Was it an Incitement, Insurrection or WAR?

The attack on January 6th 2021

Was it an Incitement, Insurrection or WAR?

You be the judge.

Civil War begins as Confederate forces fire on Fort Sumter!

The war of 1861 (April 12, 1861), was on a fort (Fort Sumter) and was,

The bloodiest four years in American history begin when Confederate shore batteries under General P.G.T. Beauregard open fire on Union-held Fort Sumter in South Carolina’s Charleston Bay. During the next 34 hours, 50 Confederate guns and mortars launched more than 4,000 rounds at the poorly supplied fort. On April 13, U.S. Major Robert Anderson surrendered the fort. Two days later, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation calling for 75,000 volunteer soldiers to quell the Southern “insurrection.”


A supporter of President Donald Trump carries a Confederate battle flag on the second floor of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington near the entrance to the Senate after breaching security defenses Jan. 6, 2021. (CNS photo/Mike Theiler, Reuters)

The trump war of January 6th 2021 was with thousands of trump millets attack and killing at the Capital of the United States of America!

What we were witnessing at the United States Capitol was a terrorist attempt to invalidate the outcome of a free and fair election, and subvert representative government through violence and intimidation. It is the result of years of attempts to undermine democracy itself by limiting its reach, questioning its value, and attacking the truth on which popular rule relies.

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