Where is your state/country?

Have you ever wondered why your state is at or near

the bottom of the

(richest states in the country)?

Richest States To Live In America For 2021 (homesnacks.com)


At the top or near to the top of the

(poorest states)?

Poorest States In America For 2021 (roadsnacks.net)

Even though it has some of the richest soil on planet earth?

Why Africa and South America has the poorest countries in the world

even though each has some of the richest soil on planet earth?

The Poorest States in America (moneywise.com)

Every minute, hour, day month and year that you keep voting to keep your government, your government you will stay poor because your government only cares about you and for your government,


This is a good start

however only a start

get out your mop and broom,

you see a rat, get rid of it!

I wonder if the you citizens in these poorest states know that you can do better, much better, if you vote out your sewer waist and vote in member of your states proven to care about and your state?

Aquai/Aquine, a site to answer questions from our main website : Where is your state/country? (aquaiaquineblog.blogspot.com)


Taw-but-ni (Thank-you for the visit).

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