Who/Where is Dan Billow?

Sorry my followers that this took so long but I do not like to write when I am angry!

Central Florida and the World News: DAN BILLOW (pasileylfloridanews.blogspot.com)

If you were looking for facts about all space flights were did you go?



WESH 2 News.

Dan Billow (wesh.com)

Not any more my friends!

If you can get through the ‘5 minutes of commercials and maybe 1 minute of news or weather or sport and 5 minutes of commercials’!

Today (sorry our friend Mr. Dan Billow), you might as well just go to CNN or any other channel for that matter!

Not Mr. Dan Billow fault this we should know!

Dan Billow (wesh.com)

This latest splash down WESH 2 News did have the best expert when it comes to the Space Coast only the channel cutout and cut in to use only (CNN News)?

Dan Billow (wesh.com)

Talk about cut and paste just to save money at our expense!

Is this what we paid for on our local channels?

I and my family miss our friend on the airwaves throughout our travels!

20 something years  until today, the station and only station to go to in Central and all of Florida before leaving the house was WESH 2 News for your news and weather!


Because you’re trusted friend would be telling you what to expect on your journey and bout with weather that’s why.

Dan Billow is an expert when it comes to the Space Coast.

His knowledge of NASA and spaceflight is unparalleled.

He’s also a member of the WESH 2 First Alert weather team.

Dan Billow (wesh.com)

Taw-but-ni (Thank-you for the visit).

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