89 fertilizers companies in Florida alone

Need a reason why government and political leaders are fighting the new stronger ban on fertilizer?

Koch Fertilizer, LLC

Fertilizer lobbyist want to sue Indian river county because of the strong fertilizer ordinance.


There are 89 fertilizers companies in Florida alone.


Insurance agents feeling left out

Words from Sachem


Insurance agents feeling left out of “Obamacare


I feel for them!

Not really!


We need to start seeing the forest through the trees as my elders loved saying!

Red Light cameras don’t stop accidents

They’re just money makers for the city!



Red Lights are for helping to keep city workers from a need to scrape you, your car and the people that you really care nothing about off the road.

To help police do more important things then write reports to help keep the person in the truck from any law suits.

To help the truck owned repair the front end of his truck.

To make sure that the media gets an accurate report on your stupid move!

Oh yes, by the way, they also might someday save the lives of my family, loved ones, Word Press and Face book friends and even me from people like you?

The dip is patched today?

Had to go to Pet Supermarket for babies Wellness Ocean Core dry dog food,

the best for the best!

Just in case you do not know the boss of the house?




Back to the dip.


You just hit a dip!

Florida has an answer to everything, too bad it is always the Wobbly Answer?

For instance, a sign on our way to shopping that has been wasting batteries for about 6 months now.


Slow down dip ahead

The next sign hand painted gives you a phone number after you destroy your car?


Heaven forbid that we just go fix the problem correctly the first time instead of a constant patch job?

But then one must remember the stupid job on the road at our post office.


Another prime example of our governments way of thinking,

why yes,

traffic lights do slow down on accidents and save lives only, out of state drivers

that run our red lights do not pay their fines so let’s just junk the camera systems?



The affordable healthcare act has a few bugs in it so let’s call it ObamaCare,

blame our president and dump it also, forget about doing our jobs and work at improving it?


Your tax money hard at work?


WFTV 9 Investigates political donations coming from Step Up For Students address hundreds of millions of dollars coming from Step up for Students addresses.



John Kirtley, a successful venture capitalist, said Step Up didn’t contribute any money to political committees or candidates. He said he did and just used the Step Up address because he’s also the chairman of the board for the organization.

Doug Tuthill, president of Step Up, said, “One of the primary reasons we’ve been so successful, we spend about $1 million every other cycle in local political races, which in Florida is a lot of money.”


9 Investigates sat down with Tuthill to find out if the organization is trying to buy politicians.

When 9 Investigates followed the money, we uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions coming from Step Up’s addresses over the past decade.

A controversial Florida program that receives hundreds of millions in tax dollars to send poor kids to private schools has ties to big money being used to influence state legislators.

9 Investigates uncovered a revealing video where the president of the organization unveiled his political strategy, and we discovered that hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions are coming from the organization’s address, even though it’s not allowed to make political contributions.

Step Up For Students received $286 million this year alone

Step up for students president on YouTube


Winnipeg Manitoba Canada (Traditional teachings sage)

Welcome to the visitor from the city of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada


To some of my postings while looking for information about traditional teachings sage

Some of our sites found in your search

Smudging the correct way


http://mysmudgingblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/smudging-circle.html http://mysmudgingblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/tobacco-sweet-grass-sage-herbs-and.html

Thank you and glad to have visitors from our neighbors up north however please remember that you are in Canada and that cultures may be a little different between countries and tribes.

For instance we use Kinnick- Kinnick for all of our ceremonies, although we now often include sage with this mixed herbal mixture?


Why did Blue Chip energy solar fail in Sorrento Florida?

Florida is one of the sunniest places in this country, if a solar company cannot make it in this state we need to be taking a serious look at why?

Our politicians, their lobbyist and the people in government being targeted by both are part of the reason, we the people are the other part of the problem.


We need to


We the people must learn to say “stop the madness” and our government needs to “start listening to we the people”!

Remember not so long ago when our politicians use to poke fun at what they called 3rd world countries?

Will they are no longer 3rd world countries, we are this so called 3rd world country.

A number of reasons for the BlueChip companies downfall, the parent company buys its products from out of country companies that could not act fast enough when problems arose and because of all of the road blocks thrown in the way of the progress of the company at each turn by big business, oil companies and their lobbyists.


Everyone knows by now my love and belief in alternative energy over our extremely old outdated power grid and the hold its companies have over our government however, I for one, am glad Blue Chip failed!

We must start doing and not just saying ‘Build and made in America’.



Blue Chip Energy failure leaves solar-power customers up in air. Homeowners wonder about safety of solar panels July 28, 2013


Attilio Di Marco shows the solar-panel system’s output in his Longwood home last week.

PT. Brake Booster?

So what is this Brake Booster?

Or in our case, PT Cruiser Brake Booster?


Well while traveling some 45 to 50 miles from home in 98 degree temperature, this is no time to try and find out.

We did get our baby back home, slowly because she did have brake, sort of.

Remember how our ancestors traveling out west had to do to stop their covered wagons?

Once home I rechecked to see if this ‘amateur mechanic’ could find a quick fix while the computer was warming up.

The internet has bailed me out time and time again with helpful hints to repair a problem.

Not this time, this is why I am writing today.


A brake booster, many newer vehicles have this type of system, uses vacuum to help stop your vehicle.

After looking around under the hood and time and time again asking questions to my server, I spotted a connection that should have had a hose connected?

No hose, no place to attach the other end of a hose?

If you type into your server the words ” Images of a Brake Booster” you can see the many types of and the possible problem with them.

We have a 2006 P T Cruiser, the brakes went hard, she heard a noise I did not, come to find out that it was a vacuum sucking sound.

The number one tool in millions of homes is?


Somehow I need to safely get to a parts store at some twenty miles away to buy a 1/4″ rubber cap to replace the old one, one would guess got hot and weak enough from brake fluid to just fall off?

It would seem that this particular booster has a fitting on it capable of hooking up other hoses?


Looking to the right on this photo you can see this fitting?

Just think about this, if one could not find this and many other types of problems, how much would your dealer charge to repair?