Florida is #34

Florida is #34,
so how about your state and why?
16th from the bottom of the intelligent scale
thanks to our greedy, selfish, politicians and weak unions!

If you are a student, now parent,
A mother, father, Grandmother, Grandfather,
Great-grandmother, Great-grandfather, uncle or Aunt,
you voted those government officials responsible,
in office that is keeping your child #34
or lower
on the intelligent score,
below countries like
Chine, Japan, South Koran and hundreds more like them.

Florida is the leader of ‘Asinine laws’,
Neighbors; who did you vote for?
How are you going to vote in 2020?
Florida teachers are not allowed to go on strike
because of collective bargaining.
Somebody or bodies, cheated the citizens of the state!
Ronald Reagan was the only president in American history to have belonged to
a union, the AFL-CIO affiliated Screen Actors Guild.
In spite of this,
In August of 1981,
Reagan crushed a strike by the Profession Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO),
one of the few unions to have endorsed him in 1980.
The strike was called illegal?
But had there been an air-traffic accident,
his administration would have been crippled.
There wasn’t, and it was unions that were crippled.
Reagan had gotten away with
purging skilled workers,
and that gave
business a greenlight to beat any strike.

What do native spiritual leaders bless?

I love this question!

It is number one on my list of extremely important questions!

Kelowna British Columbia Canada


I have many websites and blog posting about Spiritual leaders however, nothing about their blessing anything?


Because, no person can bless anything!

If they do, they are not Native Americans, defiantly not Spiritual leaders!

We can only clean and clear things and pray for Creators blessing.

We cannot give Native American names, Bless weddings, Funerals, gatherings, powwows on anything else, our job is to obey creators wishes!


I am pleased to be able to teach as much as possible about my traditional ancestors.

As you may or may not see while traveling around the internet, some teaching about our people will not compute with what the elders taught as the truth, many times often taught by non native people or not from my tribe!

Please remember that all questions about the websites and blogs will be answered by Sachem Walkingfox

sachemwalkingfox at gmail.com

What is prayer?

What is prayer?

A question asked to my  blog today
looking for a prayer to say at a ceremony.

prayers for ceremonies Tombstone Arizona
United States.


A prayer for any ceremony around the world
is always a good thing, a prayer said at a Native American ceremony if you are
not a Spiritual leader is very simple however, the best thing ever at any

First clear you mind of thinking fancy, in
fact clean your mind period, open your heart and just talk with your creator,
Creator is always by your side and will be glad to hear from you!

In your own words.

Native American spirituality in health care.

557 Native
American tribes.

Minneapolis Minnesota, Addressing Native American spirituality in health

Did you know the federal
government recognizes 557 Native
American tribes

Only in 1978, for example, did Congress restore their
right to religious freedom by enacting the American
Indian Religious Freedom Act


Thanks to people like my ancestor Samson Occum,


while going west to
avoid the destruction, was able to warn our brothers & sisters of the coming

Would you say to the people out west that it is now time to
stand with their brothers & sisters in the east, they also should be able to
enjoy the recognition?

I believe that it is
time for them to stand up for our people in the

you also know that there are at least as many Native American tribes not
recognized by this federal government because, long before this government knew
about those tribes out west, this federal government cheated, stole, abused and
tried to assimilate the other tribes in the east.

the time this government arrived from Europe they have been taking this land
and even today by not recognizing these tribes?

you also notice that the only tribes in the east that are recognized by this
federal government, would be because a few of the people from those tribes
signed away all but the parts of their land not useful to the federal
government, then were traded that part of the land and a piece of paper stating
that now you can be an Indian because you bowed down once again!


I have been reading
with interest and agreement this website and thought that you would like to do
the same.


This is some
interesting quotes from the website.

This exists with
that. That exists with this. When this ceases, so does that.

The Red Path, a Holy
and Powerful Path to God

God, the Great
Mystery, is Ever-Present in His Nature

Many people
mistakenly think that Native Americans pray to rocks, trees, the wind, fire,
water, animals etc. But the fact is that in True Native Spirituality, God-The
Great Unknown/Mystery is Always Present in His Nature and Elements and He is
referred to and named in prayer. This is an important point…God is prayed to
by NAME, even if that name is “mystery”, “Great Spirit” or
“Wonder”, there is still A Name, A Person referred to, whether Male
or Female, A Superior Being is believed there and listening to our prayers.
Practicing a spirituality that prays to things, without mention of A Superior
Being of any kind, is paganism…not Native American Spirituality.

