500,000 COV-19 related deaths reported in the USA!

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered that flags in the state be flown at half-staff to honor radio personality Rush Limbaugh. Devon Ravine/Northwest Florida Daily News via AP

The COVID-19 death toll in the United States moved past 500,000 Monday, a staggering number that all but matches the number of Americans killed in World War II, Korea and Vietnam combined.

The U.S. recorded an estimated

405,000 deaths in World War II,

58,000 in the Vietnam War


36,000 in the Korean War.

President Joe Biden held a sunset moment of silence and a candle-lighting ceremony at the White House and ordered American flags lowered at federal buildings for the next five days.

Governor Ron DeSantis held a flag lowing for a hypocritical loud mouth trump republican white supremacist male chauvinistic pig!

Central Florida and the World News: 500,000 COV-19 related deaths reported in the USA! (pasileylfloridanews.blogspot.com)

Melanie trump pins Medal of Freedom to rush Limbaugh – WHY?

As I am writing this post CNN on Nikki Fried’s statement!

‘Disregard Governor’s Forthcoming Order’: Florida’s Nikki Fried Won’t Lower State Flags For Rush Limbaugh – CBS Miami (cbslocal.com)

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