with turkey feathers and we never had a Peace pipe?

The original peoples of the Eastern Woodland Tribes up and down the east coast when the invaders (Europeans) showed up lived around trees, a lot of trees.

Wild animals, a lot of wild animals.

Cold weather, a lot of cold weather.

Half of the seasons are cold seasons.

We did not have cloth, we had to make do as best we could and this meant Dear Skin, Moose Skin, Raccoon and other furs as they came available.

Our warriors, and women did not use turkey feathers, medal or plastic headdress.

This came much later and came from the west by Plains Indians and French traders.

Couple of my sites, I hope that you can find more?

Traditional Eastern Woodland Regalia


Native American Eastern Woodland Warriors Regalia



Never had a Peace Pipe in New England?

Another time to answer many questions about our ceremonies.

Our sacred prayers at ceremonies.


Still wondering about our pipe ceremonies?

We have two tribal pipes, one for friendship and one for our sacred ceremonies.

The first one (friendship) was in every roundhouse used to show friendship to anyone coming to visit.

Friendship Pipe 007

The second one (Sacred Pipe) is always in the roundhouse of the leader of the people and used by the pipe keeper for sacred ceremonies only.

There were no peace pipes in the tribes of the New England area until after the invasion of the western Indians from the other side of the Mississippi River.

If you remember your school history, there was no need for a peace pipe in our time with Europeans, because no non native had plans for peace!

This was many years before the West Coast Indians ever saw a European.

We had a Friendship Pipe used something like the west coast tribes peace pipe, if or when they used their pipe for friendly visits.

However, we also have a Sacred Pipe, for us, it is just what is implied “SACRED”! One must be a native, one must also go through years of training by an elder from your tribe that has gone through the training before you can care for this pipe!

This pipe does not belong to any creation, this pipe belongs to Creator!

One can light up a Friendship pipe and pass it around at gatherings as a sign of friendship as long as that person knows how to pass it around.

Sacred Pipe, one will NEVER awaken this pipe pass it around and/or give it away to anyone and for sure NEVER to a non native or an untrained member! NEVER!

A Spiritual Leader in any Eastern Woodland New England Tribe is not someone that has been elected to office by an Indian president or counsel member or someone that wakes up one day and decides to become a spiritual leader. An elder leader MUST be created by Creator through a very long life time journey, this is not a game of show and tell or a pat on the back, this is a work in progress, watched over day and night by the teacher (Creator)!

This pipe will never be on display to outsiders and a true traditional spiritual elder would not be involved in ceremonies around non native visitors. This is why you will not learn true traditional sacred prayers, because you have no need to learn our sacred prayers?

If this truth is hard nose I apologize to you however, far too many “akuwham” (trickster/coyote) are invading our culture since the changing of laws by the Euro Americans since the early 1990’s

Sachem Weyonomon died of smallpox

Columbus Ohio
Welcome to this blogger looking for information about
Mohegan peace pipes?
Queen buries hatchet with the Mohegan’s
Yes you are correct, the joke in on our people.
Truth is that Sachem Mahomet Weyonomon ( We call him Sachem not Chief) had the copy of a petition to King George II
The tribe never had a peace pipe (never had a war with the English, we call it elimination by assimilation), because we never were at war we did not have feather war bonnets.
We never had smallpox blankets in the east, our sachem had to go to England to get smallpox!
Sachem Mahomet left Connecticut to plead for royal help in protecting his hunting grounds but died from smallpox in his City of London lodgings.
He was buried in the cathedral’s grounds, where he was to lie in obscurity for 270 years.

Our Native American pipe ceremony

What is our pipe ceremony?

The ceremonial use of the pipe is a simple ritual. The peace pipe ( Friendship) is loaded with native tobacco called kinnick, kinnick a mixture of commonly found herbs.

No form of mind-altering substance is condoned by American Natives traditionalists. We do not need or use hallucinating substances.

The pipe ceremony begins with herbs, a natural substance, into a pipe and then acknowledging the four directions.

Mother Earth, point stem towards earth, and Father Sky; point stem towards the sky, it culminates with the final offering to the Great Spirit.

The pipe is held firmly by the bowl in the palm of the hand with the stem pointed outward. The last step of the pipe offering is the holding up of the pipe with its stem pointed straight upward, out into the center of the universe. Although we admit that Creator is everywhere, in ceremony it is easier to think of Creator as above.

A preference is starting in the east, because the sun rises in the east, and it is the beginning of a new day for each of us.

