The president is a liar


Calling our president a liar is like saying that

” Guns don’t kill people kill”!

One would also wonder if or when the news media will get off of their chairs and

check their archives so that at least one of them can get

the Affordable Health care Act blame correct?

It is not Obamacare it is what is left after it had to pass through

the senate and the house a few times,

remember your social studies?

The correct route before it becomes a law!


Who ever thought of such a foolish statement as

” Guns don’t kill people kill” and where is the NRA?


That is just as foolish as blaming our president because congress is doing everything legal and non legal to corrupt and/or destroy the only hope that we the people have for insurance equal to that of almost every other country in the world!

Just because this congress watered down the affordable health care act long before they allowed it to become a law does not make it bad for the people?

So now it has problems getting off the ground and getting off the ground I might add without help from the politicians that we put into office to help ‘we the people’.


The bills put into play by passed administration made insurance companies so strong that they can drop you for no good reason

(today it is out of fear of being forced to cover you because of Obamacare)

does not mean that it is not the best thing for the American people.

This it does not make this president a liar any more than a gun getting up and killing you?


How about if the republican party in both sections of congress started doing the job that they are being well paid for, instead of vacationing 24/7 and help this country get better insurance coverage, what a concept!

Can one have cake and eat it too?


An answer to the question of the eradication of the Pequot tribe.

The land of Sachem Uncas in the 1600′s

By another good friend of our WordPress postings.

First you era in your bible thinking, Christ (GOD) can never become extinct, assumed a Jewish body for the purpose of teaching and never a Christian body according to the bible?

Second you are correct with being both Sassacus and Uncas descendent!

Your matriarchal/Mohegan and patriarchal/Pequot ancestors are still intact generically.

Then you must know that in a time soon after first contact the Pequot tribe split into separate Moheganeak tribes?

My information comes from our elders and a lot of footwork while writing a homework paper about our people while in high school traveling to every library, museum and town hall around the area of our people.

Before we can go forward to an answer to your question we must go backwards and before we go backwards I have a must read book, it could, by the way, make a great movie.

Without Reservation: The Making of America’s Most Powerful Indian Tribe and Foxwoods the World’s Largest Casino.

Jeff Benedict the Author and his family has lived in the area as long as my family. Mr. Benedict did his homework however, because so many Euro-American people made so many mistakes and would now lose a lot of money plus end up in many lawsuits, nothing will ever be done to correct their mistakes.

That said, as long as they ( Foxwoods) have a casino you are a member!

As long as there is a Mohegan reservation, you are a member!

If not for a death bed prayer (promise) guess who would be running them both?

Now to your statement, to correctly answer we must go back to the beginning of this confusion or at least back to the time when we were all one tribe.

While living in the area of the Great Lakes we were all Moheganeak’s.

The people living on the Moheganeak/Pequot/Mohegan land on that side of the river were placed there by our Mohegan ancestors in order to stop land grabbers from settling on the then vacant grounds, vacated after the last war with the English and neighboring tribes, to keep people from stealing the village land, so the last three women living were in fact your Moheganeak/Pequot/Mohegan ancestors?

I knew and visited them often before they became our ancestor.

My mother always called herself a Pequot, I think just to take my father down a few pegs each time he came back from a bar room brawl!

I long ago gave up on talks about our people with my mother, the old respect your elders thing!

In this case the Pequot blood line did not stop with those Pequot’s because the now Mohegan’s still carry the blood line?

The only point that I’m trying to get across to you is that you are related to those three sister, the Matriarch of that land. So you are a direct decedent to both reservation, unless you are a relation of Skip Hayward? Skips grandmother if with any blood was from a northern tribe, skip claims Narragansett!

In this case the Pequot blood line did not stop with those Pequot’s because the now Mohegan’s still carry the blood line?

All of this information should be on micro chips at the Hartford town hall if interested!

In 1619, A diseases carried by Europeans cause a massive epidemic, killing about 90% of the Native population along the coast of New England.

1633 An epidemic, caused by smallpox, reduces the Pequot population from about 8,000 to about 4,000

May 26, 1637, English, Mohegan and Narragansett’s surround the fortified Pequot village at Missituck (Mystic).

Within an hour, 400-700 men, women, and children are put to the sword or burned to death as the English torch the village.

The English and Mohegan’s, pursue Sassacus and the retreating Pequot’s down the New England coast until most are either killed or captured.