There are roughly 500
different Native American Nations and each practice unique and individual
spiritual traditions, rituals and prayers. We here at Sisters of Embracement
could not even hope to cover a third of the different ways of Native
Spirituality, but we offer what we do know about the Native Ways that some of
our sisters do practice which is the Lakota Way.

I would say that my new friends are
covering just about all of our over 500 tribes spiritual ways AHO?

Native American ceremony to fight evil spirits?

you have a pouch that you know Creator has blessed, believe that it has been
blessed so no evil can enter into you, as long as you keep believing!


you do not have a pouch, buy one, have someone make it for you or even better
make your own.

This is a good site for a beginner however, use your own imagination while crafting.

Buy the skin, Sachems is from Moose skin however, do not go out and kill for
any reason especially for a little pouch.


The internet ( with the blessings of Creator) will help in this project.

Then contact your nearest Spiritual leader, eye to eye, phone, or on the internet
for what comes next.

How to gift a Spiritual leader?

Native American Spirituality.

“Spirituality is not religion to American Natives.

Religion is not a Native concept, it is a non Native word,

with implications of things that often end badly, like

Holy wars, in the name of individual God’s and so on.

Native people do not ask what religion another Native is,

because they already know the answer.

To Native people, spirituality is about the Creator, period.”

Gifting a spiritual leader.

A spiritual leader is just another worker for Creator, one would gift them as you would any traditional Native person.

The traditional way to give is a gift of tobacco (Kicnic-kicnic), as the request is made to gift that person.

Remember, the left side of a person is the closest to the heart so, when you are sure that that person knows that you are approaching and with the gift in your left hand, reach out to that persons left hand, with your eyes looking at their heart, hand the gift, hand to hand.

A traditional leader uses a lot of this tobacco so, you can be sure that it will be greatly appreciated.

Native American Traditional Gift Giving?

Gift giving the American native way.

Unfortunately for me, many of the blog questions have been coming from Canada so, please be mindful of the fact that even though it is true that many of my people traveled, not knowing what a boarded was, this blog answers questions from the knowledge of my elders now ancestors.

There are many ways for you to ask your question.

Question of the day.

Does one have to give a gift at a traditional native wedding?


Every gift on Mother Earth is given by Creator freely, therefore, every gift must be given freely, no matter what the ceremony.

That said, Creator never said that you cannot give a gift your way.

Most Spiritual leaders frown on money gifts as an after though, Kinnick~ Kinnick (Herbs) would be the preferred way to gift.

You may gift or not gift whatever you wish to gift, your gift is the correct gift to give.

What is an Elder?

The Elder

An Elder is given the title and recognition as Elder by other Elders of his/her respective community or nation. They are selected based on their experience as mediators, their spiritual and traditional knowledge and their capacity to pass on these experiences to others.

One does not have to be a senior citizen to be an Elder.

The gifted individual is given the position of Elder by spiritual and human acceptance, and must commit to fulfill his/her responsibilities to ensure that traditional values, principles and other teachings are passed along, and to provide instruction to help individuals live in the right way.

In the performance of these activities, the Elder may be assisted by an Elder’s Helper.

During ceremonies, Elders may choose to smudge prior to the others in a group or they may often be offered a place of respect at the head of a line.

When food is served, Elders should be served before others in attendance, this is a respect that they have earned.

Grandfather Elder.

Everyone should know, at least in every tribe that I have visited, that Grandfather is a name sometime used for Creator.

Grandfather is also used as a sign of esteem admiration to an elder that has satisfied the requirements as stated above.

Grandmother Elder.

In a Matriarch society one must walk very carefully and carry a few red pouches when attempting to call an elder Grandmother.

One needs to be familiar with the person and her people so as not to get in a problem, women do not like to be reminded of age, so keep this in mind.

Spirituality in prisons.

Native American Spirituality involves prayer to Creator.

Our Spirituality (church) revolves around a circle, this circle has a fire someplace at the gathering, sweat lodge, Alter, or other.

Fire allows us to keep our mind and heart on Creator.

Prisons cannot nor should they allow fire.

Therefore, if a Native American, for whatever the reason, finds themselves incarcerated, they need to compromise.

The prisons, knowing that they have Native Americans should in all fairness also be willing to compromise.

After spending many hours counseling inmates soon to be released, it is clear that most have at least one room for prayer.

Native Americans know that the first thing gifted to their ancestors was herbs (Kinnick-Kinnick).


So, we should be willing to hold prayer, sweat lodge, or any Spiritual gathering in a room using this sacred herb.

If no spiritual leader is available fresh herbs offered will be heard by our Creator.

The only point we all must keep in mind is, not the equipment used for prayer to know Creators love, it is the prayer that opens the line of communication and this love.