Memorial reminder to Indian Country

As if you needed another one.

This day, the end of a nice warm weekend I prayed in a good way all weekend, as I know many other elders have, for all of our fallen troops, from the war to remove this country from bondage under other countries (Revolutionary War) up to these now ongoing wars and past into wars still to come. We, the first people of this land, call us what you wish, be it Indian, Native American, American Native, American Indian and so on, have been also right up front fighting to help protect our little piece of Mother Earth. I am not pleased that we lost so many of our people however, very proud of each and every one of them. The Morongo Band of Cahuilla Indians military veterans have a good idea that every state in this union throughout Indian country should be doing.

Bill seeks to raise funds for Native American Veterans’ Memorial-Memorial would be built on the National Mall.


The U.S. Department of Defense recognizes around 156,515 of our veterans have died and another  22,248 serving on active duty. With the Creators permission, I wish to pray a special pray of crossing for the same number and many more of our people that have died and/or are now serving this country not recognized by this government, are they serving or did they die in vain? I think not. American Indians have participated with distinction in U.S. military actions for more than 200 years.

Just because you call someone a half-breed cannot make them disappear?

Unrecognized Native American tribe lays claim to millions of acres in Utah

O.K. this also got my attention.

First thing is that it looks to me that Dora Van does not have the blood?

If she and her people do, they have a case, I do not care what the other tribes, the state or the federal government say!

NO ONE, not the other tribes or the government can write a paper and state, “because of this paper I just wrote, you no longer exist!”

The members of Van’s group were among whose relationship with the United States ended in 1954 under the Ute Partition Act, according to Patterson. “As a result, they are no longer recognized as Indians by the federal government,” he said. WHAT?

Just because you call someone a half-breed cannot make them disappear?

Members of tribes all across Indian country are selling their brothers and sisters, the land and culture to the government for a casino reservation, this cannot and will not mean that the rest of the tribe has gone someplace off this planet?

Dora Van chairwoman of the Uinta Valley Shoshone Tribe of Utah Indians.

What is a wannabe Indian?

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to one of my postings about,

How come today, mixed-raceNative Americans‘ look ‘Irish‘ or ‘German‘ or ‘European‘??

If you have even a drop of native blood and are reading about this question from most of the people on the internet not all just the (EXPERTS), you can tell them to start with this answer, “they are WANNABES”!

For the many people that are answering the question “What is a wannabe Indian

Get up brush yourself off comb your hair then look into a mirror and point forward!

To the people that honestly want to know, “ a wannabe is anyone not holding to the culture, ceremonies, ancestors, and Creators ways. No matter what the color, race, religion, or beliefs. PERIOD!”

Indians and their Feathers

Before I begin, no self-respecting Traditional believer in Creator will go out and kill a creation just to hold a ceremony. When our ancestors needed food they asked in prayer for permission from the prey they wish to eat, if the food up and left it was a sign. When our ancestors needed a feather, they asked the bird for a feather, if it was really needed the bird had plenty and would provide it.

Again the biggest problem with (INDIANS) Native Americans is that they still do not wish to unite!

Every other race of people on Mother Earth understands that together is the only way to get the ruling powers attention!

Each section of Indian country tribe’s, believes that their gripe with the federal government is the only one that matters to them, this is really not so hard to believe, we cannot even agree about what name we want the non’s to call us! Indian? No, Native American? No, American native? No, American Indian. No call me by my tribe. No, because many of us have families from two or three tribes?

Each and every time we get into one of our “ME FIRST” phase the government both state and federal are laughing at us and they have been laughing for centuries now!

Fifty percent of Indian Country are out in the cold now because of not sticking together. the other half sold their soles and their people to the non’s and never turned back to see the damage that they did to their own people.

All that the following people just want to have their tribal rights to a feather. What about your brothers and sisters people?

The other half, the so call “Recognized people” are also laughing because they can get a feather, tuff on their brothers and sister, let them fend for themselves!

Waccamaw tribe chief blasts federal rule on ceremonial eagle feathers

Some state recognized tribes in South Carolina fighting for right to use eagle feathers in ceremonies; currently, only federally recognized tribes allowed to use eagle feathers in ritual

Striking It Rich – American Lawyer

Attorney’s getting rich.

This should not impress you or me?

The American Lawyer

“Salazar class action. In the case, Kilpatrick represented a class of more than 500,000 Native Americans who sued the U.S. Department of Interior, alleging decades of mismanagement of their royalty payments from oil, gas, and mineral leases on tribal land.”

It is stated that individual Native Americans in the class action suit should receive about $1,800 each.

$1.9 billion fund to restore lands and $60 million scholarship fund.

The Kilpatrick Law firm will receive $99 million from the government!

Knowing Lawyers and this government as well as we do, one can have a sure bet that the government will be paying this company.

On the other hand, knowing this governments track record, if I were these “so called Recognized Native Americans”, I would not be holding my breath!

Need to be impressed?

If you want to impress me you need to think about gathering up all of those so called “Not recognized Traditional Native Americans throughout Indian country and at the very least recognized the shame that this governments treatment has had on these people?”

They do not want your casinos or your handouts they just want their right to their culture, ceremonies and most of all their Ancestors, in Creators name, AHO!