The following description begins with an east-facing celebrant, besides this is how we have been taught by each and every one of my elders, while teaching me that Creator always arrives from the east at our gatherings, good enough for my ancestors good enough for me!

The pipe holder stands to face the east, holding the pipe with its stem pointed eastward in one hand, a pinch of herbs ( kinnick, kinnick ) in the other, and sprinkles some herbs on the ground before inserting the herbs in the bowl of the pipe.

By sprinkling a portion on the ground, the pipe holder is acknowledging that we must always give back to Mother Earth the first part of what we have taken.

The sprinkling also demonstrates to the on looking spirit world that a portion of the herbs is for the powers from the east.

The pipe holder may ask the on lookers, please also face east while the pipe is loaded in such a manner.

Red is the east; It is where the daybreak star, the star of knowledge appears.
Red is the rising sun bringing us a new day we thank you, Great Spirit, for each new day that we are allowed to live upon Mother Earth.

From knowledge springs wisdom and goodness and we are thankful, for the morning sun that rises in the east.
Knowledge shall become the beginning of peace throughout this world.

The pipe holder turns to the south and points the pipe stem in that direction. A new pinch of herbs is held slightly above eye level in a southerly direction, on lookers should be also facing south.

The south is yellow. Mother Earth gives us growth, gives us all that sustains us, and herbs that heal us.

She brings forth the bounty of warm south wind and the yellow so that we think of strength, growth and physical healing and a time for planting.

Another pinch of herbs is put into the pipe bowl.

The pipe holder and all on lookers then face west.

Black is the color of the west where the sun goes down.
Black is darkness, release, spirit protection.
In the darkness, the spirit beings come to us.

The spirit beings warn us and protect us.

Black is the water; the life-giving rains come from the west,
where the thunder beings live Water is life.

Black stands for the spirit world where we shall all enter someday.
What we do or do not do upon this earth, we shall carry with us over into that spirit world.
We shall all join together and either be ashamed or proud of how we treated one another, how we respected or disrespected our Mother Earth,
How we respected or disrespected all living things made by the Great Creator.

We will see each other and know each other in the spirit world. Those we have harmed will remind us for eternity. The west is where our spiritual wisdom comes from
If we care to seek it.

The pipe holder sprinkles some herbs upon Mother Earth and puts some herbs into the pipe bowl.
Every time the pipe holder faces a direction, all onlookers face that direction and listen to the speakers words intently.

The last of the four directions is the north.

White is for the north power strength, endurance, purity, truth stands for the north.
The north covers our Mother Earth with the white blanket of cleansing snow the snow prevents many sicknesses.

Courage and endurance these strengths we seek and wish to be blessed with as we stand here facing north.

The herbs is sprinkled to the north and then inserted into the bowl.

Green is the color for Mother Earth

every particle of us comes from her through the food we take from her daily.

We all start out as tiny seeds we have grown to our present state and status through what she provides she is truly our mother and must be acknowledged and respected.

Kinnick~Kinnick is sprinkled upon Mother Earth and the pipe is loaded.

The pipe is then pointed at an angle to the sky. We usually point our pipe towards the sun; if it is evening, we point it towards the moon, to acknowledge Father Sky.

Father Sky gives us energy from the sun.
Father Sky provides the fire that
Fuels our homes and our lodges
And the energy that moves our bodies.

Father Sky has daily communion with our mother.
Together, they are our true parents.

Some herbs is sprinkled on the ground, and the major portion is loaded into the pipe.
The pipe receives a portion` of Kinnick~Kinnick one last time, and then the pipe is held almost straight up into the sky.

Great Spirit, Creator of us all Creator of the four directions,
Creator of our Mother Earth and Father Sky and all things, we offer this pipe.

If there is still some unburned herbs remaining in the bowl after the pipe has made its journey around the circle, the ashes will be cleaned from the pipe and sprinkled upon Mother Earth. The pipe ceremony is then finished.

A pipe is never lit or loaded indoors;

a pipe is loaded and lit outside then brought in.

A Tribal mother will usually serve as acceptor for the Kinnick~Kinnick that is normally sprinkled on Mother Earth.

The woman will take the herbs offered to the four directions, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the Great Spirit outside at some later time and sprinkle the herbs upon the earth.

My grandfather, Sachem Chief Tallfox’s (Mgisse) friendship pipe, was awakened for him by his grandfather (Ahtchwechteed) William Thomas Storey married to Mary Tracy fielding in 1859, the pipe was blessed by Creator in 1898 at their eastern paw paus that summer!