Sassacus and a few of his followers escape, but ultimately are executed by the Mohawks as a token of their friendship toward the English.

On May 26, 1637, Englishmen under Captain John Mason set fire to a fortified Pequot village near the Mystic River. They shot any people trying to escape the fire.

1638 The Treaty of Hartford dictates the terms of the English victory.

Then the history goes that gradually, with the help of sympathetic English leaders, the same people that hated the heather Satan worshipers, the Pequot’s (what Pequot’s) are able to reestablish their identity, but as separate tribes in separate communities:

the Mashantucket (Western) Pequot’s and the Paucatuck (Eastern) Pequot’s, the first Indian reservations in America, where did these new Pequot’s come from, their ancestors were all dead by disease, the English or neighboring enemy tribes.

Since the birth of the Indian Casinos there has been a rebirth of some 14,000 Moheganeak/Pequot/Mohegan’s.

Before the 1990’s there were never more than 26 members of the Mohegan clan, I know this because I had to sign off on each record. After the 1970’s there were no more people living on the now reservation!

After the Foxwoods casino where did all of those Indians come from?

The Myth of Native American Blood

First please except my deepest apology  for what you are about to read.

I am so upset with people from outside of New England and/or non native’s, teaching us poor dumb natives how to be a Native American!

This is the reason why, since getting out of the service, no boss could get me to go to college!

Schooling yes, college never!

One even would have paid for the first four years, if I stayed with his company!

College Professors!

Of all things, Professor Tallbear is a female and an “Indian”?

Women have been maligned since the beginning of time and Native Americans ,like dirt since first contact so, to read one of our own speaking so much half truths is unacceptable!

There are so many half truths we should work with only the truth?

High Cheek Bones ( in many people they are no longer dominant because of  European mixing with our blood).

“The tyranny of the one-drop rule poses a specific problem” ( is a government imposed way of assimilating the Native American, including our people thinking like this professor).

Elizabeth Warren doesn’t not look Cherokee by Cherokee Nation standards at all,” ( Cherokee people gave into the government long ago and excepted their fate just to survive the hard times they took the cowards way out).

“The majority of white people in Oklahoma say, I’m Cherokee” Well DUH ( Just where do you think the trail of tears ended up)?

On what was at that time a dry, cold piece of dirt not wanted by the government, is it any wonder why so many are in-fact Cherokee?

“If you ever want to know if someone’s black or not, go ask their white neighbor.” ( TRUTH) however, she needs to step away from that casino long enough to look around at all of the New England Native Americans that were assimilated by Viking long before first contact, Oh right, the 1% rule again!


Then on her way back to the collage stop in on my brothers & sisters the Shawnee nation, take pictures and then write another report! Like that will happen, when cows fly.

No, I am not now, nor will I ever be recognized by a government or casino Indian 1% rule.


Please, no more Lakota or Dakota coming to the East Coast to tell us how to be a Native American, we did OK before your people arrived thank-you.

“When you are Native American and your last name is Tallbear”


Yes, I do have an opinion about US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and her blood line however, you must ask her.

You see, I took my opinions directly to her.

Checking his record one can see why Senator Brown must find fault with the competition however, outsiders should remain outsiders!

“My name is Walkingfox and I am a Native American”!

Walkingfox ( a white person‘s name because, a Traditional Native American can never reveal their Creator given prayer name).

Native naming Ceremonies

This past month (December) there was a change at the top of my Native American teaching blog questions.

Questions about native American naming was by far the most asked about question.

Are you wondering why?

Because of a life time of powwows, paw-was, and gatherings (from 6 to 71 years) I believe the answer lies in the fact that Indian country is now inundated with far too many phony Medicine men and women looking for ways to part you from your money!

A true Traditional Native American Elder charged with the burden of receiving names from Creator to a new follower, must never charge for doing Creators business, NEVER!

If there is a charge, you are facing a phony!

I love this question

I love this question!

It is number one on my list of extremely important questions!

Kelowna British Columbia Canada

I have many websites and blog posting about Spiritual leaders however, nothing about their blessing anything?


Because, no person can bless anything!

It they do, they are not Native Americans, defiantly not Spiritual leaders!

We can only clean and clear things and pray for Creators blessing.

We cannot give Native American names, Bless weddings, Funerals, gatherings, powwows on anything else, our job is to obey creators wishes!


I am pleased to be able to teach as much as possible about my traditional ancestors.

As you may or may not see while traveling around the internet, some teaching about our people will not compute with what the elders taught as the truth, many times often taught by non native people or not from my tribe!