Four Corners Prayer Native America.

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prayer four corners indigenous

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Looking for information about our Sacred Ceremony.

Four Corners Prayer Native America.

Please remember that this our ceremony is of my knowledge from my ancestors over on the East Coast of Indian Country.

Ceremonies over on the West Coast may or may not be different?

THE FOUR SACRED CORNERS. (Shehukte Kina Konacya)

Native American prayer to the 4 corners

kinnick ~ kinnick chemical make up?

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Looking for information about Kinnick, Kinnick our Native American Tobacco to a few of my postings.

Native American Tobacco!

Why are cigarettes offered at a Native American funeral?

Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift

If your tobacco has chemicals in it.

It is not Kinnick, Kinnick!

The fear of Spirituality?

I can see from our tracker that it is time again to write about Native American Spirituality from the New England Eastern Woodland true traditional tribes of my grandfather?

First a very good note

This guy has got it, not bad of a non native, or should I say that he believes that he is a non native.

Native Spirituality, From Dean Ohlman on September 14, 2009


This next one tries to impress us by mixing and matching many words none of which we should pay any attention too.

In Therapy

The Varieties of Religious Therapy: Native American Spirituality

Native American Spirituality and Psychotherapy an interview with a Native American healer, physician and psychologist.

Native American spirituality most share a common belief in the supernatural as experienced in connection with animals and the environment, visions, spirits, ancestors, the shaman and communal ceremony. Native American spirituality is not considered a religion by most adherents, but rather an integral part of all behavior and identity. “BULL”


This one was so far off that it dropped off of WordPress.

Native American Religion (Spirituality)

Background What do we mean when we speak of Native American religion? Unlike Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, it has no single founder. Unlike Judaism


This one is the one that I would like to try and sit down with and discuss the difference between native and witchcraft Spirituality and why traditional natives do not readily except the Métis as real first people.

Spending most of your life in a Sweat Lodge does not make you a Native American

A Medicine Man’s Daughter

If you are a follower of the one and only Creator, you should not be having sleepless nights because of Trickster (Coyote), if you know no better and are following Trickster (Coyote) you only need guidance as to why you fear the night.

Fathers roll in naming?

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Looking for information about

Can a father name his own in Native American naming ceremony?

To some of my postings about your interest.

As you can see, I have been writing about this for some time now however, because it is about another very sacred subject I am happy to write more.

If the above question is as I see it

“Can a father name a ceremony”?

Yes, call it any name that you feel comfortable with”?

If the question is

“Can a father request a name for his child”?

Again the answer is Yes, we usually ask each interested relation to write down 3 names that they like, with the understanding that as with EVERY NAME, Creator will be doing the naming through your prayer requests if and when Creator feels that the person is ready for a name!

Sacred Naming Protocol.

Naming Ceremony Protocol.

If the question is

“Can a father or anyone else give a Native American name to the child”?

The answer is an emphatic NO!

Only Creator can complete any True Traditional Native American Ceremony”!

That said, “I see in today’s paper that our scientists have found God again” !

First, it is new to me because I did not know that God was lost?

It would now seem that Creator (God) is not a Supreme Being after all, just a God Partial made up of Super Glue?


Humans can’t live with them, can’t live without them! 😦

Walking the grounds of our ancestors

To the new group of occupants of this country this posting might seem a little on the distasteful side? Please remember while reading that our people lived on this land for a very long time before first contact and that soon after first contact many of the people no longer existed and if we do our numbers are small and most are now mixed blood. Nothing wrong with mixed blood, I am one. If you ask a true Spiritual leader when he/she feels the most satisfaction after a ceremony? Most if not all will say at a burial grounds of the ancestors after a crossing ceremony. Many people gather at a birth, naming, wedding, funeral and so on however, when finding a sacred grounds and find that those ancestors may have been resting until you show, it is a must do, to get a gathering and help them home!

While on my trip up north (Jacksonville) and finding little information about a very large tribe of Native Americans that lived on the island (the Timucuan and Yulee Indians) for many thousands of years and finding no burial grounds? I started thinking back to my younger days. Starting each April at our monthly meetings we made plans to visit a native cemetery at least once a week until it got too cold for the very young and very old to make the trip, I started at age 6. This was a teaching trip about our culture and ceremonies. The leaders would walk the burial grounds after permission and with any elders of the area and pray for the departed, teaching about our belief and if necessary, repeat our crossing prayer at needed sites. Once I became that elder I would go to a burial grounds, with permission, while traveling to gatherings, powwows or visits. On one of my many visits to Pennsylvania, I would end up at the Carlisle Indian School cemetery?

I am trying to tell a story while being respectful to the families of those poor children at that school. In 1999 I found a historian from the area that helped explain to me why I could find no comfort while trying to pray at each stone. Unless push comes to shove it is suffice to say that I was able to have a ceremony with each child and no it was not at those stones!

This posting is something that I feel the need to write about because many days have gone by and no native has come forward with any interest in two past postings about a possible burial grounds in Texas, with the exception of the two young ladies that found the site and one of our Editors? Is there anyone out in Indian country willing to stop for a few minutes thinking about something other than themselves and at least agree to pray together? AHO

This is one of the few times that I hate being too old and too sick to drive!