Simi shut down I-4 Florida again

If elected Biden will reestablish the middle-class and union benefits again!

What does this mean?

Past republican presidents watered down the strength of a union to next to or close to nonexistent!

As president, Joe Biden will change that and this is why ‘big business’ is spending ‘millions if not billions’ on ‘fake news’ about Joe Biden!

As a two time proud ‘Union Steward’ retired (Teamsters 493),

I know that as long as you do your work to the best of your ability and follow all the rules, companies cannot force you to endanger yourself or others just for their bottom line.

A ‘Union Steward’ will make sure that the vehicle is safe and that all drivers are state and/or federally qualified.

Every year our highways are shut down, innocent citizens are maimed or murdered by bad drivers or drivers that fell asleep from over worked by ‘Big Business’!

Simi shut down east bound I-4 Florida


A tractor-trailer carrying eggs crashed and caught on fire Wednesday morning on Interstate 4 near the exit to State Road 408, authorities say.

Orlando police said that as of 11:40 a.m., all lanes of eastbound I-4 at the eastbound State Road 408 entrance ramp are closed due to the crash and fire.

Police said the truck was carrying eggs.

The driver was rescued from the crash and police said he is conscious and talking.

Oct 14, 2020

Bus carrying 40 passengers, semi-truck crash on I-10

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