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Asking why do I just talk about New England when teaching about our ancestors?

I stand corrected.

Thank you for your great question.

You are correct when you pointed out that New York and parts of North East Canada should be included in my teaching.

Sometimes the most obvious questions are overlooked by a teacher and it takes an inquiring mind to get to that question/answer.

My only defense would be, while growing up around tribal monthly meetings, each time a speaker included New York into a speech about New England, an elder from our neighboring state took great pride in stating that New York is not a part of New England.

To a child growing up around so many terrific teachers (elders) from so many different parts of our past from our ancestors, it made very little sense not including them all?

However. not knowing that it was just a friendly game of teasing among friends and family while at those meetings I did not question at the time.

It is a ‘respect your elders thing that I do need to get over’, sorry.

It is hard to believe sometimes that our ancestors traveled and did so often.

Traveling the powwow trail one will meet members of the Mohiigan (Pequot/Mohegan) tribe of mixed bloods cast out by this government from Northeast Canada to the tip of Florida and out to the Mississippi river.

Our last visit to the Keys watching the sunset inches from the end of Florida, we met a few of those brothers playing cards and enjoying life in the sunshine state.

In the great state New York and for sure your Long Island, there are many decedents from the ancestors (Mohiigan) tribe.

I often state ‘New England’ because once you leave our area tribal ceremonies do change.

In the New England/New York/Canada area, I have been too many ceremonies that faithfully following our ancestors traditions, my new friend.

Because of the Comments section “I am”

Once again because of a comment on my word press blog, I get to write another posting, this is always a good thing.

It also gives me a chance to help explain why I avoid Texting and Chat rooms as with the Plague!

My sometimes limited grasp of grammar.

If I get busy around the old homestead and rush with an answer to any question,

I sometime skip words in a hurry to finish, many times without meaning too hurt long time friends.

Because of the comment page, you get to ask questions, point out other facts and join in on some of my postings, also a good thing.

Another comment from a friend, no name without permission, is giving me a renewed reason to hop on the changes on going with the culture and ceremonies that many people spent years teaching a very inquisitive, sometimes interfering little boy and always doing so from love.

Today is

“Ask not what you can do for the people, Ask what can I get from the people”!

Always remember my friends, that it is people like you that keep me in the battle against the majority daily.

Also always remember to thank our ancestors for any ‘knowledge‘ getting out of me and into a blog.

Getting up in age as with every elder, a real limit with the grasp of the English language, no known offspring caring about the culture, time and health, I fear that the ancestors knowledge will pass as is happening far too often with the elders.

So thanks to my many true friends, I try to get what is allowed in writing for all to compare, as we all should, to the thousands of newer ideas about our past, our culture and ceremonies?

Sometime it may seem to a new reader, maybe even to some older readers, that I am a bit of a stickler with some wordings.

However, as many of my friends have noticed, one change at a time and soon?

Annihilation through Assimilation!

Knowing well that Creator will always continue with the proper respect to ancestors of all humans, I still enjoy my time with you on my websites and blog.

In all of my many travels around Indian country I have never met a true traditional elder that believes that the so many new changes in our culture and ceremonies is good for our people?

The next time that you are at a gathering of our people please ask, “What is a president, councilor, chairmen, arena, arena director, gatekeeper, paid dancers, paying to come enjoy a gathering, trampling all over another tribes culture or ceremonies, instant ‘Indian names‘ ‘instant adoption’ into a true traditional tribe doing in our culture and ceremonies? ”

So many other changes that would never have been tolerated by your ancestor and you who do this know that I speak the truth.

The most damaging thing of all to our ways is seldom spoken about?

“Why is the occult now running so many of our gatherings, culture and ceremonies?”


An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which incongruous or seemingly contradictory terms appear side by side.

So, why do so now, when the truth today is even more critical than ever to get out for all to see and understand?

Believe it or not it has never been nor should it be now only about the money.

It is, was and should always be about enjoying time with friends and your Supreme Being!

Thank you my friends for allowing me to vent so often.

Who knows, maybe someday you will take up the torch to be carried with pride from the ancestors?


Native American isn’t blood?

Native American isn’t blood. It is what is in the heart.


The love for the land, the respect for it, those who inhabit it,

and the respect and acknowledgement of the spirits and elders.

That is what it is to be Indian.

White Feather, Medicine Man


I know not of White Feather (Medicine Man).

The above statement as written has a little floor, all is true except, being Native American is also about the blood (Ancestors)?

Without the ancestors(Blood) what are we?


I will agree that being native is not necessary to be able to, in the heart, respect, love the land and those who inhabit it.

Of course also love the elders.

The love of a spirit is Creator?

I write this only because we must be careful while writing our opinions and/or quotes, many non natives and weak native Americans will not be able to learn our ancestors teaching if they do not understand our words.

There are fake medicine men and so called “shamans” spreading misinformation about Native American Spirituality.

There is really no such thing as an American India/Native American Medicine Man, or woman.

There are only tribal medicine people.

None with English names.

