Wildlife and alternative energy


How many birds, plants, animals and fish suffer or die from a Wind Farm in the desert or ocean?


How many birds, plants, animals and fish suffer or die from a fossil fuel plant?


How many birds, plants, animals and fish suffer or die from a Solar Farm in the desert or ocean?


How many birds, plants, animals and fish suffer or die from a supply and/or return line of Nuclear power plants?


How many birds, plants, animals and fish suffer or die from a Coal power plant?


How many birds, plants, animals and fish suffer or die from a hydroelectric generators?


When was the last time you passed by a chemical plant or a tobacco factory?


How many fish and Mammals live well under Wind and/or Solar farms in our waters?


How many birds, people and animals live well under Wind and/or Solar farms on land?


Why do we pay so much for electricity, are so over polluting our planet, live with the smell of so much smog, and/or eat so many poisoned plants, fish and animals?

Today’s antiquated power plants.


My answer to capecodforever

You did not leave any other way to respond?

Welcome (capecodforever) my blog follower. By being a follower you must know that I have no favorite bird or any creation for that matter, although I do have little love for poisonous snakes, Fire Ants, Cockroaches an Squirrels (rodents). You also know that I hate the use of fossil fuel and what it does to Mother Earth. However, a  death of any bird also sickens me. My partner is on the same page as you, so I get to hear and read all about this abuse first hand.

While it is true that I push wind and solar and slowly but surely try to add other, better ways of receiving power, http://www.sachem-uncas.com/energy.html I do this because over the 72 years Creator has placed me on Mother Earth, if I have learned one thing it is that we humans have a very large brain and a very small mind! By this I mean that we tend to be creatures of habit hard to change. I push Wind Energy out in our oceans along with many other choices and Solar Power for land bound states also with many other choices.

For instance, if we place Wind Generators on off shore platform past bird flight and include Wave Generators, with protection for our fin friends, this country would need no other choice for our power?

You should also know that I have little respect for this particular article, because I believe in what our president is trying to do while fighting daily with people like this author and getting little help teaching the correct way to go about energy saving.


Thank you for contacting me, if this does not help please feel free to ask until it does?

In need of more Bird Hotel’s and Restaurant’s

Working on it!

I did want to get a picture of my own birds from one of the Bird Hotel’s I built however, each time I walked out the door the birds would leave. 😦

It is more important to us to keep the birds around as long as possible so I went to the internet for photos.

Golden Finch






Although I’m guessing that the natives around would be real happy to see them go? 🙂

I grew up in my Village in Uncasvillage Connecticut (Mohegan Village) a little place now called Uncasville by the non natives. Not sure just where the Robins came from (Uncasvillage does have many Robins and Sparrows) but the Golden Finch, we call our yellow birds, spend the year, except for snow in the winter, around that village plus all over New England. So after moving to central Florida, it was a blessing from Creator to have them spend time once again with me around this house before moving back up north, hence the reason for calling them Snow Birds. 🙂 The little sparrows seem to follow along each year.

People down south call the people that live up north and come down south for the winter Snow Birds, don’t get me wrong, they are also welcome. The birds with so much yellow are the males, the females need to blend in with their surroundings to protect themselves, their eggs and/or chicks so they have many colors (flat colors). While writing this, all 10 feeders are full of birds so I am having a problem, more so then usual, concentrating on this posting. 🙂

I keep one double feeder out all night for night time snacks and remove the rest until first light. This morning after hanging the feeders we notices a Cooper Hawk on the top of our neighbors radio antenna, so no birds until he/she left for another place to find breakfast. 🙂

Cooper Hawk


are a Bird of Prey, we protect our birds of prey because they also are our protectors. they must eat also just wish that they would eat more squirrels and snakes, less song birds? 😦

They do a good job of keeping the racers (fastest snake in the south) under control.

The Racers


eat our endangered green frogs and green lizards among other things. 😦

Snow Birds have arrived

We have had our yearly visitors down from New England for a few days now and this is the first time that I was ready for them, well sort of 😦

As you know, I am getting my old computer on line and ready for vacation, my new computer works great however, it is real bashful, it does not like to go on line while away from home? The old girl, however, has no pride, she will go on line any place. 🙂 Both are Sony Vaio laptops?

I’m talking about the American Golden finch and the American Robin, the robins have been down for about a month and only requite a daily refill of the two birdbaths. The PIGS, I mean finch, on the other hand keep inviting their friends, neighbors, relatives and their cousins the sparrows, OH DARN!

American RobinGolden Finch

This year while building those new types of feeders I also made a few mini feeders just for the finch food thinking that I would fool them, the only ones being fooled are our normal native birds and none of them are use to taking a ticket and waiting in line to eat. I now have ten assorted feeders around the house and could use ten more. Breanna, Donna and I spend half the day enjoying the sights and the other half keeping the squirrels in check, RETIRED? WHAT is RETIRED? 🙂

Breanna is not going to make it without a lot more oxygen, she just keeps running from room to room, window to window, sleeps well though at night.

Oh well bring on the vacation, the old girl is rearing to go to work. 🙂

We may not make it until vacation time, birds are happy. 😦



If you want to make a Birdfeeder like mine and think that you do not have the time, I just made a shorter version two days ago that is working just fine at our sunroom window, I only have one so far, until we empty another water jug. Less fighting with more feeders.

A hook on the painted (paint your own color just remember that red or yellow and hummingbirds think that it is their feeder) upside down bucket, then drill a hole in the cap to the clear water jug for a wire or string. Cut out the label on just one side big enough for the birds to eat comfortably remembering to leave room for the seeds not to fall out, my clear water bottle has a label on only one side which works great because the back side is clear for watching from the window into the feeder while birds eat.

