There is no evidence of ‘election fraud’.

There is no evidence of ‘election fraud’.

I can understand ‘McDonald trumps’ innocents in reading the result of the election; after all in school he couldn’t even pass a urine test!

Of course talk show host Glenn Beck is just a

(((#### ###)))!

However; those ‘trump republican zombie’s have either dead brains or hypnotized by the Antichrist?

The real ‘Republican state inspectors’ have cleared each state of voter fraud!


Do you really wish to get back to ‘Slavery’?


Many countries around the world could use you as their slaves, I’ll pay your plane ticket, go there!

Thousands gathered at Freedom Plaza to listen to speakers at the Million MAGA March, made up of right-wing groups who believe the election was stolen from trump by means of election fraud.

There is no evidence of these claims.

One thought on “There is no evidence of ‘election fraud’.

  1. This is such a spectacle…we in Europe think he is absolutely ridiculous. And the fact that so many people beleive in his lies is almost even worse. Don’t they teach how to check facts in your schools over there? Mr T is like a big child, who cannot take it like a man when he has lost. Incredible.


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