Amy Barrett on the senate hot seat

People on social media are chewing ‘Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett’ up and spitting her out!

Problem is,

 ‘It Does Not Matter People’!

If you do not get personally in touch with your senator and let them know,

“If you vote her in,

we vote you out”!

I’m shaken to learn that Judge Barrett served on the Bd of Trustees of a group of private schools that barred children from attending their schools simply because their parents were unmarried. In the year 2017.

Sam Spital


Even beyond the disturbing anti-LGBTQ animus, children are children.

To exclude any child from school because the child’s parents are not married is a cruel legacy of a bygone era.

It is at war with basic concepts of justice and fairness that all judges must adhere to.

One thought on “Amy Barrett on the senate hot seat

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