Please remember that all questions about the websites and blogs will be answered by Sachem Walkingfox

sachemwalkingfox at

Politics Native American women seek protections from abuse

The beauty of a Matriarch society

In this tribe women are equal to men and many time in higher offices in their form of government.

Politics Native American women seek protections from abuse

So a reservation (the Southern Ute reservation) is just what my elders ( Mohegan ancestors) have been calling it all along, a concentration camp for indigenous people?

Her white husband had to shoot her to finally be arrested in New Mexico and then he was treated as a first-time offender.

Why? Because all the domestic violence took place on the Southern Ute reservation.

Under a 1978 Supreme Court decision, non-Indians cannot be prosecuted by tribal courts for crimes committed on tribal land.

So what good is this camp except for whites at casino?

Who’s a Native American? It’s complicated

Julia Good Fox, professor of American Indian Studies at Haskell Indian Nations University.

What makes someone “legitimately” Native American? And who gets to make that determination?

“Fundamentally, it’s the tribe‘s right to determine who its citizens are and are not. If we don’t know (whether someone is American Indian), we can ask the tribe,” said Julia Good Fox.

Julia, I say which tribe and how did this tribe come into existence?

For instance, is it a traditional tribe or a casino tribe put together by this government?

Good Fox said that using blood quantum as a criterion for tribal membership is a fairly recent concept.

“Blood quantum was imposed upon the tribes by the United States. We never had blood quantum a thousand years ago,” said Good Fox.

This was a way of diminishing the number of “actual” Native Americans that the government would then be obligated to count when calculating federal money and land disbursed to the tribes.

Again I say this government set a standard not our people, in other words if you gave up your land claims, elders and ancestors this government gave you a casino and dumped all for the traditionalist!

The Cherokee (tribe) people are splintered into a half dozen or so mini tribes, so which one is the true tribe of the ancestors?

Same with the Pequot‘s and Mohegan‘s, before the 1970’s there was one tribe, the Mohegan’s, after this government allowed casino Indians we now have a half dozen Pequot and a half dozen Mohegan tribes?

Good Fox a Teepee is a home for a Plains Indian.

A Roundhouse is a home for our people so just like homes tribes are also different, did you know this?

Wish to know about Native American information you have three choices.

Suffern New York

Welcome to the visitor looking for the Definition of Aquine

You found out that if you wish to know about Native American information you have three choices.

You can use a search engine, using the correct question.

What is the meaning of the word Aquine?

You can go to that traditional native tribe for your answer.

However, by using a non native dictionary you will find out that it is sometimes a hit or miss situation


Anna Ohio

Welcome to the visitor from Oheo

Shawnee word Oheo for the state of Ohio ( Married to a Shawnee)

Looking for information about Christian/Smudging

Is smudging Christian

As you may have seem from the

Pflugerville Texas 4/5/12

Is smudging Christian

Thank you for your question, this is a first.

As you may know from my past websites and posting, I write only about my people however,

I have been around Indian country and believe that this is an agreement through out.

Smudging is not a religion, smudging is a prayer to Creator.

Many religions pray, many religions smudge however, I have never been to a Native American religion, do not believe that there is such a thing.

Now after saying all of that, many of us are Christians!

Many of us use the name Father Sky for the son of Creator however, what’s in a name?

If you are using smudging to help you in your prayers to and from

Grandfather ( Creator ) Creator does not care how you are contacting!


What the heck they are just a bunch of complaining savages.

NO WAIT, that would be the Great White Fun Seeking Hunters bent on killing something, anything!

If you disagree with them they call in the FBI, CIA and if that don’t work they may call up the National Guard.

All those without sin may cast the first stone, oh Ya that is found only in the bible, new testament, Jesus was talking to intelligent human beings not a pack of gun crazed killing machines out looking for fun at any animals expense!

American Indians questioned about Nevada bear hunt by FBI

Native Americans join fight vs. Nevada bear hunt

The FBI has questioned members of the American Indian Movement in Nevada about their opposition to the state’s bear hunt.

An FBI agent went to the home of Lisa Bonta and the workplace of Daniel Thayer to question them about Aim’s views. Raquel Arthur, the president of Aim’s Northern Nevada chapter, wasn’t questioned but she saw FBI agents watching her home.


Because they were standing in for the poor innocent Black Bear remembering that both the black bears and the Native Americans were there long before those bullies!