Florida Roundabouts – what is the problem Floridians?

Florida Roundabouts – what is the problem Floridians?

Time for yet another quiz for my (685) followers.

This is no longer a joke because this particular roundabout is built in the spot where a driver drove through his stop sign into a car where a grandmother and her three grand children died in a fiery crash!

Quadruple fatal crash spurs intersection upgrades – Orlando Sentinel

Show of hands?

How many of my 685 followers know how to drive though any Roundabout?


How many of my ‘Florida Followers’ know how to drive through Florida’s Roundabouts?


Can you please teach your neighbors?

Central Florida and the World News: Florida Roundabouts – what is the problem Floridians? (pasileylfloridanews.blogspot.com)

Once again we almost lost life and limb because a driver yet into the circle coming from our right, decided to be first to oncoming traffic and we were almost his victims!

Florida Department of Transportation (fdot.gov)

I believe that, because Florida is so new to change, that our Roundabouts are just a new type of

‘Crash Derby’!

And no one in our government including ‘Trooper Steve channel 6 news’, seems to care?

(Crash Derby is the ultimate derby driving simulator!

There is no racing here; your aim is to destroy your opponents using any means possible.

You’ll be thrown straight into the arena where the last car that survives will be declared the winner.

The destruction of your fierce rivals can be achieved using the many traps and hazards in the arena)!


A roundabout is a one-way, circular intersection that uses signs to guide motorists around them.

Florida forgot to add the SIGNS to some of our roundabouts!

Another thing

if I may add?

A roundabout is built at an intersection

because a

‘Stop Sign’ is proven useless!


if you build a roundabout into a mound with trees, bushes and such,

how are we the drivers able to see traffic

on the other side of your dangerous mound roundabout?

images of roundabouts in florida? – Bing images

Taw-but-ni (Thank-you for the visit).

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