Is it now time for ‘President Nancy Pelosi’?

Who is in-charge of our country if the president and vice-president are incapable of continuing to lead?

trump per orders from his (President Putin), is systematically

‘Beheading our capability to war’!

Vice-president is helping the surgery!

So; as in the military, the 3rd in power is in control of the country until January 20th 2021!

I remember the in the Navy;

Andy Burns

, Flight Officer / Aviator at United States Navy (1995-present)

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Kirk Saboda

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On surface ships the Operations Officer (“Ops”) is typically regarded as “third in command,” and will be in charge if the CO and XO are not present for whatever reason.

But it’s important to note that the next in the chain doesn’t

“Become the captain”

In such a circumstance. He or she simply directs the ship until properly relieved, ie, assistance arrives and a new captain is appointed to the command.