Drill a hole in the middle of the bottom of the water jug for a wire or string to a smaller upside down bucket painted.

Hang it just like the other one opening facing out so that a squirrel cannot jump in from the window side.


If the squirrel tries to jump up from the ground the bottom bucket stops him, if he tries to step down from the roof the top bucket moves and he falls off.

Update on that new birdfeeder, from 01/19/2013.

I thought that I would make it easier for bigger birds to land on something while eat the seeds, the green landing platform outside of the opening to the seeds.

No tail jumped on that in no time and turned it into his/her own feeder so I remover it that same day. That was back on Sunday the 20th.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Bird Feeder


New Feeder is up and open for feeding frenzy

I just replaced the old junk test Bird Feeder with a newer one painted for looks.

The sun is over the roof so it is impossible to get a picture on the outside looking at it with the window behind it today.

This one is inside looking through the screen, sorry.

It is hanging over our kitchen window.

I was worried about our song birds finding it and if they would give it a try, our crazy birds (we call the Nuthatch, Sparrows, Finch and Chickadees crazy because they come get one seed fly to a tree eat it and fly back 15 to 20’s at each feeding, screaming while in flight)?

Darn we have to watch this go on all day long. 🙂

No problem, as soon as I arrived inside, took the picture and was transferring over to the computed, all of the song birds came calling.

I installed a new thicker pole 7/8’s PVC, it is 4′ long.

The hooks drops down 12″ to the upside down painted bucket with a painted Greek Yogurt cup inside that is real unstable to stand on for my buddy the squirrel.

I painted them two days ago.

Another 15″ down to my two new feeder holder for the pigs, I mean birds.

Two water jugs with only one side cut open high enough for seeds, wide enough for the birds to feel safe while eating and the squirrel cannot get in from the back.

We get to watch from the kitchen through the window and through the back side of the jugs, a win, win all around because the old bird feeders are far away hanging as a squirrel feeder.

Oh I almost forgot about the guaranteed to work squirrel proof bird feeder that Mother-in Law bought me last year, NOT.

It took NoTail 5 minute to find and feed off of it.

I cut it into pieces to make a landing for the Blue jays, Cardinals, Doves, and our one crow George.

Two cups hooked on below to keep Notail honest.

The rest of the birds should be back after the cold weather.


Squirrel proof bird feeder

OK I agree that this might be a little stretch at being on a Native American blog however, it is nature and the number one question on other websites so because it works?

Welcome to the visitor from the city of London United Kingdom


Asking the question, is there such a thing as a squirrel proof bird feeder?


This one might not be the prettiest but it might be the least expensive and it works.

However, since the last writing about birdfeeders I also invented one that has so far, halter their attack on a window feeder. We do love watching our birds eat, drink, bathing and be marry.

Remember while reading one gets to paint everything with your favorite color for looks.

Nothing against Squirrels except that they are a little gamey when eaten. They do have a Squirrel feeder that they guard with their lives, they do not eat from it until every birdfeeders in the neighborhood is empty, everyone except ours, they just guard that one.

Using a 4’ 1 1/2 piece of PVC pipe, screw one end onto a 6” shelf hanger, then screwed it to the house just below the roof over the, in our case, kitchen window. A 1/8” hole in the other end of the 4’ pipe to hang a piece of wire through and down just low enough to hang a feeder on for the enjoyment of seeing our birds.

I happen to have an old piece of thick fencing that made this job easier and stronger, I am a (pack rat at saving everything) . I use this in place of the wire, it’s free.

The new trick seems to be putting that wire through the middle of the bottom of an upside down 8″ to 10″ Ice Cream bucket with some duct tape wrapped in a ball around the wire to keep the upside down bucket from sliding down the wire and onto the feeder. Mother in Law buys these big buckets of ice cream I reuse the buckets.

The Squirrel will walk out on the PVC pipe however, when it tries to step onto the bucket it tips and the Squirrel either steps back or falls off to the ground and runs away. It does not hurt the Squirrel except for a little loss of pride and the birds do not mind.

Someday when I am positive that it works and/or the birds slow down some, I will make one for pictures. Have fun.

Veterans receiving an Eagle Feather

An answer to a very good extremely misunderstood important question.
Native American ceremony on a veteran receiving the honored eagle feather?
I follow my elders, now ancestors on this question and may or may not apply to other tribes.
The leaders of our group of tribal people have always believed from the beginning of our existence, that everyone that fights for the rights and safety of the people are heroes and deserve a recognition from Birds of Prey.
Up until a short time ago, going to any battle for a protection of the people was in some way mandatory (European word drafted) so, no matter how you came back from or did not come back from this battle (War) you received the recognition from the Birds of Prey!
Did you notice that the words Birds of Prey are capitals?
Birds of Prey is a very sacred ceremony!
My grandfathers had, until it was stolen, a Birds of Prey staff, feathers from all birds of prey found around New England.
No one knows the age of this lost staff!
To kill any bird of prey was the same as killing any member of the people and was never none!
Without going into this sacred ceremony except to help in your understanding, the four corners, (Shehukte Kina Konacya), War Chief, and Head Grand Clan Mother, were in the circle along with the leader of the people (Sachem). Each warrior in turn would dance the circle (Paw-paus) stopping at the staff only to be touched by the staff to receive a blessing from Creator and the spirits of the birds of prey!
One not returning, family as many as wish, danced the circle.
THE FOUR SACRED CORNERS. (Shehukte Kina Konacya).