‘Disgusting at its very core’!

To me this is ‘Disgusting at its very core’!

Pentagon authorizes arming of National Guard members supporting Capitol security

Barbara Starr-Profile-Image

By Chandelis Duster and Barbara Starr, CNN

January 13, 2021

This morning while joining millions of citizens of the United States and millions of citizens around the world, we watched our ‘National Guard’, charged with protecting our state and federal building against ‘Domestic terrorist’ while the need to rest is on a cold, hard, floor?

To me this is ‘Disgusting at its very core’!

I understand ‘Boot-Camp’ give- em hell boys!

I understand while in battle of war give-em hell boys!

However; these brothers and sisters in my/our military have been there, done that, and are at the end of their distinguished time protecting you, me our country and the world!

Get them at the very least a sleeping bag?


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