Where are the parents?

As you know or ‘god forbid’ should know, I am not a Raciest!

However; it would seem that at least one teenager dies in Florida every day?

Where are the parents, why are they out at 2am, why are they allowed to join a gang, do they go to school, do they sleep all day and join a gang all night, what do they do for money, do they have a mom and or a dad?

Those are just a few of my questions!


Young child dies after being shot in Orange County, deputies say

WESH Sep 23, 2020

The shooting comes just one night after a 14-year-old Evans High School student was shot and killed on Glendale Drive in Pine Hills.

A 15-year-old was also critically injured in the same shooting.

WESH Sep 22, 2020

1 dead after car full of teens collides with truck in Clermont

WESH Sep 22, 2020

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