Having a problem getting from your government?

Please always remember that every time your politician (Employee), tells you (Employer), that you cannot have any of ‘your taxes’ that you paid into ‘your government’

(their job),

because there is no money left

for ‘you their employee’!

Biden lays out $1.9 trillion Covid relief package with $1,400 stimulus checks (nbcnews.com)

You must always remind them, your employee, about the free tax credits that their crooked leader (your employee), stole from you and gave to them!

ALWAYS Remind Them (Your Employees)!

Congress was controlled by republicans – Then!

Trump cut taxes for the rich. Biden wants to raise them

Congress should always be controlled by you the tax paying citizens!

The tax collected is used for the betterment of the economy and all living in it.

There are several very common types of taxes:

Income Tax—a percentage of individual earnings filed to the federal government

Corporate Tax—a percentage of corporate profits taken as tax by the government to fund federal programs.

Sales Tax—taxes levied on certain goods and services

Property Tax—based on the value of land and property assets

Tariff—taxes on imported goods imposed in the aim of strengthening internal businesses

Estate tax—rate applied to the fair market value of property in a person’s estate at the time of death

Traditionalist News: Having a problem getting from your government?

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