This is my kind of cage

We need to have this kind of cage for every cages animal in the world?

Only stacked with human poachers.

Poachers are illegal hunters who do not follow laws, rules and regulations.

What poaching means is that even though an animal is protected and laws have been passed to make hunting and killing that animal illegal, the animal is still hunted and killed.

Spend a few weeks dragging the cage around areas where poachers like to hunt.

At lunch and dinner time stop the cage hand food into the cage through the bars and take an hour watching the animals come to see the cage while eating meals.

The African lion could become extinct in the next decade, want to gawk up close at one of Mother Nature’s glorious creatures before they’re gone forever?

Cagey Cats


The Lion Encounter Ride inside New Zealand’s Orana Wildlife Park

Is Hunting really a Sport

If you are a hunter you are not going to like this post, it is a free world we get to agree to disagree.

A free world for anything but the plants, animals, fish, reptiles and many humans, the rest get to play with their toys at all of the others expense.

My answer to a kind statement from one of my good WordPress Friends.

I do thank-you for your support!

Definition of sport?

Competitive physical activity: an individual or group competitive activity involving physical exertion or skill, governed by rules!

The skill would be sitting on the roof of your truck in the road ( which is against the law by the way) with a very expensive rifle with a scope shooting a deer being chased by your hungry dog, and the rule would be?


Somebody who plays fairly: somebody noted for abiding by the rules in a game or for generally honorable behavior ?

So, then one would guess that it is only a sport if we can also arm the animals with high powered rifles w/scopes, feed and retire the poor hungry dogs and allow the animals to sit on a truck roof and shoot back at you?

As a Traditional Native American loving ALL of Creators creations (this must include you the hunter) one must concede that before Super Store’s one needed to hunt (with rules) to feed and clothe your family however, it now cost sometimes 3 times as much just to satisfy ones thirst for killing not feeding or clothing!

I was thinking that after our hunters kill off every Endangered species in the world we could persuade  them into hunting those bad pet owners, the ones that constantly miss treat their pets.

Alas, unfortunately the hunters and the bad pet owners are usually one and the same!

Breanna and I enjoy driving to the Post office a few times a week, it is only 1/2 mile away however, she loves to ride and I need to get away now and again.

I removed our mail box because people are always pulling up to check it out or driving past shooting at it.

Every once in a while we find a hunters dog stuck inside the building.

Guess they follow someone in out of the cold/heat and will not come out.

They have this medal collar locked far too tight around their neck and every rib on their body showing a lack of food, you see these hunters starve the dogs half to death so that they will chase Bambi out of the forest for an easier shot!


I am one of the people that cuts off the collar, feeds the dog and sets them free!

I CALL OUT few people!

The only person that I would CALL OUT before a person calling themselves a Medicine person that stands in a sacred circle giving the prayer at Grand Entry with a long winded prayer to his or her gods, would be someone like this the following!

A self appointed bag of wind telling a lot of words, all half truths!

Dr. Harris J. Bixler ScD commented on A short posting.


Q. What is Carrageenan??

A. Carrageenan is a naturally-occurring seaweed extract. It is widely used in foods and non-foods to improve texture and stability. Common uses include meat and poultry, dairy products, canned pet food, cosmetics and toothpaste.

Just because you call yourself a doctor and you can full up my blogger with a lot of words, does not make you an expert, nor does your long winded statement, on my blogger, make your statements true!
Indigenous people have been getting sick on your chemicals for all of those years you write about!
Each time we eat something that has your safe product in it we get extremely sick, we eat the same foods without your product in it we do not?
Just making my statement on my blogger!