All sports team should ‘Boycott’ voter suppression?

This is a ‘Free Country’, our citizens past, present and in the future join the military to help keep it so!

The Republican Party did not cheat the governor on this past voting challenge to their election!

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Every sports team in every state that suppresses their citizen’s right to vote should threaten to play every game in states that do not suppress their citizen’s right to vote?


Every major manufacturing company should follow their hearts also?

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MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred made the decision to move the All-Star events and the amateur draft from Atlanta after discussions with individual players and the Players Alliance, an organization of Black players formed after the death of George Floyd last year, the commissioner said in a statement. A new ballpark for the events wasn’t immediately revealed.

MLB All-Star Game yanked from Georgia over voting law!

NEW YORK – Atlanta lost Major League Baseball’s summer All-Star Game on Friday over the league’s objections to sweeping changes to Georgia voting laws that critics — including the CEOs of Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola — have condemned as being too restrictive.

The decision to pull the July 13 game from Atlanta’s Truist Park, amounts to the first economic backlash against Georgia for the voting law that

Republican Gov. Brian Kemp quickly signed into law March 25.

MLB All-Star Game yanked from Georgia over voting law (