Native Americans were given surnames after first contact so there are native Americans with family names like White Eagle, Bear Runner, Walkingfox, but these are not Native American names.

Native Americans names are always in the language of the tribe, not in English.

All elders in positions of authority would never use English names while in prayer (Spirituality).

I am having a little trouble with the statement “Of Course people can never be truly Native Americans but they can believe in their ways?”

Ancestors of old adopted into a tribe and excepted them as their own? At least this is what was in the past around my people.

Medicine Man The film starring Sean Connery and Lorraine Bracco is a classic.

I have watched it many times and will be glad to do the same in the future however, it is a Hollywood movie.


Angelo Barra Moreira (Medicine man) Lorraine Bracco (Dr. Rae Crane Dr.) Sean Connery (Robert Campbell).


Medicine Man


“divide and conquer”

Care for another way to assimilate our people?

Right, like we need another way!

O,K. this may sound political, sorry but, it is a critical Native American posting if you will read on?

If you were not brought up in a traditional home and/or on a reservation and you try to trace your ancestors, you are going to hit a wall (that wall is your ancestor)!

Elizabeth Warren as with 50 to 60 thousands others is a Native American only with weak heritage.

Because she ran a good campaign against a bad incumbent she sparked a major disagreement among the other party, native’s and non native people in Massachusetts and around the world.

I am sad to say that many of our brothers and sisters, while forgetting their past history with the euro Americans, joined in on this witch hurt during the Senate campaign last year.

Sen. Warren is not listed among Native Americans now?

By us allowing this to happen we also built a larger bridge for the rest of the thousands of true native people tracing their ancestors, great job guys!

What is this “if you can’t beat them join them”?

Or is it, “will I am a Native American, let the rest fight for themselves”!

I am going with my new friend on WordPress, he said, “divide and conquer”, you are right once again John.


Shame of us!

What is a Traditionalist?

An answer to this question

So, what is this traditional person and/or why should that even matter in today’s fast pace world?

A traditionalist is anyone still with the love, teaching (learning) and understanding of our ancestors, their culture and ceremonies, while keeping their promise to their elders (now ancestors) have learned how to keep applying this knowledge in today’s world.

It is possible to remember the culture and why they were so important in the old days, while enjoying the progress of this age, in prayer and ceremonies enjoy the culture of your ancestors.

Keep your i-pads, your music, cars and internet while remembering how to invite Creator (God) into you dance, drum and prayer.

It is not only possible but enjoyable to be married in a church while also being married by a Traditional Spiritual Leader.

It is a dear, loving moment to bury your loved one with religion and also with your tribal family with a Traditional Spiritual Leader and so on.

Don’t havr one, hook up with one, only please be very careful with your choice!

Ask an elder!


Wannabe Native Americans

Sydney New South Wales Australia


AQUINE (Peace to you)

Welcome to the visitor to some of my teaching websites and blog postings once again from my friends in Sydney looking for answers to their question this time about

wannabe native Americans

This is another question that it is good to ask because it gives me the opportunity to answer.

First~ a wannabe native American (American Native) is not just a person that is a holder of a government card allowed by our European government to tell that person that he/she is allowed to be called an Indian.

Wannabe native American people are some people with the blood, no matter how much, that go around without the traditional knowledge of the ancestors ,telling people how they feel a person can be a true American Native.

I have met so many of these card carrying people, fooled by the government into giving up so much of  what their ancestors loved about their culture, just to carry a piece of plastic, you know who you are and shame on you for giving up on your true traditional elders and your people!

Second~ A wannabe native American person is not necessarily a person without American Native blood, a wannabe native American person is a person without American Native blood that tries to convince people that he/she is an American Native.

Taw-But-Ni Sydney Australia

WE are pleased to be able to teach as much as possible about our traditional ancestors.

As you may or may not see while traveling around the internet, some teaching about our people will not compute with what the elders taught as the truth and many times taught by non native people or people not from our tribe!

Please remember that if you have questions about our websites and blogs we can answer you at

sachemwalkingfox at gmail.com


After receiving many inquiries about the meaning of the word (Aquine) I placed my people ( the Pequot/Mohegan’s ) explanation on my websites.

I am putting our answer on my blogs now because, I see that the question is still being asked, my question is, “why the Traditional American Eastern Woodland people are not also answering this question”?

Just like the word (Aquai), this is a Pequot/Mohegan word  used time and time again by my Elders, now Ancestors.

While growing up on my reservation ( Reservation is a European word for Village), Uncasvillage, there  were never more than 13 families teaching our history, now there are more than 1.000 ? we were taught our language correctly.

Aquine is something like the Algonquin word Aquene,  which means Peace, or I am a friend, I come in peace. When using this word one would have both arms out about heart high with hands palm down to show that you have no weapon.

As we have no word for good-by, we use the same word Aquine, while on our way, this time, with the left hand starting from the heart, palm up and straight out, heart high.

The Pequot/Mohegan word Aquai means hello, when meeting someone in passing, a friendly Aquai as you go by.