Tweeter got it wrong – HOWEVER – ???????

Ever ‘Native Kentuckians’ must smell a (Dead Rat)?



892,669 – ????????? At the very least there should have been a re-count?

Tweeter got it wrong – HOWEVER – ???????

Something is ‘very fishy’ even for Kentucky the 6th poorest state in the country my friends!

Kentucky had 3,462,152 registered voters as of Jan. 31, 2020,

according to

Secretary of State Michael Adams of the Republican Party!

Democrats have a registration advantage over Republicans in Kentucky,

according to the secretary of state,

with 1,678,538 registered Democrats representing just over 48% of the electorate.

The 1,477,985 registered Republicans represent nearly 43% of voters,

Adams said,

and about 9% of voters are listed under other political affiliations.

The country spent the better part of the last 4 years

trying to get control of the congress

and the democratic party spent a lot of time and money in Kentucky for this very reason! 


if there are more democrats then republicans in Kentucky,

even the most ‘Naïve Kentuckians’ must smell a (Dead Rat)?

2020 is an important election year in the Bluegrass State, and Secretary of State Michael Adams announced Tuesday that a record number of Kentuckians are registered to vote.

Mitch McConnell -Winner Rep. 1,233,135 – 57.8% ?

Amy McGrath Dem. 816,154 – 38.2% ?

Brad Barron Lib. 85,371    – 4.0%

Write-ins 65 – 0.1%

Total reported 2,134,725   ????????