I was wrong – again!

When you are wrong life is better if you just admit it forgets it and move on.

The last four years because it seemed to be the thing lately, I shunned face book, radio and TV stations like ‘Fox News’!


Yesterday while writing I did not know about the ‘trump republican political party’ lost their 2nd in charge of being a complete jerk!

Anyway; for the two hours scanning the stations in the car waiting for my honey to finish her dental visit, I stayed on a couple of stations (105.5FM – 94. 5FM – 540 AM and 950 AM)!

You may or may not know that there are no ‘President Joe Biden Democratic Stations’!

Why is that by the way?

My mistake is that

I was wrong not taking as much time

as a sane person can stand listening!

Each of the above stations male or female whatever’s, tried to belittle and poke fun at anything their real president (President Joe Biden), is trying, without the trump republicans, I might add, to help them, their families, friends, neighbors from all political parties, race or religion!


Not a single minute talking about the things he has been able to do for the country and its citizens!

Mainly because there has been nothing bad about everything their president has accomplishers in this past four weeks!

Central Florida and the World News: I was wrong – again! (pasileylfloridanews.blogspot.com)

So that must mean

that every trump republican

has been, is and will always

sneak a peek

every time that

their Real President Speaks!

Taw-but-ni (Thank-you for the visit).

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