I have been protected from COVIV-19!

Thanks to the V.A. in the Villages Florida!

The Villages VA Clinic – North Florida/South Georgia .

 Aquai/Aquine, a site to answer questions from our main website : I have been protected from COVIV-19! (aquaiaquineblog.blogspot.com)

I still could be a carries?

I tell you this because of shocking news today from our news media and the View Show.

Watch The View TV Show – ABC.com on May 2nd 2021

Let’s face the fact my friends if 45% of

White Evangelical

And 50% of

Trump Republicans

do not want the be protected from this pandemic your life from now on could be a lot better wouldn’t it?

 Lincoln Project Video Tells Trump ‘You’re Getting Played’ by McConnell, GOP ‘Using Your Name’ (msn.com)

 White Evangelical Resistance | Church & Culture (churchandculture.org)

A lot of the guidance we hear about life after getting the vaccine is to act like you didn’t get it.

We’ve been told to keep wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing, just like before.

So you might be wondering why you have to do that if you’re protected.

Experts say it’s not as much for your benefit, but to protect those around you who are not vaccinated or have pre-existing conditions. 

Because after you get the vaccine, you can still be infected by COVID, but are much less likely to have symptoms.

So, you could be infected, but might not realize it.

I have been protected from COVIV-19!

Thanks to the V.A. in the Villages Florida!

I am protected but many of my followers, friends, family members and neighbors are not;

So knowing this and the fact that I still could be a carries, I wear a mask, social distance and wash often and so should everyone else unless the following is also true?

White Evangelical Resistance

April 12, 2021

According to multiple polls and surveys, there is one group that stands in the way of current vaccines achieving victory over COVID-19: 

… White evangelical Christians.

Currently there are approximately 41 million residing in the United States, and in late February about 45% said that they would not get the vaccine. This is a sizable enough number of people to prevent herd immunity and guarantee the spread of the virus and the state of the pandemic, not to mention the ongoing rise in the death toll.

White Evangelical Resistance | Church & Culture (churchandculture.org)

 a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll found that a full 50 percent of unvaccinated 2020 Trump voters now say they will “never” get vaccinated for COVID-19, up 6 percent from last month.

According to the survey of 1,629 U.S. adults, which was conducted March 4-8, no other unvaccinated group is nearly as likely to say they will “never” get inoculated: not Biden supporters (8 percent), not Black Americans (33 percent) and not Hispanic Americans (22 percent), all of whom have moved in the opposite direction and become less hesitant over time.

One-third of black Protestants of any denomination said they would likely refuse a coronavirus vaccine; Poll: 50% of unvaccinated Trump voters say they will ‘never’ get inoculated for COVID. How Biden hopes to change their minds. (yahoo.com)

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